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WARNING: Angel of Dream (Singapore Agent)

Aug 20, 2007

    1. =W A R N I N G : Angel of Dream (Singapore Agent) =


      Let's start from the beginning.
      I ordered straight from their website on June 24th 2007.
      Paid thru PayPal on the Jun. 29, 2007
      Payment To V. Ng
      $77.00 USD

      I ordered eyes, nothing else.

      I e-mailed them on August 01, 2007 7:42 AM
      Got a instant reply:
      " Your order will be shipped out sometime this week. "
      ..how interesting since it the PAYMENT was sent on 06.29.07!!

      I e-mailed them again on August 09, 2007 10:40 PM
      Got a Reply on 08/10/2007 11:20 AM
      " Sorry for the late reply.
      Your order has already been shipped out yesterday.
      I will have to check with the factory again for the tracking number and will get back to you ASAP. "

      Now it's 08.20.07...nothing, no tracking.

      it's coming on 2 months now and I -STILL- haven't received my eyes.
      I consider myself a patient lady when it comes to certain things but this is getting down right STUPID.
      I'm out-of-luck with Paypal since it's over their 45 day limit, so YET AGAIN it look like I've been scammed.


      ADD on: As members has noted, "renaissancefashion" (jack) sells AoD items and promptly sends them out. I have never bought anything from this ebayer, but it sounds to be the BEST choice to go for AoD items.
    2. I;m sorry to head about this. >_> I was thinking of ordering from them at some point...
    3. Oh that's terrible, I'm so sorry about this. I hope you still receive your item(s), even if they are so late... Thank you for the warning, though!!

      Good luck!
    4. I've been waiting a very long time for a doll from them (I can deal with long waits, but it's getting frustrating). My advise for people would be to either wait until they have things better under control, or to order through the ebay sellers--for whatever reason, they get their orders out much much faster.

      People who have ordered dolls from the website have gotten them DHL which seems to take about 10 days or so to arrive (unlike super speedy EMS), so it is possible that they are on their way. I hope you get them soon.
    5. That being said, eBay seller renaissancefashion IS a good place to get AOD dolls/items, I dealt with him to get my Fei. He replied quickly to emails and sent a tracking number; some AOD buyers have reported substandard packing and missing "birth" certificates using the official website but renaissancefashion ships the dolls with bubble wrap around the hands and a face-shield in addition to the pillow and the certificate was included. From winning the eBay auction to arrival at my door was 2 weeks.
      So basically, if you want an AOD doll, go through renaissancefashion on eBay.
    6. It seems like it's taking between 9 and 12 weeks for people to receive their orders. Mine was somewhere around 10 and a half I think, before it finally arrived. But it -did- arrive, just very very late.
    7. I got my body from an eBay seller in about three to four weeks. I wasn't super thrilled with the packing, but the body was safe and didn't suffer damage. Maybe the eBay people are more the way to go?
    8. I agree regarding ebay sellers. Rennaisancefashion (jack) shipped my doll within 48 hours of the auction ending.
    9. Same here. My aunt has been waiting for her Fei since June. She got an email from V. Ng on July 31st saying the doll was supposed to ship that week, but since then, no doll, no tracking number and no response from the serveral inquiries she sent :( I feel terrible, because it's her first doll--had i known the ebay sellers were the way to go, I would have sent her there. :(
    10. I bought my AOD body from an ebay seller that starts with "sky." It's "Sky" and then some incredibly long number. I got a 60cm female body, in good condition, from this ebay seller (and this seller is supposed to be an "official" agent, or something like that?).

      I'm so sorry that you haven't gotten your eyes yet. :( I know it's past the paypal deadline (to put in a complaint), but keep faith. I've heard about TERRIBLY slow AOD service (via the website), but people seem to be getting things, so you probably will, too.

      that doesn't excuse the slowness of it, though!
    11. Gambatte nee!!
      Send mails every day, because you paid for a product (cheap, but you gave money for that) and the response should be equitative for you. I told you because my familly lives from that: the customer service.

      I had many problems with izumiyavi, but finally she gave to me a refund (she toldme in one Doa's thread, not for email) and i don't think buy in AOD anymore.
    12. Still, NO WORD from Angel of Dream...
      You'd think a good seller would keep tabs on what's going on with their orders, but nothing, nada, zero replies to my many e-mail attempts.
      wow... what a way to run a business. >=/
    13. huh, and I was going to buy eyes from them too....
    14. Wow! That's awful!!! put a reclamation in paypal! :(

      so, the agent is in DOA, right???
    15. Oh im sorry to hear that, I hope everything works out okay, luckily i wasnt planning to buy from them.
    16. I believe that most, if not all, of the problem transactions were done from this website:
      this was used by Vivian and should be avoided for the time being.
      I have dealt with Mr. Zhang (Alan) and purchased three dolls with no problem. The one took a month and a half but that was due to the newness of the international dealings. I have not dealt with Jack. I have also contacted the company director/owner and both of these gentlemen are backed by the company. Any purchases should be done from eBay from either of these gentlemen.
    17. Another victim to izumiyavi >_< Sorry to hear. Seems like alot of people have not received stuff from her as well. I posted my friend's case in AOD's official thread. :/
    18. Just went to check out the site and the link is no good, sure you have the right link in your thread? If not, you were probably scammed with a mirror site.
    19. I ordered my dolls from AOD sometime in June through a friends. It took a month to get the dolls because they were overwhelmed with orders but we did receive them with no issues and I do love my AOD Chen and Rao.

      I have ordered products through other companies like OrientDoll; Nobility and DIM and they all were received around a weeks time, but they didn't have face ups and such like our AOD ones had. It's hard to imagine eyes taking too long unless they didn't have them in stock, but they should have mentioned so if that were the case.

      AOD's old link is no longer working - I believe they want to work straight through distributors, but I did find a new link for them, although I think the site is having some issues as it's still in the process of being worked on, but you can try contacting them again from this site.

      This is their new link: http://www.aoddoll.net/
    20. oh my god, i wanted to get a pair of eyes from them too,
      seems like i would have to reconsider again.