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Jan 30, 2018

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      Please copy and paste this template, then give your responses.

      * What did you order?
      Black hoodie + loose pants SET - BJD doll sd msd mnf minifee yosd 1/3 1/4 1/6 size denim pockets clothes clothing boy male jeans dark outfit $36.98USD (price+shipping)
      I requested a custom size for a Island Doll Florian and sent measurements which matched the ones provided by the company (Island Doll) as well as my own measurements. I requested that the seller let me know if she needed any other measurements.
      * When did you order?
      * How was the communication?
      Non existent prior to shipping.
      * How easy was it to pay?
      Easy, paypal or credit card. Also accepts Etsy giftcards.
      * How long did it take to ship?
      12/18/2017 (7.5 weeks) Website states ready to ship in 4-6 weeks
      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?
      The pants were not made to the measurements I sent her.
      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?
      1/12/18 I contacted the seller to let her know that while the hoodie fit, the pants were not fitting right. I provided pictures and identified that the waist was too large and the length was too short.
      1/15/18 The seller contacted me back stating that the doll needed to wear boxer brief under the pants, stated that custom order are more difficult, and offered a free t-shirt or tank top if I paid shipping for the free item.
      1/15/18 I told the seller that I did not want a free item, I requested the seller remake the pants or allow me to return the set for a full refund. I proceeded to give measurements of the sewn pants along with pictures of these measures showing that there was a 7cm increase at the waist and 3cm decreased on the length.
      1/17/18 The seller offered to allow me to return the items at my expense for a full refund
      1/17/18 I checked with USPS and the cost to ship the items back was $48USD and I told the seller I no longer wanted to return the items since it would cost more to ship them then the entire transaction.
      1/20/18 The seller offered me a free t-shirt or tank and offered to pay the shipping.
      1/22/18 I declined the free items offer.
      1/28/18 The seller told me that she mixed up my order with another order and sent me a regular 70cm pant. She refunded me $15USD for the pants.
      1/30/18 I thanked the seller and told her if the other buyer was in the USA I would gladly swap addresses with them in order to get the right pants.
      * Would you order from this company again?

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