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Washing your hands before handling your dolls....

Sep 30, 2010

    1. I couldn't find a thread to fit the nature of the topic so I created this one. So basically I noticed that people when opening their dolls get all nervous and go wash their hands before handling their dolls... do you think it's important to wash before handling? Or do you not care? I honestly can say that I haven't really thought of washing my hands when opening dolls until lately. Which I am still unsure about. I really don't think it matters too much, but what do you think? Do you all wash your hands before you open/ play with your dolls, Every. Single. Time?

      EDIT: I thought I might add something to what I said about my habits. I've actually learned a lot about handling dolls, for the last convention I was at I had permanent marker lines drawn on my wrists ankels knees and elbows for my ball joints and while I carried my doll around, he ended up with massive black lines on him, despite it being permanent marker however, it washed of with just a bit of water and soap after I left it for nearly half a day. (My doll is durable apparently) That's happened with pens as well, leaving my note on the dolls chest or tummy (d'oh!) But it all washed off with water amazingly ^^. I've become more careful, If I have writing on my hands or arms I will wash it off or pull down my sleeves now.
      (Can you imagine how traumatized I was when I first saw the marks though, it was OH NO OH ON OH ON NOOO)
    2. Personally, I make sure my hands are clean to some extent before handling my dolls. I wouldn't touch my dolls if my hands have sweat, food, or any other stuff that might get on them... But if my hands are relatively clean, I don't mind messing with them and I won't go out of my way to make my hands even cleaner. I do get very paranoid about graphite, and won't touch them if I've been drawing recently, because the graphite from my pencils gets on my hands which then leaves black marks all over them >.< even the littlest bit of graphite is enough to make me go clean my hands thouroughly before playing.
      It is a pretty good idea to make sure your hands are clean. I don't think it's all that necessary to wash your hands every time you even want to touch a doll, but the oil from your hands can get on faceups and rub them off/smear them, it can also get on wigs and make them greasy. And it's common sense to not touch anything, let alone dolls, if your hands are super dirty; food, art materials, whatever...
      I always always make sure my hands are quite clean before handling another person's doll, because it's respectful and to man-handle someones doll with dirty hands is just plain poor form, makes me look bad.
    3. I usually wash my hands before handling my dolls because I'm always eating chocolates and chips (yes even now) non-stop everyday, and of course I wouldn't want to touch my dolls with all that junk on my fingers! But if (rarely, but possible!) I'm not snacking or haven't touched anything dirty, and my hands feel dry, I'll hold my dolls without second thoughts :D I guess most people will make sure their hands are clean to a certain extent before touching their dolls, whether consciously or subconsciously.
    4. Yes, I do wash my hands before handling them. But then again, I wash my hands a lot; when cooking food, when touching certain types of fabric, after I play with my pets, etc, etc. So at least 15 times a day? I guess it's something I do automatically because it's what I was taught when I was growing up. Of course, I could care less towards anyone who doesn't (with that much being OCD as it is :? ) and it definitely won't kill your dolls so why not enjoy them as you see fit? :lol:
    5. I was my hands before handling any of my expensive stuff, my dolls, my psp, my notebook... especially if I've just eaten. I'm a clean freak, and it annoys me when I see gunk building up on my stuff (which comes from the oil on your hands). but I don't think they actually harm the dolls, it's just icky mostly. XD
    6. Like others, it depends on the state of my hands. If they're clean-feeling and look clean, no, I won't. But if I feel like the texture of my fingers or palms is at all strange (I...am really sensitive about things that cause the texture of my hands to be off, and will scrub them like crazy to fix them) or if they look at all dirty, then yes, I will wash my hands before I do things with my dolls. However, I don't worry that the oils on my hands will harm the resin, I just don't want to have to clean the dolls.
    7. I agree with Kiyakotari I wash when I have grease sweat ect
    8. I always do this. Before handling figures, my ipod, my laptop... anything that's worth a lot to me really. So I will most likely continue to do this when I get my doll. I started doing it after this one best buy employee showed me how to use the features on my brand new phone. He got smugy fingerprints all over it, then he just wiped off the screen on his pants and gave it back to me. =_=

      I like my stuff to look brand new for as long as possible. It's probably not necessary, but it makes me feel better knowing my hands are perfectly clean before touching it.
    9. I wash my hands before handling my dolls and figures, but I don't bother with my laptop, gaming consoles and other stuff, which I touch more often... I should probably wipe down my keyboard, LOL.

      I touch my face and hair a lot, so I don't want to get those oils on my kids. Eeek!
    10. I always wash my hands anyway due to being sick a lot, so yes, I will end up washing my hands before I handle him. Like everyone else, I'm really conscious about textures on my hands and my mother can attest to the amount of times I wash my hands excessively in a day; for both cosmetic and just germ phobias in general. (I have a weak immune system, thus I have to make sure my fingers are clean less I want to miss school for a week fighting off a bug.)

      So I will wash my hands on a regular basis regardless of handling my doll or not; however I most likely will be more conscious about it when handling him as to avoid getting him messy.
    11. I used to do it obsessively when I first got my dolls. Every time I even moved them i'd wash my hands.
      Now I just make sure there's not any grease or a ton of sweat on 'em.:sweat
      I do tend to wash my hands if I touch someone else's dolls though.
    12. I'm usually painting all day, so it's normal to me for me to wash my hands frequently when I want to handly my doll or any other object. I fear that the doll is dirty with old grease and paint can bring my fingers.

      So in answer to your question, yes, I wash my hands every time I go to play with my doll. I don't think that is bad. It's hygienic and you make sure you're really neat to take your doll.
    13. I agree, as long as you don't have grease or sweat or nasties on you it should be okay ^^
    14. Washing hands is a good thing period. Keeps sickness away :lol: But I don't specifically make a habit of washing my hands right before I play with my dolls (since they are already clean). After I ate something greasy, or did something that made my hands dirty or sweaty - naturally I wash them before I touch my dolls (I would wash them anyway). But if I'm just typing away on the computer or reading something, I won't wash my hands before touching my dolls - washing away my natural flora constantly can be harmful for the health. I'd rather clean my dollies monthly than suffer from some skin-disease or worse...
    15. If my hands feel the slightest bit greasy I'll wash them, regardless of touching dolls. I just hate how it feels and I don't like feeling as if I'm going to spread the grease everywhere and on everything I touch. If I'm going to be handling a doll a lot, for sewing or painting, I'll wash my hands regardless of how they feel.
    16. I usually wash my hands before handling my dolls. I don't like it when my dolls get dirty so I do my best to make sure that they don't.
    17. I don't usually wash my hands before handling my dolls. However, I wouldn't touch my dolls with hands that felt "dirty," and I wash my hands on a fairly regular basis. I don't specifically wash my hands before handling my dolls because I tend to pick them up or touch them on a whim. If I have something specifically planned, like picture-taking, I might do so beforehand as part of preparing.

      I certainly don't want my dolls to be dirty, but I don't want to obsess over it either. I'd like to think I've struck a balance between those.
    18. I don't personally. I mean, if my hands felt greasy or otherwise gross they would be getting washed anyway so my hands are usually clean when I'm handling my dolls.
      Although I think that, if I were going to be doing a face-up, I would probably wash my hands regardless, just to make sure.
    19. I do wash my hands before handling my dolls, though I am not that too OC
      if I think I did not touch something dirty, oily or something greasy
      I proceed to cuddle my dolls immediately... *squeels*
    20. Yes, I prefer to wash my hands before handling my dolls.