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W/ W/out Doll Profiles

Mar 2, 2017

    1. Since I've joined, I noticed some people, who have been on here for years, don't have doll profiles.

      That's your choice, but I wondered, what are some people's reasons for not creating profiles for your dolls?
    2. Lots of reasons; I'm sure there are others I haven't thought of, but these are my main ones:
      • I can't be bothered
      • I generally assume no one's interested anyway
      • Not on the forum often enough
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    3. More possible reasons!
      • The doll is unfinished and the owner doesn't want it on show yet.
      • The doll is finished, but the owner isn't happy about it.
      • The owners dolls are hybrids in such a fashion that they're rendered off-topic on DOA.
      • The owners dolls are off-topic.
      Two of these reasons apply to mine, for example (unfinished, and off-topic hybrids).
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    4. I think some people don't have any character created for their doll (no names, background etc.) and they see them more like works of art or just a dolls to sew clothes for.
      I love looking through the doll profiles though. :)
    5. My main reason is that I can never get a profile pic that I'm actually happy with and my secondary reason is that I have more dolls then you can have profiles, so trying to chose who gets a profile is pretty darn hard
      (Also it's a relatively new feature, so that might be why a lot of people who've been members for a while haven't done any profiles yet as well)
    6. Same as Hyperion, the pictures! I'm not that good of a photographer and my camera isn't anything great either, so all my doll pictures just leave me with a 'mehhh...' feeling. Also, they are all more or less uncomplete in a way where I could photograph them, I'd just prefer not to as I'm not very happy with most of their clothes.
    7. Personally, I only create a profile for a doll when the doll is finished (has a wig, face up, clothes, etc). I'm not that interested in watching other peoples unfinished dolls in the profiles, so I don't put my unfinished dolls up there either x)
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    8. Only two of my dolls have profiles up right now, and it's like other people have said--I haven't gotten my others to a point where they're finished enough that I want to post them. Some are temporarily sharing bodies and some still need faceups or wigs or clothes. I'm hoping that someday I'll have the time to put everyone together and take pictures so that I can finally introduce them, though!
    9. You've also just recently joined the forum so you might not know but the doll profiles feature was added only 2 months ago. While it is a novel feature that many enjoy, eople who have been on the forum for a long time might just find it unnecessary since they've gone on for so long without it.

      That and they can't be bothered. That's how I feel. xD I don't want to add my dolls until they at least somewhat look completed.
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    10. I'm in the "can't be bothered" group. Too much work, since I got too many dolls. Also, I don't like taking pics of my dolls - not good at taking pics and not into photography in general.
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    11. I love looking at doll profiles. I would make profiles if I could figure out how to post pictures here. My doll family is a ragtag bunch, but I love them & someone out there might enjoy seeing them lol.
    12. Eh, too many dolls, no photography skills, and most of my dolls aren't particularly popular. Mostly though I can't be bothered :)
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    13. I have over 100 dolls and 75% of them have names and personas. I don't have the energy honestly and I haven't taken any new pictures in years.
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    14. I also can't be bothered as taking pictures is a lot of work. Plus none of my dolls are really unique/interesting enough to show off. I'll just enjoy everyone else's efforts, lol.
    15. For me, it's a mix of wanting the doll "finished," wanting a good set of photos, and at least for now, balancing with the number of available profiles (which is lower than my count of on-topic dolls). Add to that the time it takes to make one, and that the feature is still fairly new, and I just haven't gotten around to most of them yet.
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    16. I would ideally like to have the mods finished, faceup and blushing complete, wig finished, eyes made, and outfit and shoes finished before making a profile.

      The real benefit for others I think is the resin/scale matching for hybriding, purchase info (where to buy wigs, etc), and inspiration.

      Since I can provide hybriding information with incomplete dolls, I just put that info on my profile.
    17. I intend to. But I don't feel there is any hurry.
    18. I'm terrible at taking photos of my dolls, and only about half my dolls are in a completed photo-ready state. When I do eventually fill out profiles for them, I want them to look their best.
    19. I'm in the "I'm too busy" group, which hasn't been listed. ^^; I like doing the profiles, though I'm having to pick and choose who goes up there, and it takes rather a long time to fill in different fields and the like, so by the time I've got the time, I don't have the necessary mental energy to do it! ^^; (Plus there's the half-finished dolls, half-naked dolls, and half-formulated backstories on some of them...)
    20. I have way too many dolls in an unfinished state! Also, finding the time to make profiles can be a bit difficult. I have a few up, but it will take time before I can do the rest!