Was your first BJD "your style?"

Jan 10, 2018

    1. Yep lol. He was exactly what I (now) would still picture myself choosing, 15 years later. And if I had to pick again, it would still be the same doll.

      I think the reason being not necessarily "style" as the right word to describe it, but rather 'method.' There are just faces that pull me in for whatever reason and resonate with me, and that's still how I choose dolls.
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    2. Yup, my first doll was definitely one that I would buy again if I were to go back in time to when I started, and I still have her. This is probably because back then, before buying her, I literally went through a full list of companies and dolls that I could find, and chose a doll that I liked the most (and that was available, of course) ignoring if it was a known company etc. going by my own taste only.

      I never collected any dolls before, so can't say if she was my "style" since she was actually the first ever...
    3. My first bjd was my style at the time. She's a Doll Chateau Gail and I think she's super cute and whimsical, in a pixie/magical forest kind of way.
      But in the last year, my collection has taken a different turn and I'm now more interested in shelling my dnd characters with dolls that have more realistic proportions etc.
      So I am unsure if she will remain with me in the future. :sweat
    4. I believe so, well their heads... I still have my first two heads, as I purchased them at the same time... A Resin Soul Mae and An. Their bodies were single-jointed, even though I liked how they looked I did not like their lack of possibility.
    5. My first doll is exactly what I wanted (and needed!) in a doll. She's got a wonderfully sweet face, she's easy to clothe, she's easy to pose, she's very nearly perfect. I wish I had her in her company's pink skin instead of their quite yellow-toned normal resin, but it's a very minor gripe. I have since chosen some very different dolls to keep her company... but only because there are so many good dolls out there, I wouldn't dream of limiting myself!
    6. I was adamant that my first doll was going to be a little one, one that could fit in my hand. I WANTED a Pukifee but none of the ones available had a face that really caught me... so I started combing through all the sites. I found Alice Collections and spent hours combing through all the options for dolls 25cm and under. Smaller the better!

      So do not ask me how I managed to spot, fall head over heels in love, and buy a 1/3 male Myou without realizing he was 62 friggin cm. He is currently the light of my life and I LOVE how big he is and so detailed, but good god he couldn't have been further from what I wanted at the beginning.
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    7. My style has definitely evolved since my first boy, a lot, so he has turned into sort of the odd man out... but I love him and his sweet face even though my collection has moved in different directions from where I started.
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    8. Absolutely!
      <--- That's him there. And while he needs a new face up and maybe a de-yellowing since 2009 when I got him, I'd still pick him over again. His semi-realistic Mature Masculine look is still something I adore.
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    9. My first doll was a DoD Tender Yen (swiftly followed by a Twing-key) and at the time I was absolutely in love with his half lidded eyes (still something I adore) but the MSD bodies then were all clunky and chunky (not my thing). I tried to keep the head and put it on a more mature MSD body a couple years later, but in the end I found myself just moving up to SDs to get the feeling I wanted from my dolls. I'm very happy with my collection of SDs at this point, and I definitely have some sleepy eyed and smirking faces.
    10. My 1st lil babydoll, Gem of Doll's Debby, definitely fit my aesthetic of "cutesy girl with curls in a straw hat and sailor cottagecore" vibe that I seem to run into, haha. But I also knew going in that I wanted her specifically because she gave me HUGE nostalgia for a musical wind-up doll I used to own as a kid. Berkeley Designs, I think it was called? Looking up old dolls on google/for sale, I could tell immediately that, yea, those old dolls were very much where I got my current love for that aesthetic. I'm never gonna fully match my old dolly, but my sweet lil Debby comes pretty darn close. She didn't turn out exactly as her stock photos that I fell in love with, but I'm kinda glad she didn't bc now I get to see her grow to become her own lil dolly person, and it's awesome :)

      Atm I'm building my very small collection to fit stuff that I like; soft pink/blue, cutesy, curly hair blondes, loosely cottagecore or lolita. It's very possible that my tastes will change in a number of years as I keep collecting. Only time will tell what my dolls' style will look in the future!
    11. Oh boy, looking back now I was completely clueless. My first doll is definitely not someone I'd pick today! I have waaay more experience now of course. It wasn't too bad of a job, so I gotta give myself some credit. But it's fun to look back and watch how drastic my taste has changed! Now I care way more about posability and fantasy types.
    12. Yes and no. He was a MSD which, I learned, is not my cup of tea as much as SDs are. The sculpt himself was nice, body too, and I came to own the body later in SD size with a different head from the same company. I think my doll taste has remained quite same from the "beginning", for six years, maybe broadened a little to include dolls I was not originally interested in.
    13. Given my trends now that I'm more settled into the hobby, my first doll was definitely not. He was an MSD boy with cute cheeks. There were elements of my style, like a more mature face and narrower eyes, but I've never bought another MSD boy since. Part of what made me go 'him' was the combination of price and eyes. In the years since, my collection has grown to 99% mature SDs.
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    14. Mine was. I usually prefer 60-70cm dolls with smaller heads, smaller eyes, and fine details in the face sculpting, and I prefer human dolls over animals or mythical styles. My first doll was a Souldoll Lupinus hybrid that I think fits that bill. Since then I have gotten some elf eared dolls and dolls with huge eyes, but I am still mostly drawn to more subtly stylized dolls.
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    15. Mine kinda was too. She was an MSD with slightly more mature features than others, which is what I ended up liking in terms of human-like dolls. But she had kind of a neutral-sad mouth that I simply couldn't bond with in the end. Back then I didn't really considered that much how the expression of the doll could be so important to me. Nowadays I make sure all my dolls have a smile, even if it is a small one (which can be enhanced by a good face-up).
    16. My first choice doll was a grail doll, but I didn't know it at the time as I was a newbie (it was a Volks Yukinojo, original version) so I couldn't afford to get it even when he came back in the second hand market. Then it was Nobility Doll LIE but I was still new to the hobby and wary about buying internationally. Then it was any Volks MSDs, but at the time they were sold as blank kits and I had no experience with putting dolls together or with face-ups.

      In the end, my first doll was a default Volks SD10 Kun that I got back when Volks USA had a physical store in Torrance, California. They had a display version in their showroom that I liked and I got a mint in box one and simply bought the clothes, wig, socks, and boots that the display one was wearing (also mint in packages). It was a fun experience as we dressed her at the store with the help of the employees there so it was a total bonding experience with my then boyfriend now husband. That was back in 2007. I feel it really helped create my aesthetic for dolls as I came in with one idea (wanted to do everything custom and handmade by me) and realized I totally had a different taste once I saw them in person (I prefer fullsets that have face-ups, outfits, shoes, eyes, wigs, and accessories with them). It fits my lifestyle and allows me to enjoy my dolls straight out of the box too which is super convenient, especially now that I have a chronic disability.
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    17. Yes and no. My first doll was a Dreamingdoll Mae, and while she was everything I wanted her to be at the time, I also got her when I was new to the hobby, and didn't realize how out of proportion with the other dolls in my collection who are supposed to be her character's close friends she would be. I still love her, but I'm going to have to reshell the character and get her a different faceup that isn't so obviously the character she does not work for.
    18. My first doll was nothing like my taste now. I ended up getting an SD Bobobie Elena secondhand as my first doll. She was a nice introduction to the hobby where I figured out I enjoyed aspects about it but I wasn't crazy about her specifically. I've come to discover I really like MSD sized dolls and the aesthetic Doll Chateau. I also love the look of Fairyland and hope to own a couple one day. Congrats on your first doll!
    19. Absolutely not lol ! My first BJD as per se was a Hujoo and I got her for super cheap, cheaper than a Pullip. I was only a kid at the time so I didn't have a lot of money. Then I didn't have BJD for more than 10 years until I got a dog by d.luonto and then a Feeple60 Miwa, my only big human BJD ever!