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Volks's Toy Fair Reports

Mar 9, 2005

    1. Volks has updated their website with pictures from the German and American International Toy Fairs. There are some lovely photoshoots of Isao, Jun, and the others. Apparently, Isao's New York Travelogue will be displayed at Tenshi no Sato, starting mid-March.

      German/Nuremburg Toy Fair

      American/New York Toy Fair

      (mods: I put this in the news section since there are a few other website links and articles in this section. Please let me know if it should be elsewhere, such as General.)
    2. Volks were in Germany and I didn´t know thing about it?
      Darn, I should start browing doll magazines...
    3. They were here in Europe..is some1 teasing me :o how come nobody ever tells me anything.. :o :o :o

      I missed...i feel terrible..x_X when will they come back to europe?
    4. Bliss, let´s feel bad together...misery does love company after all...
    5. The International Toy Fairs are held once a year (the American International Toy Fair also has a second Fall event that's primarily for the big retail stores). They are industry events, where toy companies show off their products in booths and showrooms, as different retailers and press outlets come by to ask questions and make deals.

      Security seems to vary from Toy Fair to Toy Fair; the first year that I attended, there were people at the doors checking for ID badges and photo ID. This year, there was very little security at the New York Toy Fair; we were only asked to show our ID twice.

      Hopefully some of the European doll magazines met with Volks in Nuremburg, and can share some of Volks' future plans for Europe!
    6. Isao's so gorgeous!!! :love :love :love :love :love :love :love

      I swear, I will drag my husband to Japan just to see it. I wonder if anyone who goes can take pictures to share?
    7. Thanks for the links, Emi. ^_^

      I've heard they will be coming to France this month...I would definitely want to go if I could just find out if it's only their fashion dolls that will be appearing, or if Super Dollfies will feature, too!