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Update Wanted: Sewers/doll Makers/carpenters

Dec 17, 2008

    1. Greetings fellow ABJD lovers! SUKI YUME (formerly Fantasy Dolls) is looking for people interested in collaborating on a line of clothing for the store. I am looking for professional-quality and experience with making clothes for BJDs (Elfdoll a bonus!).

      I am also toying with the idea of starting a line of BJDs. I'd love to chat it over with anyone who has experience with this kind of doll making.

      While I'm at it, I may as well ask for carpenters interested in designing and making furniture scaled for the ABJD.

      Please feel free to contact me through DoA or you can get my personal e-mail address through the store blog. Thank you!:hollyberry
    2. are you interested in people located in the US only?
    3. Are you looking to sculpt your own doll line, or collaborate with other sculptors to sell their dolls and such?
    4. what sort of volume do you expect from clothing sales? One off's
      Limited runs? Long term offering? Do you want someone to design them and sew them for your store or just design them?
    5. Discussion thread for this news post?
    6. This isn't really the type of news for a discussion thread, actually. If you have anything to discuss, it should be with Sukilala via e-mail. Thanks!