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Waiting Times?

Jul 16, 2015

    1. Hello! Just purchased my first Iplehouse doll and I've heard different waiting times from different people. I waited exactly a month for my DreamingDoll Ryuna.

      What's the longest time you've waited for your doll and why do you think that is?
    2. I order 4 times doll to company, my other doll went to the second marketplace or i got them in a convention ^^

      Luts : For my first doll, Kid delf corni, I waited 2 months and for my body I waited 1 month
      Spirit Doll : I waited 1 month and 2 weeks for a 1/4 doll
      Soom : I waited 3 months for the manufacturing and 3 other months during the shipping/delivery !! Is the longest time u.u
    3. [MENTION=69204]Laine[/MENTION]

      WOW! That Soom took forever! Was he/she worth the wait?
    4. The longest I've ever had to wait was just a bit under six months... That was for one of my Soom monthly dolls back in the days before they had any kind of delivery time agreement. The second-longest both came in at around four months; another doll from Soom and my Doll Chateau Dolores.

      "Typical" delivery times for most companies seem to average about three months these days, but I've had a few dolls ship faster than that. My FectDoll Patiya and current Dollshe Hound shipped in less than one. (And the Hound shipping that fast surprised the heck out of me. My first Hound, purchased from Tensiya back in 2006, took much, much longer.) My Dream High micros both shipped quickly, too. I think I waited all of about six weeks for each of them.
    5. I waited six months for a Doll Chateau Bella and it was excruciating. In fact, I ended up selling her shortly afterwards because I couldn't bond with her even though she was beautiful. I think it's especially hard to wait so long when you just get into BJDs and the doll you're waiting in is one of your firsts.

      I ordered Bella directly from DC. I guess there was a backup of orders. Maybe my single order didn't get as much attention as the orders from a rep like MoC or DDE. now I order from reps when possible.
    6. I waited for a pair of dolls for almost a year. I knew the company was reliable and I would get them eventually, but that was painful.

      Sometimes companies have special deals and rather than cut it short when they get too many orders, they keep taking orders and over-extend themselves terribly. I think they believe they will be pleasing more customers by taking as many orders as they can but it ends up being quite the opposite of a pleasing experience. Hopefully the company has learned from that terrible backlog.
    7. My current wait! I don't recall waiting for more than two months before - but this time I'm waiting for a mini Dollshe and I'm in my 6th month. I can't say I mind though. I knew the wait was going to be long, and I'm not in a hurry. I'm in the luxurious (admittedly even decadent) position of having several dollies that are still waiting for outfits, so I can keep myself occupied. I do think it is the first time I have felt so utterly relaxed while waiting for a doll XD...
    8. I am very thankful to not have a long wait for my doll at all. Her wait was just over a month, I was so shocked when she shipped out! I was expecting late August or September! She's arriving today, actually...
    9. [MENTION=69692]MadMisery[/MENTION]

      Oh yes ! It is the doll Necy with animal part ^^ I love her !
      Even though I thought I was never going to have xD
    10. I have ordered Ling a weeks ago and are waiting for bobobie to respond and confirm that they have recevied my payment. Getting annoyed
    11. The longest wait I've had was 6 months and I have a feeling one of my current orders might take even longer.

      My first doll, however, was super fast. I ordered sn Iplehouse doll expecting him to tale abot 2-3 months to ship back in 2012. Imagine my surprise when I got my shipping notice 2 days after ordering ;)
    12. The quickest waiting time was when I ordered my first doll. I ordered directly from Doll in Mind and got him a month later. It was great. I was expecting this long wait time but 30 days later he was in my hands :) LUTS is pretty fast too. I ordered a Zuzudelf directly from them and got him within a month and a half maybe? The longest wait time was Loongsoul. I ordered a headless body through Mint on Card. The doll had some major defects. It had been strung before the resin was set so it was warped. Not terribly noticeable until you compare it to another Loongsoul of the same size, which I happened to have :P I had already waited 5 or so months for the headless body. MOC went to bat for me and Loongsoul was willing to replace it but I had to send the other body back to MOC. No problem. MOC prepaid the shipping for me back to them. Anywho, had to wait AGAIN for the replacement. All in all it took something like 9 or so months for me to get what I ordered. Dollzone had a long wait too but no longer than Loongsoul. I'm waiting on a headless Xagadoll body and it's been 6 months already and no doll. Yeesh.
    13. My longest wait for an Iplehouse doll was three months. That was in 2012. I ordered a Leona from them on June 1, 2015 and received her on the 22nd. Only 21 days!, you can't beat that!!!!!
    14. For my personal experiences, 8 months is the longest waiting time that I'd waited for 2 Lati dolls...Q__q
      I don't know why they need long processing days to complete them...
    15. the longest was over 9 months (like a baby lol xD) because I was ordering through a well-known european dealer :/ Don't want to come back to it in detail, but i'll just say - since then I tried to order each doll on my own. It was a horrible experience, also because of their rudeness, and the fact that they eventually sent me a wrong doll, and I had to appeal to some EU customer office. So, all in all, I waited 9 months only to find that I got a wrong doll and already be bored with the one I intended to order anyway...
      The fastest though, was probably when I ordered an in-stock head from Angelesque - she was such a sweet person <3
    16. I waited about 7 or 8 months for my Doll Chateau Sexta. I ordered through Angelesque, and when the doll arrived at her's, I received it within two or three days. DC had a huge back log of orders! I didn't really mind waiting that long, though I normally wouldn't be very happy about it, but I had exams and preparations for much of this year, so I had lots to keep me busy.
      I've ordered directly from companies twice with about 2-3 months wait, which seems to be the norm...
    17. I've had various experiences in waiting from the same company.
      Many companies blame faceups or the the limited outfits for their tardiness.
      One thing I can say is...Soom is getting later in their shipping of dolls. Each time, I bought less from them so they wouldn't be so backlogged. I completed stopped ordering faceups and clothes from them. Then I tried to shy away from the events so they don't get swamped. Didn't really make a difference.
      Iplehouse on the other hand, is completely the opposite. They've upped their ante from 2 months to 20 days (I bought almost exactly the same things: same sized doll, no faceup, in stock clothes, in stock wigs)

      5 Months
      Soom (blank, layaway)

      4 Months
      Soom (faceup, ltd outfit, lawaway), Soom (blank, xmas kit, layaway)

      3 Months
      PeaksWoods (faceup), Iplehouse (ltd outfit), DollClans (blank)

      2 Months
      Luts (faceup, ltd outfit), Iplehouse (blank), IOS (blank)

      1 Month
      Granado (blank)

      20 days
      Iplehouse (blank)
    18. Most of my dolls are right around 3 months, but my longest have been 5 months for 5StarDoll, then 6 months for a blank Doll Chateau head. I'm currently on month 4 on blank DZ Zo. I think most of the time, it's just due to too many orders and not enough time.
    19. Currently my record is an entire year for my Dollfie Dream M.O.M.O.
      And I'm definitely not looking forward to the waiting time of the DC order I'm planning to place...
    20. Luts (Directly from website): 2 months
      Dollzone (directly from websit): 6 Months
      Doll leaves (through MoC): 2 months so far and counting