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WANTED: Info on your Unoa wardrobe and wig adventures!

Mar 11, 2005

    1. Hey all!

      I'm looking for people's experiences with trial and error as they've wardrobed and wigged their Unoas. I hope this is an appropriate forum, I consdiered putting this in the "FAQ" forum but thought "Mini" would see more traffic, please move if this is the wrong place.

      I have gone through the boards and the Unoa FAQ but I can't quite seem to verify a couple things to my satisfaction, and I'd appreciate people's help if you would be so kind.

      WIGS: Size is 6/7 - I've seen that Sweet and Sharmin have a separate section on the Ajumapama sites but they're lumped in with Unoa...do those wigs fit Unoa? Has anyone tried them? I have purchased one of the Ajumapama Unoa specific wigs, but I am looking for addtional styles.

      I bought a couple wigs off Kemper's site on a lark and they look like total ass (IMHO) and were not versatile enough to style into anything really nice BUT they sure did fit! >__<

      Also, anyone who scans Mio's site or YJA will notice that our little Asian oriented Unoa friends have a larger variety of wigs, if anyone can recommend additional resources for Unoa wigs like Mio's signature Unoa wig (that cute blonde mop) that would be awesome.

      SHOES: I've heard that some mini shoes seem to be doable on Unoas but can anyone tell me their experiences with these? Also, same as wigs, has anyone run across additional resources for shoes that work well with Unoas in addition to those listed on the Unoa FAQ? I really want some simple shoes, again Mio strikes, as I've seen her Unoas wearing really cute loafers!

      Also, the Kingstate stuff, I've noticed they have boots, anyone try these on a Unoa? I have NO CLUE what the original 16" fashion dolls look like or what their sizes are like so I haven't bought these to try on my Lusis...

      I hope I'm not being redundant with these questions but I have gone through and through DoA and revisited the Unoa FAQ a few times and still come up wanting.

      I'd love to see any pictures that you might have too - as soon as my little Unoa face is back from faceup-land I plan on posting pics of her in all the random stuff I've bought in hopes that it would "work" - so far I haven't accumulated a lot, but I know how helpful it can be so see and or hear about a certain brand and how it did or did not work with a particular doll.

    2. Oh, finding wigs for unoa is quite the adventure, I must say- let me tell you that you will get a comfortable (but not snug) fit with the petit ai wigs. I have one that fits quite nicely, but slips off the head very easily, but that could also be how the wig cap is designed.
      Also, you might have not been satified with the Kemper wigs (I haven't tried those, myself) but might I suggest you try Monique? I recently bought three Monique wigs for my Lusis, and not only are they her first wigs that actually FIT her head without falling off at the slightest tilt, but they look great. I highly recommend the synthetic mohair wigs, as a matter of fact. Also, for the fashion doll wigs that only come in 5-6 or 7-8, the 5-6 fits, I found. There's a lot more styles from Monique that look like they'd work- although it'll be interesting trying to find some that'll look good on a boy, now that I've decided to get a boy-noa.

      As for shoes, Hopscotch Hill shoes fit Unoa very well (I've been meaning to post pictures of a full outfit on my Lusis but I keep forgetting), although not with socks. Dizzy was kind enough to give me a pair of 58mm Monique mary-janes (thank you again! :D ) that fit quite comfortably with or without socks/stockings. I haven't tried any kingstate shoes yet, so I can't help with that, unfortunately. I'd think the boots would probably be a bit of trouble though, since the legs are likely sculpted very differently on each. I wouldn't know though, I haven't ever seen a 16" fashion doll in person :oops:

      Hope that helps a bit!
    3. I too am in the same boat! However, have done a bit of playing around. I ordered a wig from ebay that stated it would fit Unoa - it did not. The wig cap is really weird(while the wig itself is quite well made). Even with velcro way too much wig cap. My advice (that I am following after this expereince!) is if it says unoa and no one else has tried - make sure the wig cap is stretchy - at least that would have allowed the wig to fit a little better.

      Ordered one from Poshdolls that elaine said would fit Unoa and it did! It is a long pink one with crimped hair. Quite pretty and fits very well!!! So would feel very comfortable if poshdolls tell you it will fit - pretty sure it will! On that positive note - just ordered seom brown boots from there and will report.

      Really wish there was a thread that listed stuff that fit and didn't! The FAQ's just were not detailed enough and did not address the questions I had/have!!!

      I have several outfits from Franklin Mint - Titanic Rose and Guinivere. The Guinivere stuff fits - but very tightly across the back if it is fitted and the last snap in back could not be made. This was on 3 of the 4 gowns. My Unoa does not have a bust - and Guinevere's stuff made her like like she had a slight one! Overall - just didn't do anything for me. The titanic gown Unoa looks fabulous in is the nightgown (lace) with the little under gown. The little undergown is quite snug across the hips - but works. The lace robe/gown fits great and looks great!

      Daisy and WIllow underwear and stockings seem to fit Unoa quite well. Have not tried on their outfits(in storage :roll: ) but my guess is most will probably work as I studied their bodies, especially if your Unoa has a bust.

      I had several MSD outfits - none of which worked. Way too big and just looked like I had another dolls clothes on her. These were from Volks.

      That's all I have for now!

    4. Oh thanks so much! I appreciate your thoughts. It is a tough job sometimes, all the trial and error with these cuties.

      It's funny because they're so popular but there does't seem to be a whole lot of resources for getting them all fashionable and stuff ;)

      I will definitely peek at the available Monique wigs and see what I can find and I really want to order some of the Sweet sized wigs now that it looks like they'll be ok - and with the wonders of velcro they seem like they'll be great.

      I can't wait to get my little one back and post pics, one of the Kemper wigs I bought, I think I may have second thoughts, I will post pics ASAP and hopefully we can get a nice little trial and error thread started, maybe?

      Thanks again!
    5. Hey, girlcreeture--

      My DoD and Cutie Delfs take size 6/7 wigs, so I have several your doll can try on at the next meet. That way you could see what styles suit your girl, too.

      Ann in Ct
    6. The Daisy and Willow stuff fits the larger bust, but the dresses are short and long sleeved barely go over the hands and snaps have to be moved - fat wrists . Great Quality stuff.
      Most of the Groovy Girls clothes fit.

      Wigs....Monique 7-8 ( MSD) size is BIG ,
      Acquire wigs for Unoa fit very well.
      Leeke wigs do not fit really. Bangs are long and need trimming BUT then the cap comes down far onto the forehead.
      Ajumapama wigs are very nice and fit well but they need more choices.....

      Shoes...Old Navy keychain Ugg boots, and moccosins

      Its good to know about the Poshdolls wigs I just asked her about them and like hearing from others that they fit. Shoes seem to be my biggest problem with these dolls, am eager to hear about the boots.

    7. All this info is so great to hear on the Unoas. I just got a sist and a lusis, but they are out getting faces ups and body blushing. I have some small wigs DOD, and others as well as Hopscoth Hill shoes, but won't be able to try them on til the little ones come back all made up and blushing!
      Will post photos when they return...

      What an adventure finding clothing for the small dolls. I have even had trouble trying to find clothes that fit my SDC Kaede too.

      Time to get that sewing machine going again.
    8. this is a great post. thanks everyone! I just got my first Unoa and I love her! contemplating how to paint her face.

      why don't all dolls come with removeable face plates! :lol:

      I have two Monique wigs in 6/7 that fit perfectly. her head is 6 3/4 ". Zoi is making some fur wigs for my new girl. (no name yet!!!)

      tried the Kingstate Cissy shoes but they do not fit. but, then I can't get Poshdolls high heels to fit my CP girls and everyone in the world seems to stretch them and get them to fit. :cry:

      I'm going to make some Unoa sized clothes. since I sew for 16" dolls (I sell the whole doll repainted in dance costumes) I feel it's just a little change in patterns to make Unoa outfits.

      right now I'm making a Hanbok with matching tights. will post a pic when finished.

      I'd better check out the monique mary janes. it would be fun to offer shoes in an auction for an outfit!

      we should sticky our discoveries! it's a better FAQ than I've seen elsewhere. other sites have Unoa as 17 or 18" tall. ?? she's 16.5 inches.
    9. I've actually got a 9" Tallina's wig on my Lusis at the moment. I have an assortment of 6-7" wigs, but this is the one I like best. As for clothes, she has a variation of the baby-doll dress that was in Dollybird 3. Shoes? um... yeah...

    10. I have a pair of 16" Helen Kish ballet flats and a pair of white boots that fit Lusis passably well....the flats are a tad large, but they have the ribbons that you cross and tie up the leg, so they stay on.

      There are a couple of Ebay sellers who sell their own brand of 16" Kish shoes....mostly Mary Janes in various colors, but I'm pretty sure they would fit.

    11. I'm so glad this thread is taking off, it looks like we're all sharing the same "joys" ;)

      I am AMAZED at how awesome my Lusis turned out! Kallisti totaly rocks and I knew all along she was the person I wanted to do the faceup, I am giddy for her to be home >__<

      Ann in CT - How is your adorable Cutie Delf? And Salubia? They're such beauties. What up with a next meet anyway? My friend is trying to get me to go to Anime Boston AND I was reminded of the doll show coming up in Springfield and I reeeallly wanna go to that (husband says he will go, but he WON'T like it, lol).

      As soon as Lucy is home I'm going photo crazy with her and as soon as my PSP arrives I can free up whatever's left of my play savings to pick up some more Unoa items. I did buy an Ajumapama wig and it's great but as Lolly pointed out just NOT ENOUGH of a variety...yet. I also grabbed the Ajumapama black mary janes but I want a clunky pair dammit!

      Did anyone notice the Uma auction (via Mio) on YJA right now?

      That wig is so adorable, BUT I don't think I'd get it without the accompanying outfit and that's too rich for me I think...

      I really need to A) email Mio and see if I can squeeze some shoes info out of her and B) contact Uma and see the deal on ordering wigs because Uma is on Mio's site but they're separate as far as I can tell, unless someone else knows any better.

      And about the Franklin Mint stuff, SO tempted but sometimes those sets go up! Kallisit has her Trinian in a Franklin Mint outfit that looks fabulous but she noted it would not close in the back, though Trinian has the large bust..

      I think I'm gonna break down and grab some Kingstate shoes, but the heel worries me the most so I'm still balking.
    12. oh man... I just bought my Sist, Erika, and I had no idea she was going to be so much trouble... *digs out sewing kit* I pretty much assumed she could share with my other two, but no... Oh well. Erika gets her own wardrobe, I get more sewing practice, everyone is [tired but] happy ^^
    13. oops! That was me... ^^0
    14. Kemper wigs do fit. I live near the manufacter in Chino and personally went through about 15 different wigs and bought about 10 of them for my Unoa. It's the size 6-7 you have to buy though.

      The frankling mint clothes are a crap shoot depending on which torso you are using/have on. I have the large bust one on, and have the Marilyn Monroe dress, which had some issues snapping in the back, but for the most part it fit. My friend Christy, had tried some of the Rose clothing and had other problems, but for pictures, they work. It's all a matter of what you are doing with it. Personally, as long as I can get the clothing to look like it is laying correctly and its covering right, and looks awesome, then I'm good with it. I very rarely take pictures from behind and when you can get these on Ebay for $30 sometimes, I don't have an issue, when I have to battle on Yahoo Japan $300 on one Mio outfit. :|

      Some mini shoes are way too big. I have some, but I like the way they look. Again...its all a matter of how you like your doll to look and the estetics.

      Creating a FAQ, which I did, is a very difficult process. I'm glad this thread took off. If you have specific changes you'd like me to change to my FAQ and specific additions to my FAQ, please PM me. That would be great!

    15. Mio doesn't make wigs. There are 3 designers on her site who sell their stuff. Mio clothes, somebody else make wigs, and another one clothes also. Perhaps it has been mentioned already in this thread :sweat

      Ajumapama wigs for Unoa fit perfect (I'm selling one on ebay right now), but they only have normal(=boring) looking wigs.

      Last time bought Gold Label Sahara Pink Dust wig (monique?!), size 6-7 for Unoa. The wig is too big... it falls off as soon as it gets the chance to fall ;) But they also have the same wig in sie 5-6, perhaps it would fit better. Haven't tried though.
    16. I have dollheart shoes that I love. They were MSD size and they fit great. As for clothes I don't have anything that I love at the moment. Have ordered mio but am still waiting on that. I made my own mohair wig and that worked out great. The wig she came with is still the best fit by far and I have bought wigs that said they were made for Unoa but the fit is not as good as I had hoped (too small).

    17. I got a mohair wig from Poshdolls for my Unoa, listed specifically as Unoa sized. It's a bit tight on him - I've had trouble getting it on - but because it's natural fur, the wig cap is made of leather so it's slowly stretching and shaping itself to fit better. It's getting easier to take on and off, and I love how it looks! (It's the only mohair wig any of my dolls have.)
    18. Dollheart shoes are great
      I bought some Crissy (?) shoes too gorgeous

      I make Tibettan wigs especially for the Unoa
      Kiyakotari if you email me


      I will send you one of my care and wear leaflets I send out with with my wigs
      they should work with the Poshdolls one ;)
      it will tell you how to get the perfect fit ;)
    19. I don't have a Unoa (yet) but I shop for Narae at the same places..

      Cute Unoa separates here at Her Delicate Strength...

      Also, both Cheerydoll and Ajumapama have Unoa-size shoes...

      And for inexpensive shoes, some people buy Juju's #58 MSD shoes on Ebay. They fit Unoa better in length than they fit Narae...

      For inexpensive clothing (tops are most likely to fit well)...
      Thread about these clothes...
      You can also search the Galleries for friends2bmade and f2bm to bring up more photos. Some pieces are really sweet (my favorites are pink robe and white camisole).

    20. I just tried 'LITTLE PRINCE' For MNF (Black) (from Luts) on my Sist (still unassembled, but feet are now sanded!!) and they seem to be a good fit! Yay for successful random purchasing!