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Was putting a contact number in my dollfie's torso and found this.

Jan 26, 2008

    1. I found the number/letters '3o1o711' written in pencil in my MNF Dreaming Shiwoo Vampire Elf's torso.

      I bought him off Ebay around the end of December '07 if that helps.....

      Does anyone have a clue what this might be?

    2. I think I might know.. o.o I found similar letters in my Rail's (nanuri07) head when I got him, and in my Rune's (CP moon) body. I think it might be a processing number. Not sure though.
    3. Oh,okay ^.^
    4. Yeah, the Bobobie Apollo head I bought had a number written inside in pencil, too... I assumed it was the production number.
    5. Someone asked about the penciled letters and numbers on Luts Q&A once upon a time... They were told that they were production lot or resin batch numbers.
    6. Ohh. Thankies BrightFires & Sparrow

    7. Yeah, Luts tends to write inside their doll's parts. I noticed when I received my Miyu, that carved into the resin was "Miyu", and on my friend's '07 Nanuri event head they wrote "4" in the eye socket and the head cap.
    8. I found writing in a Delf Moon's head cap once as well... It would be useful if they could use that number to try and match a batch, but I doubt it would ever work.