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Wanting to take your dolls places, but can't?

Nov 6, 2009

    1. (I'm not sure if there is a thread about this already, if so I wasn't able to find it.)

      I was sitting here thinking about how I never really flaunt my dolls around much even though I love them and are very proud of them. And as much as my family makes fun of me and whatnot I want to show them off to them too. But as I thought about it I realized that I can't take my dolls to holidays, especially holidays at my boyfriend's family's, because everyone smokes! :o I have terrible asthma myself so I hate it aswell because I have to sit for two days in a cloud of smoke *sigh* Having 8 or more people smoking at a time kills me and I'd imagine it'd kill my doll's resin even more.

      Have there been places that you'd want to take your doll but are afraid of somehow damaging them?
    2. I have always wanted to take my dolls to work to show them off, but I work at the movie theatre so I am always afraid they will end up covered in butter. :P
    3. I've been thinking about this a lot as I have my first dolly on the way (hopefully here before the holidays). I want to take her to my Mother's house in NJ... but I'm afraid they won't understand the value of her (both monetarily and what she means to me) and may be too rough with her.

      I also thought it's be nice to get some pics on the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore in winter (when it's desolate) but I'm afraid of the sand...

      I understand your dilemma... wanting to be careful, but wanting to show them off and be proud. It's a tricky spot because you can never gauge other people's reactions and weather they will be delicate as you'd like... and the environment (weather, smoke, etc...) is even less predictable anymore!
    4. No way i would take mine anywhere i work. I do loads of hiking and botanical collections in hot, humid and very poor conditions... not ideal for resin dollies :P
    5. I'd like to take mine...anywhere, but i'm too shy and paranoid. XD
    6. I've wanted for a couple years now to take photos of my dolls with these:

      There's a reason I don't call my dolls "my babies." THOSE are my babies! I raise baby endangered chickens at a zoo - and think how painfully adorable it'd be to pull off a photoshoot with those around. Baby chocobos anyone? Gahhhhh.

      Problem is....these guys love to poop, and they pride themselves in being able to poop in the most inconvenient places ever. XD Plus, there's no time to take the photos - they all tend to nap during my lunch break, so I'd feel bad waking them up to take photos. And none of this is even considering how terrifying a sudden tiny human's appearance in their pen would be. D: Way, way, too stressful for these guys. I love them too much to do that. >:
    7. emka: Those are adorable >w< I can understand wanting to do it, but those poor things XP I'd imagine that they'd be terrified.

      fox feathers: I know how that is. Recently the only time that I take my guys out in public are at doll meets where there are plenty of other people carrying dolls as well.

      lolawants: It is a risk but if you tell them how much she costs it might scare them enough to not touch her at all XP Especially if you threaten to make them pay for damages. When I showed my family my MNF my baby cousin tried to take her hand and eat it! XP

    8. I know myself, and my mother has been interested in seeing her (wants to see if she can tackle possibly making some clothes, she hasn't made dolly clothes in YEARS), so I will probably take your advice... and threaten death to anyone who isn't delicate with her, lol.

      Now... is there a smart way to transport her 10 hours in a car? O_o (I want to buckle her up, I think it'd be so cute)
    9. LolaWants: for 10 hours? O.O;; damn.... that... uh... LONG! lol Anyways it depends, at least for me. Of course everyone knows that too much sunlight can be bad for dollie resin. So usually I just put my dolls in a bag to shield them, or cover them in a towel/blanket, that is if I'm driving. If I'm a passenger in a car and the windows are tinted pretty well then I just set them out, or if it's already past sunset. I have, one time, given a doll a MASSIVE hoodie that almost covered their face and sat them in front buckled up and made the pockets big enough to fit both their hands awkwardly XP That's just me though XP
    10. Kiihay, with your asthma, I wouldn't go see his family whatsoever if they're smoking all the time. The smoke is bad already, it's hell when suffering from asthma. I have several relatives who really have to avoid smoky places. Thank God smoking is banned in public places and restaurants and bars around here. I don't have such respiratory problems but I'm definately not going to such parties either where everybody is smoking inside the house.
      I'm not saying you should avoid your lover's folks, that wouldn't be fair. But you will have to insist that they smoke outside the house or at least not in your presence because of your health. A smoke-free environment is always the best thing. Your health is very important and you should not have to put up with a dozen people smoking near you all the time!
    11. I wanted to take mine camping but we were tent camping in the desert so there wouldn't have been anywhere cool and safe to keep them when we weren't around.. cars and tents both bake in the sun!
    12. I don't take my dolls around not because i'm afraid that they get hurt, but rather because i am way too ashamed of them to show them to anyone, included my family. It is very sad, considering that there are many places i'd like to bring them to.
    13. As I own just one doll and I love him dearly I am for now unable to take him pretty much anywhere. I want to have him wherever I go but then I reconsider at the last moment : It´s raining outside, people would treat him roughly, the bus will be crowded and he could brake, I could drop him somewhere...
      I know sooner or later I´ll get over that paranoia and will be taking him with me to college every week but for now I just have to part with him :/
    14. emka: You need to send the photos of those chickens to www.cuteoverload.com. Like, right now. :D

      I'm pretty used to people looking at me funny - I've been dying my hair strange colors on and off for the past several years (all over hot pink for more than a year at one point), so that wouldn't be a problem for me. And I successfully took Julie to Disney without any mishaps the other day, so I can take her out.

      But I don't think I'd take her to an anime convention, even if theyhave doll stuff, because those things are crazy. I wouldn't take her to a resturant, or take her walking around a city because I don't want her to get messy. I probably will take her to New York to show my relatives, but she's staying in the bag most of the time and I'm going to watch her like a hawk, because I don't trust them that far. I don't think they'd hurt her on purpose, but they're kinda nuts. :sweat
    15. I would love to take my dolls places with me. However, I wouldn't love all the stares and whispers I'd get if I did. Besides I'm attending a Community College that...doesn't have the best reputation for my basic courses and then I work in a nursery. Both of those places are kind of asking for something bad to happen to my boys.
      The only places I allow them to go is to my friend's houses, and when they are there...they pretty much stay where I can see them. I'm actually trying to take a bolder move and go to a doll meet soon. I hope all goes well with that...I'm pretty nervous.
      I really do look up to people who can go out with their dolls regardless of how others look at them. <3
    16. As much as I'd love to take my doll to work one of these days simply to freak out my co-workers, I work with a lot of hazardous chemicals. I don't want to know what JP-8 would do to resin. D8
    17. I'd love to take my boys to the movies with me. But I'm afraid someone might sit on them, or I might forget them. D:
    18. I work at a Gamestop in a very busy mall. There's no way on Earth I will bring any of my dolls to work.

      I would be afraid to bring them to church as well; too many kids who might grab them and get all sorts of messies on their clothes and there's some very nosy people in my church >_<
    19. I second that! I've taken them out a few times, but I really don't like the stares or strange reactions, even though I've had a few good reactions also.
      I pretty much limit them to cons, family get-togethers, and meets!
    20. I've taken my MSD to school..... yeah I've taken her, several times I might add, to a crowded broken down high school (and boy do I mean broken down! sometimes the cieling falls off) and exposed her to about 50 different kinds of trouble and sweaty teenager.

      I must be either really brave or really stupid:sweat

      though most of the time when I take her places she never gets out of her carrying case. so I don't take her anywhere anymore. there's no real point if she's just going to stay in her bag.

      my SD never goes outside unless we're going to a meetup. Bobobies white skin + crappy OOAK not-casted-yet WIP head + SD size = disaster.... last time I took him out, one of his incredibly large elf ear broke off and I had to glue it back on and hold it for a half an hour so it would fall off while the glue was drying

      so they used to go out.... but now I don't take them out because of possible injury and pointlessness