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Voting Has Begun on Haute Doll for Doll Heart Contest

May 17, 2006

    1. You can go to www.hautedoll.com and vote for your favorite costume from the Doll Heart costume contest! Votes must be cast by June 14, 2006. Good luck to all finalists.
    2. I can't get Microsoft Outlook to work on my computer. Is there any way to send votes in via normal email? Like just listing your votes in an email to HauteDoll?
    3. Do we vote for a boy a girl outfit in each catagory or just one per catagory?
    4. That's from the HauteDoll voting rules. So you can only vote for one per category.
    5. I simply refuse to use OE(Or any other email program, for that matter, no sense to it at all when I use gmail which has a perfectly functional web interface), so I guess I can't vote... Pity, there are a couple of designs I really like. :(
    6. You don't have to use outlook. I have my computer set up to go straight to my hotmail account when I click on links like that. Go to start, control panel, internet options, programs, and then you can choose hotmail for the email. You can't set it to Gmail that way, only microsoft email services, but you don't need to use outlook that way. I assume my emails went through okay when I sent them.
    7. Yeah, that won't work for me since I use Gmail ... I tried setting up Gmail to OE, but it wouldn't work.
    8. That's unfortunate. Outlook can be so annoying to work with, which is why I just don't. When you click on the link it creates an email that goes to mcpub@hautedoll.com and says DollHeartvote and then the number listed below the entry you are voting in the subject line. If people want to send in votes not using outlook I suggest trying sending them to that address with that subject line. Hopefully that will work!
    9. Actually my computer is set up to load Gmail when I click links like that. I'm pretty sure it's because I have the Gmail Notifier, which you can set it to open with mailto links. Google Talk probably has the same features somewhere...

      All of the designs are so good. :o
    10. Are you meant to send one vote at a time through email? As, in, it opens up the outlook window and then you send the email, and then start over?
      Anyone know if dollheart itself will be using a different voting method, or is haute doll the only way to vote?
    11. Gah, it took me a couple tries to set the Microsoft Outlook and I think I might have voted twice by accident. T__T;; *feels dumb*
    12. I am trying to vote that way, but after it took my first 4 votes, I started getting my votes sent back to me by the mailer daemon stating that it was spam. O_o