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Was your first doll a boy or girl?

Jun 17, 2014

    1. I prefer boy dolls, but I notice more people prefer girls
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    2. Besides like and plan have boys, my first doll was a girl, a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe. I got her last year. My first boy arrive have 2 weeks he is a MegaGem Shoshon da Soom. And i also plan get more boys, i have 3 girls already so probably the next 3 will be just boys.
    3. initially I preferred girls for the clothing opportunities - I love shopping for doll clothes and tiny shoes! But it gets a bit boring after a couple of years, so I'm now adding a few boys in there, even though they only wear jeans and a shirt/teeshirt *yawn* I guess I just lack imagination :XD:
    4. my first doll was a girl, because I love shopping for doll clothes, but i plan have boy :XD:
    5. I plan on having all types of dolls. My first one that is coming is a Ryu migidoll. I like the kid boys and might get one. I have many plans for each of them. My Ryu already has a pretty complex style I have plan when he arrives.

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    6. My first was a boy. Girls are the majority here though.
    7. My first doll was a girl because I got into the hobby collecting Dollfie Dreams, where there are still currently no boy sculpts.
      All my BJD are girls for now, but I'm still searching for the perfect man (er, dollie man) to join them.
    8. First five are girls because I wanted specific dolls, two of which I wouldn't have been able to get if I waited. My next two will both be boys, though.
    9. My first set of dolls will be all girls because I have specific characters and looks in mind for them. All-though, I do have a few boys on my list for later.
    10. My first is gonna be a boy (just waiting on him to get home~). Most of my planned dolls will be boys too :0 (I have way too many boy characters :sweat)
    11. Mine was a boy.

      Naively I thought that as I'd only ever get one of these doll's, I'd go for a boy as they were so rare among dolls generally.

      I currently have... {does hasty mental headcount} 13 boys (from SD13 down to PukiPuki size), 23 Girls (from Lusion down to PukiPuki size), and 4 RealPuki who appear to be of indeterminate gender (or at least, won't own-up to being either).

      I like the boys but the girls are more fun to dress (an make stuff for).

    12. My first doll was/is a boy and he is still with me :) (almost 10 years ago). I was never attracted to barbies or dolls in general, but a boy doll was different for me because the only other boy doll I knew was ken but I don't like the barbie dolls~_~ so I got my boy...and many boys after him^^ I only have one cute little puki girl who I love dearly and she made me realize that variety is nice so I got another MSD girl (IH Soa) but I sold her soon after...I wasn't having too much fun with her and her body wasn't of my liking...I'd like to get another girl, maybe a 35cm one or smaller but I haven't found the one that calls me out(you know what I mean^^). My crew consist of 1 girl out of 20 boys probably haha (wishlists inc)
    13. The first one was a boy. And at that point I was convinced that I would have an all boys crew....
      There are now two girls in my crew, with a third one on the way. But the guys will always outnumber the girls.
      The variety is indeed nice to have.
    14. My first BJD was a boy (Volks Isao 2nd. ed.), who I still own, after 9 years. He was an impulse purchase, though I'd been looking at BJDs for a year. Then he immediately needed a girlfriend, annnnnd, we were off and running!

      I used to collect fashion dolls, and although the male dolls weren't terribly inspiring, I felt the need to have a "complete" world with a balance of both male and female dolls. Although BJD males are mostly "pretty", they just had so much more personality, so I found myself collecting more and more boys, and then I'd try to even the ratio by collecting girls, too. :sweat
    15. The boys are what first interested me in BJDs, but my first doll was a girl.
    16. My first doll was a boy! :) I have many boys but only a girl (incomplete because I haven't finished from making clothes for her yet.) and another girl is still on waiting list.
    17. My first was a boy, and I thought I'd only ever want boys. For the first 5 years in the hobby, I had almost all boys, never more than 2 girls in the house at time and they never stayed long, usually under a year, or even less. I just couldn't bond. Most girl dolls felt too "cutesy" or generic or anime or young or...just TOO....something. Then something changed last summer and I suddenly have 6 girls and another on her way. Still have a lot more boys! But it's slowly starting to balance more.
    18. My first doll was a boy, too. I was really into yaoi at that time, hehe. Wow, those were the days.

      But I never really bonded with him and sold him in the end. After that it's only been girls, except for one doll I bought as a boy but changed into a girl later on. Though I admire all those pretty or manly dolls out there, I don't want to own male dolls because I somehow feel limited in styling options.
    19. My first was a girl, but I do love my boys more and I think the longest with me is a boy :). I do have a variety though, but need some msd boys.
    20. My first doll was a girl but I was having a hard time deciding between her and a boy. As it sits I only have girls.
      I like shopping for clothes for them and I tend to like the more girly sculpts. >.<
      I do plan to get a boy at some point but it'll probably still be a bit for that.