wanting a BJD thats your body type?

Oct 1, 2016

    1. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, if so please tell me, thank you!! <3

      Is it weird to want a doll with a similar body type to your own? I mean as in hips and shoulder shapes, hands, stomach, etc. I in no way want a "mini me" but I often look for features similar to my own when browsing bjd. I think it's because I see dolls as art and it would be kinda nice to see my shape reflected in that.

      Anyone else? (I hope this doesn't sound incredibly narcissistic :P)
    2. Yup. Not really with my boys as I don't particularly identify with them when it comes to bodies, but all of my girls have very similar body shapes-small busts, wide hips and thick thighs. It's funny, as I don't actually find myself all that attractive, however, because these dolls are idealized and basically all beautiful, I was drawn to getting a girl that shared my same characteristics. I didn't really intend for them all to be this way, only my first girl, but as I kept adding more girls to my collection I found myself wanting to get them all these same types of shapes. It's not that I find other features less beautiful or interesting, but I personally have a hard time identifying with them in a way that feels important to me for my dolls.
    3. I admit I was amused/delighted to find a doll with similar body proportions to me.

      Sometimes it's nice to have a doll that can wear similar clothing types to oneself, and I feel I can pose it more naturally than some other dolls, being familiar with how a person with those proportions might stand or rest their arms, etc. :)

      (Dollfie Dream Sister, S-bust) :lol:
    4. I hadn't thought about it that way before, but maybe that's my problem with girl dolls... I'm not a very curvy girl, and I've always been more attracted to small-busted sculpts. I have heard that we tend to like art with shapes like our own (even in something as abstract as baskets), so that makes sense! :3nodding: I've found that to be the case in style too--I can only imagine getting another girl if I could style her as a flat-chested tomboy like me, haha.
    5. Kinda, yeah. I tend to also like the flat chested, tomboyish sculpts and I want to get a body like that for my girl (whose original body choices were male and gender neutral for added androgyny). And I have noticed the same thing with my other, non-doll characters. Maybe it's just because it is familiar?
    6. I'm actually not big on my shape at all (small boobs, short torso with a nice waist, admittedly, and then no hips.) but there's a body that shares some similarities with my own (ringdoll teen body-04) though she has way nicer hips than I do.

      As for my girls, I have two withdolls, an f60, an AS girl, the RS Sophia body, a HID on the way and two sooms, and not one of them resembles me. The withdolls are the closest but they have longer torsos with better proportions.
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    7. I think I might subconsciously do it now that I think about it. I tend to want dolls that are similar in shape or the shape I would like to have.
    8. No, not at all. I am fat in the middle of my body, with normal legs and arms, and I look a bit funny. I want my dolls to be beautiful, they are an escape from reality for me. So no need for them to mirror real life.
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    9. I don't think it's weird at all that someone might want a doll with a body type similar to theirs, but as for me, I would definitely not want a doll with mine. I don't really like my body all that much. Well, I guess my body really isn't all that bad as I do my best to keep in shape, and the good news is that it's fairly proportional, but I prefer dolls that are more petite in stature as they can get away with cute, loose drapey clothing without looking like a tent. I love that sort of style personally and I think it looks adorable, but as I lean a bit more on the curvy side, it just doesn't work on me, so I like having dolls that have the opposite body type from mine so I have the option of putting them in clothes that I just can't pull off.
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    10. Probably not... I mean, over the years I've come to feel better about the body that I live in than I used to, but I don't think it would work as well on a doll. I do like dolls that have wide hips and look chubbier, sure, but they still don't really have bodies that look like *mine*, and my body wouldn't work in resin. It'd be all but un-poseable with all that chub in a material that doesn't squish and squash like flesh does. Plus it would be so hard to clothe the combination of fairly wide shoulders and a massive chest, high and comparatively-nipped-in waist, and then everything under that being fat again... I spend enough time using compression bras and worrying about how stretchy fabric is when I'm buying clothes for me, I like my dolls being relatively easy to dress!

      I'd love to see a beautifully sculpted doll with a body similar to mine... but I'm not holding my breath because of the engineering issues, and I don't really see myself buying one. I'm usually attracted to the opposite of my body when it comes to dolls, haha-- three boys so far and most of the girls I look at I like with a smaller bust...
    11. I'm in the androgynous, wider-shoulders, narrower hips, no-boob, no-butt camp. I do keep end up with girls sort of built like that, but a lot of them have more hips and butt than I do, and narrower shoulders. XD I rather like the Blossom Doll body, she's rather close, but no one has come as close as my Batchix Lagoon. <3 She's even a bit on the short-torsoed side of the equation.
    12. Heh @Osaka, that makes two of us (only I wish I was as no-butt as I am no-boob!) ... I do tend to go for small-chested girls, but I have some who are, if not the opposite (because I really can't stand those balloon boobs some of them have!), then still more on the curvy side of things. I guess I like an even mix, a little bit of everything.
    13. Maybe. I like my shape but it's difficult to find. For some reason it seems like the only way for a girl doll to be a big girl is if she has an itty bitty bust and wide pear hips. Where have all the boobs gone?? I'm more a fat hour glass! Iplehouse's EID girls with the biggest chest are the closest to my shape even though I'm nowhere near as toned and fit as they are.
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    14. Nah. I'm overweight, short, and I have small boobs. Though I do have more of a pear shape, and I am pretty find of pear shaped girls...
    15. Gods, no. I'm short and very overweight with small boobs. I struggle to find cute clothes that fit me - I wouldn't want that in a doll. Not to mention the engineering issues...No, just...no. But when it comes to dolls, I do find that for girls I prefer smaller busts and healthy-looking bodies. Go figure.
    16. Nope. It's much more fun to dress (and shoe) dolls with opposite body types from me!
    17. I hadn't even considered this either, but it does make sense and seems to be true for the most part in this thread so far.

      I tend to prefer the girl dolls with huge boobs and hourglass figure, like myself, except that I'm US size 14/16 hourglass, not like...size 2. XD I do have one girl who is very thin, flat chested,wide hips and has a major thigh gap. She's beautiful and it fits her character perfectly, but usually I prefer the opposite in my dolls. Would I want one just like my own body? No. Even though I like the large bust and curves, I hate my stomach and thighs, and I think it would limit poseability in a resin doll. My Iplehouse girl with the glamour bust already has trouble doing some poses (like slouching), so I really wouldn't want a bigger girl who would be even harder to pose!
    18. Well I prefer child sized(1/6) dolls such as Soom Teenie Gems and being a woman in my 30's I can't say they look anything like me. When choosing more mature sculpts I prefer them looking curvier to me, i'm of a very slight build but not that tall. But no I don't think I could physically pass for a child under the age of 12 which are the type of resin dolls that appeal to me most, heehee:wiggle
    19. Yeah, in a way. not exactly, but I do like that a lot of the male dolls can be less masculine. I have a fairly feminine body and face, it bugs me, so I don't really like having dolls that are more masculine then I am. xD I had a few, and I just don't enjoy being around them as much, just reminds me how un-masculine I am. xD

      So yeah, more out of insecurities. :P
    20. Interesting idea, but as someone said I don't need a doll looking like me lol! I have my boys looking all gorgeous & model like!!