Volks YoSD and YoTenshi Discussion part 7

Jan 3, 2015

    1. Ducky is a Hinata. :)
    2. xibita, what a beautiful face up. Your little one is adorable.

      Bluesand, if you like the doll and it's all Volks, it shouldn't make a difference. Volks little ones are special and there's no getting around that.

      CathyM, your little YOs are adorable all sitting together. You don't count your Midi Akira or Cecile as YO? I have two Midi but I've kept them on the YO bodies. Am I wrong to think that they are YO? Anyhow I do love your avitar......he's such a cutie.
    3. My Cecile is on a mini body, so I see him as a mini now. My Akira is a Yo, but he has a bad rub on his chin, so I haven't photographed him in a while.
    4. I just bought myself a Yo-Shiro on YJ! :dance I got a surprisingly good price, and I was the only bidder. Of course the Noppin fees will be painful on top of that... But, having once paid the hair-raisingly blood-draining fees on an SD17 Shiro whose auction price was more than 6x this one, I'm prepared! Compared to that experience, this is a bargain. ^^ Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

      Now I have to think up a name AND go buy another pair of Yo-SD boots; no Yo of mine is going to go around in a pair of loafers! Nava is used to having the tiny wardrobe all to himself. But he is extra stoked to have one of his BFFs coming home.


      There is a somewhat-dubious Yo-Tsukasa auction going on on YJ right now, too; the translation of the item-condition is too garbled for me to quite get it, but it sounds like there's some damage, even though the photos show a brand-new doll. And the auction price is only like 10,000 jpy with 3 days left to go, so I'm suspicious of it. Perhaps better to bide my time on BFF #2. (There is also one on eBay USA now for $670. Errrm.)

      But does anyone else have a Yo-Tsukasa pic to share? I think I've only seen one on DOA so far... he's too cute!
    5. A plus in my opinion. You can wear the wings! I wanted a yo-tenshi body for my Suzanna - but she's yellowed and older, so it would be pretty impossible to find a match for her.
    6. Congrats JennyNemesis on finding Shiro on YJ. He's adorable, as is Tsukasa. I got mine from eBay. As much as I love Noppin, the frustration of the auction is just too much for me.

      Added: Has anyone tried the Iplehouse clothing on their YOSD?
    7. Thanks! I saw two of the chibis left on eBay, but the markup was even higher than the one on YJ. But with the added fees I might wind up paying that much in the end anyway. ^^ They haven't billed me yet, but I'm braced for it.

      I bought a pair of Iplehouse BID pants for Nava, and they do fit him! Just. They're a little short in the waist and in the leg (Nava has longer legs than the average Yo), but since they're loose and elastic-waist they're fine. But I haven't tried anything tailored, like those excellent looking BID jeans.


      I just thought that they made these pants for Nava - most of my boys find themselves wearing red-and-black striped something on their legs sooner or later. :whee:
    8. Hi everyone!

      thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! wow I never knew that he is extra special! Forgive me for having little knowledge about volks hahaha... Though they are all beautiful dolls it's a bit too hard for me to get one without spending too much. Anyway, before I get out of topic, Marison/alison_sky sent me an image of finished faceup of my Kuuta.


      His name is Hamish Hart. I'll post my own photos of him as soon as he arrives. :D
      I hope you liked him :D
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    9. lol, JennyNemesis, Nava is just so darn cute and I do like those little pants/ stockings on him. (There is something special about that little face. I didn't get YOSD Isao when he first came out, but was able to get the full set from Am a little while later, and have loved him greatly.) Thank you for telling me that the little Iple things do fit.

      BlueSand, he looks great, and I love the little outfit.
    10. A warning though-- those pants are the only BID clothing I've tried yet! I couldn't tell you if the tops fit, but I'd gamble on yes.

      They're great beacause they are all-in one pants, so I don't need to worry about layering tights or the feet being too short...
      They do stripy BID tights separately; but I am less sure about trying them because they have feet in them & might not work if they're too short. I never considered Nava's specially long legs might be a problem. ^^

      Most BID clothing are a lot of frilly girl stuff anyway, but they do have some greatlooking jeans & hoodies and tank-tops. I've never really shopped for Yo-SD clothes before, but now that I will be having a second chibi, I'm going to need more wardrobe. Jeans at the very least (Hey Volks, y u no make Yo-jeans??).

      And yes, there is something special about that crazy little face. :XD: I hope Shiro has the same energy about him!

      [MENTION=11625]BlueSand[/MENTION], congratulations on having Hamish painted up-- he is a cute little Kuuta too! Great faceup.
    11. TTYA does nice yo size jeans and I believe will make them a little longer on request.
    12. Thx for the tip! - I've been looking at the ones at Alice's and Tata's; pretty much everyone seem to make Yo-standard pants sizes. And Nava wears boots, anyway, so it's not him that's fussed about the length. :lol:
    13. No problem! I love their stuff and they are really easy to work with.
      I've ordered things in slightly modified sizes before so it shouldn't be a problem if you need a pair longer for anyone.
    14. Here is my Rinon, as she just arrived! I was so upset that I didn't win any of the lotteries that I caved and got Rinon instead. I'm so bad!

    15. [MENTION=63422]callasdoll[/MENTION], congratulations on your little Rinon! The Dolpa 33 lotteries were so disappointing... they just didn't make enough dolls for the usual amount of winners we get around here, I guess.

      Q: Do you have any of the skinny-jeans styles they have at TTYA? Their jeans look great, lovely slim fit, but I am wondering, can the dolls sit down in them?

      I just got Chibi Shiro's 'shipping ready' notice from Noppin, so I guess I'd better hustle coming up with a name for the little bomber. And ack, I'm also going to need a second Yo-sized doll stand...
    16. Chibi Shiro is here! :dance:

      But I just unwrapped him, and found the weirdest thing-- he has SD-sized hands on. Or maybe they're MSD. They're just definitely not Yo hands. :? For anyone else who got a Shiro, does he have overwsized hands too? Or does he have regular Yo hands?

      I got him from Noppin so I can't ask Volks to exchange the hands, unfortunately, but I'm curious if they meant to do this or not.
    17. That is super strange JennyNemesis! He should have yosd hands like in his promo photos with Tsukasa. If he has bigger hands, I would imagine the auction seller switched them. Do you have a photo to share? Poor little shiro has hulk hands.
    18. That's odd, JennyNemesis. Did the auction photos show the hands? I'd definitely suggest that you contact Noppin.
    19. Well, he was a fully unopened new fullset--! Everything was all wrapped up, like I had to cut open the paperwork & the wig & everything. It's NRFB. That's why I was so perplexed at these weird hands. It's much easier for me to believe that Volks just got flaky and put on the wrong hands, than it is for me to believe that somebody took an unwrapped new fullset & took JUST the hands, then re-sealed the otherwise-untouched fullset. ^^

      The stock photos don't really show Shiro's hands clearly... but I assumed they'd be all Yo hands. Noppin has no control over what the seller includes in the set, and in any case this thing was fully wrapped up. I swear they look just like the old-style SD10 default hands. But I'm a bad judge of size on these smaller dolls. I'll put up a pic in the morning...
    20. Maybe they are YoMidi hands? I know those are a little bigger than standard Yo hands