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Waiting room frustration

Sep 22, 2017

    1. I'm a little annoyed after a visit to the dollshe waiting room. I placed an order in March, and it's still not marked as shipped, yet some orders placed in June are already recieved! I've contacted dollshe, but recieved no reply yet as it says they're busy.

      Now, deep down I know that it's tricky because they probably cast in batches so some sculpts will be ready before others, but I'm feeling very frustrated! I've been looking forward to recieving some news of shipping or anything but nothing.

      Does anyone else feel frustrated by seeing so many orders below them in the waiting list being recieved? I'm not the only one left from March... There's a few other unlucky ones. Did we just order sculpts or colours that weren't due for casting yet?

      Sorry to be a baby! I just wanted Aramis home for Christmas (he's going to be Legolas, for Thranduil!)
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    2. That was me with Fairyland at the end of 2015/early 2016! Which I then learned is normal, FL does in weird batches. And even though I did order through DDE and expected a longer wait time, other DDE orders were coming in before mine. I have no personal experience with Dollshe but I do know some of your pain :...(
    3. Dollshe is famous for very looong waiting time. I waited for their doll for 8 months. It was 10 months with another company, there were no answers, everyone was scared. I sold all these dolls because negative background didn't let me bond with them.My friend also faced this problem and everything ended by canceling the order and a refund.
      I understand that there can be troubles with material supply, defects and etc. But plants must have a plan B and safety stock. I worked at automobile plants, there it is a must to comply with FIFO (first in, first out) principle. And it is not a mission impossible. And It is not super expensive.
      I just can't find an excuse.
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    4. Yeah, it does seem unfair. Also, if there's that much of a backlog, it would seem like a good idea to stop taking orders until it has cleared a little!
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    5. This happened to me with a clothing order, except despite the seller's promises, I never received my order (it's been two and a half years now) and I was tricked into closing my PayPal claim, so I never got a refund either. It was so frustrating and irritating to see other people get their orders placed months after mine, or for people to say the seller was not a scammer because she hadn't scammed them. I waited and waited and believed the excuses and lies at first, but in the end I was scammed. I was not the only one, chances of receiving your stuff seemed to be about 50/50. It made me feel physically sick to see her still selling and people supporting her, even after all of that. I wasn't even rude to her, but she stopped responding at all.

      I think your case is a little different, because I've never heard of Dollshe taking money and not (eventually) delivering but I understand it is extremely frustrating to get poor customer service from someone, when others are getting good service. One of my friends waited 13 months for her Dollshe a few years back, and the rest of us were counting the months with her. Luckily, she did end up liking her boy a lot and it didn't destroy the bond with him. Hang in there, and I wish you the best of luck getting him home by Christmas!
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    6. Like others have said, Dollshe is known for very long wait times and the order in which they make things rarely makes sense. I'm sure they have some kind of system that they don't bother to explain to customers. I do know from something they posted a long time ago, that when they're using a mold, they cast dolls in order of resin color. Because dark resin shows more flaws, they do those first, and do lighter colors as the mold gets used. And molds do not last forever, so even if a bunch of other Aramis' started shipping (for example), the mold might break right before they get to yours and they have to make a new one. But like I said, often the order of dolls getting shipped makes little sense to anybody so we can only speculate... :?

      Anyways, I'm sure most people are familiar with this general frustration. One time I was waiting for a doll and saw on the waitlist that somebody else ordered almost the exact same thing as me about 2 weeks after I did, and yet their doll shipped before mine! I was pretty offended XD Once you get your doll you can look back and laugh about it... and in your case, you can join all the other Dollshe owners who get to tell tales of woe about how long they waited and scare newbies in the thread. :lol:
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    7. I totally understand!! I ordered from Dollshe last December, and got my dolls at the end of August. I knew they were known for taking a long time though, so even when I ordered I suspected it could be some time before I got them. However, I think they will get back to your email (they got back to my email when I asked about progress, just not immediately).
      I think others are right that once you get your doll, you'll be so happy you forget it took so long. Dollshe dolls are so beautiful too, so you'll be so pleased once you get your Aramis! It can be a frustrating wait, but that's the hobby haha
    8. This is one of the big reasons I try not to track waitlists after I place an order.>.< I'll generally only check if I'm nearing the end of the reasonable time frame for the company and see if other orders placed the same month as mine are shipping. I definitely get order shipment envy, otherwise. Had the same experience with my Dollshe order. Here's a little pro-tip for Dollshe: check in. Seriously, ask after your order and you may find it being shipped out the next week. You don't have to be rude or anything. You can just point out how long the wait has been, and if they've made any promises for getting those orders out by a given deadline, mention how yours is not out yet. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all. Just sucks that you may indirectly cause others' orders to get pushed back to make room for yours (not your fault, though, that's awful planning on the business).
    9. Ah you have joined the Purgatory of Dollshe. Sorry to say, there is no end in sight. Some people wait over a year, some people wait two months. Over a year is more common. Most companies don't do that, it's Dollshe.
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    10. if dark colors were cast first, then I should've gotten my ebony bernard by now. or the grey bernards. periodic prodding didn't help. and yes, seeing the arrival of another orders placed after mine (also March), especially in the same color albeit not the same sculpt, finally broke my dollshe patience. (being told back in July my dolls were completed when they're not also didn't help.) very sad about it actually but I've done what I never imagined I would ever do - gave them a deadline or cancellation and refund. :sigh
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    11. A year?! Blimey!

      I know BJD companies make on demand and it takes a while, but that is ridiculous! I'm gonna be sad if it takes a year. :(
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    12. This is rare, and Dollshe is notorious for this lately. Three or four years ago they didn't do this, but if you go to the dollshe discussion threads you can hear how it's going at the moment, what to expect. It has driven off some of their potential customers but people still want their dolls so they're willing to do what it takes.
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    13. This happened to me with my Doll Chateau Xaviera. It took 8 months for the doll itself to leave Doll Chateau and arrive at the dealer, all the while, I watched others who ordered both basic dolls and fullsets get theirs much earlier.

      BUT even when Xaviera itself made it to the dealer, Doll Chateau FORGOT her fullset clothes, wig, and birth card! That took an additional 3 months to finally get to me. So, yeah, I was pretty salty when others, who ordered this doll during the same order period I did, got their dolls long before me, AND got all the stuff with the set without an additional wait.

      Dollshe, i can deal with because I know I'm practically guaranteed to be waiting a while. Doll Chateau seemed to have the same wait time as Dollzone of around 6 months. So.... an additional 5 month wait as a result of these issues was not easy. Luckily, it hasn't soured me on Xaviera.
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    14. I waited on my Dollshe Pure order for over a year, it was shortly after they were released and he offered a special discount for a period of time. So many people placed orders, there was no way it wasn't going to be a clusterf. He is always developing new dolls, reworking existing dolls, dropping lines and offering them One Last Time, then doing sales, it's no wonder he's always behind on something. I think he works very hard, but also bites off more than he can chew. He is a great doll maker, but not a great businessman.

      Right now I am (hopefully!) nearing the end of another year+ of waiting on another doll. It's a small artist studio casting a very small doll in a very difficult resin color. Apparently she was not expecting so many people to order the black resin, but it's what she displayed in her promo pics. It shouldn't have been such a surprise? Haha. People will always want what you show!

      I do honestly feel bad for her, I know that working on these special resin color dolls has completely burnt her out on BJD making for the near future. Part of the reason I am in this hobby is to support artists. As much as I want my doll, she is a human being, and an artist I admire, I don't want to kill her spirit. ;_;

      I guess I am actually very patient, but once the year mark hits, that is when I start hopping around impatiently. Wish me luck! :clover
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    15. I hope your doll gets to you by christmas, I am not sure about wait time I think a lot has to do with the company at the time of ordering how prepared they are, how many orders they have, etc. But I think it should be required if they want to maintain a steady flow of customers to update via e-mail at least once a month about the order's progress.
    16. So I'm guessing this is just a waiting game. I do really want him, so I'm not going to cancel the order. I guess it'll brighten up so dull point in mid 2018 when he unexpectedly lands on the doorstep...
    17. I waited over a year for my first Dollshe, and around 3 months for my second. Their wait time can be really random; but I've always received top-notch quality from Dollshe and I was very happy with my dolls. If my order is taking longer than what I was told/expected, then I touch base with the company with a polite e-mail asking when they expect the doll to ship by. I continue following up if the deadlines are not met, and as long as the company is replying/keeping in touch/posting updates, I don't stress over it too much. I understand that situations arise and deadlines need to be extended, and I'm patient about the wait times because I'd rather them take the time to produce a high-quality doll instead of rushing through orders and sending out something of lesser quality.
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    18. That's true. Their sculpts are really nice, so I suppose that's why people are willing to wait. I just wish they'd reply to me. If I knew it was a year's wait, then it'd at least stop me fretting.
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    19. That's totally understandable, I don't blame you for feeling frustrated if they haven't gotten back to you. I hope you receive a reply soon! :)
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    20. I have eleven Dollshes here going back to dear old Hound. My Fashion Grant and Arsene both went well over the twelve month wait. Amanda was two months. Currently waiting on Fashion Khan and Classic Michael Bowie. After two weeks I finally got an answer to my email today saying they were sorry but production has been busy and I should have my dolls by "next month". I have a similar response to a Q & A last October saying I could expect the dolls "next month". I guess that could go on forever.

      Dollshe did say that there was still a problem with Q & A and recommended that we use their email - [email protected]
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