Was your first doll a boy or girl? - Part 2

Dec 28, 2018

    1. My first doll was a boy! And since then they’ve all been boys except a girl fox anthro.
    2. My first doll was a girl. Megan, a 50cm Obitsu
      My first resin doll was a girl. Sophia, a Volks SDC Gretel
      Overall about 3/4 of my dolls are girls.
    3. Mine was a boy. Well, nonbinary boy, but pukifees are whatever you make of them, right?
    4. My first doll (like most of my dolls) was a girl! The character's evolved a lot since then, and they're not still a girl, but
    5. My first doll is a girl. I like girls better than boys.
    6. My first doll was a girl. Bw chicline. Second doll was also a girl. I'm now saving for a boy 1/3 boy.
    7. My first doll is feminine, although I would lean more towards like feminine nonbinary with her. uvu The two coming in soon are goint to be girls and I deem it somewhat unlikely that I'd get a masculine boy anytime soon, although I might get some androgynous sculpts down the line.
    8. My first doll is a girl, all my subsequent BJDs are also female.
    9. Mine was a girl!
    10. My first doll was male, and somehow after that they’ve all been female.
    11. my first doll was a boy, but I dress him either way! I want to get a girl that's his size at some point!
    12. My first doll was a girl. I tend to go more for girl dolls just because I have more fun with them. However, I like boy dolls. Romance and all. I have two. Well, One whole boy. My impldoll chad creature is just a head at the moment :/.
    13. My first doll was a girl, and my future ones will most likely be girls too. I just like the aesthetic of female bodies better, and more feminine clothing.
    14. My first doll was a boy tiny, which in hindsight I regret because I prefer MSD and girls! I still liked him, just not enough I don't think. I prefer the aesthetic of female appearance and clothing in dolls too, so that makes sense.
    15. All girls since the beginning.
    16. My first (and only doll at the moment) is a boy. I like looking at boy dolls and I plan on having my crew being just male. It's easy making clothes for him, but every once in a while, I get the urge to make something cute or girly.
    17. Mine was a girl. I only have the one, but future planned dolls are probably about one third boys two third girls.
    18. My first doll was a MSD female Impldoll Trista(?) I got 2nd hand! I lean more towards female sculpts, but will be adding my first male once he arrives this year!
    19. Mine was a boy and then they've all been boys since. Although I do have a girl who should be here Feb time hopefully. I'm much more picky with girls than boys, they have to really appeal to me, although I do have two on my wishlist!
    20. I had a few dolls before but the first one I really bonded with was a girl! Which is surprising since I’ve never liked any female sculpts