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Ways of getting your boyfriend into BJDs?

Mar 19, 2006

    1. Hmmm any good advice? :) :)

      Currently he equates dollfie = $$$$ ><

      ^_~ All advice and success stories welcome!! hehe :aheartbea :aheartbea
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    2. The most interest my boyfriend has ever showed was when he came down to visit me (he's in Canada, I'm in Indiana). I left the room and came back to see him staring at Seiji lying on his bed. He said "Is it gonna break if I touch it?" I said no and he picked him up, looked him over, and was bored lol

      So uhh pretty much, there's no guaranteed way to get ANYONE into BJDs. Especially guys are more likely to not "get it" I'd just be happy with him being neutral lol
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    3. Well, I suppose if he's an anime fan in any way, you could show him Robofie (my fiance is all but desperate to get one of those).

      I'm lucky. My fiance thinks the fact that I play with dolls (and varied other "kids'" toys) is adorable, and actually is interested in the hobby himself.
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    4. You know. Just let have the doll around, but don't push it on him. I left Viktor(my DoD Too) on the table at his house while i sat on the couch texting. Next thing I know, my boy who is mister technology and efficentcy starts PLAYING with me doll. He actually posed him. It was a dirty pose, but it was a pose! XD Just let him know that the doll makes you happy. Maybe someday you'll catch him playing
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    5. Mmm, my husband payed more than half for my Camine. He hasn't arrived yet, but that's besides the point. :oops: The story behind that is that I've wanted my very own BJD since Otakon 2005, where I met a DoA member (can't remember her name, *cry*) and was first introduced to BJDs. (She even let me hold her doll! :aheartbea ) Anyway, I'd been trying to save money for a doll, but always had to give it up to pay bills and I'd buy stuff for him that he wouldn't be able to afford. So in return, for a Valentine's Day gift, he paid off my Camine and made me very happy. ^^

      And a couple weeks ago, he looked over my shoulder while I was browsing the Soo Database and remarked that one of them had nice boobs. I've liked CP Soo for months now (I think her face is gorgeous!) so I asked if he would mind if I eventually bought her. Not only did he say he wouldn't mind, he said he'd want her to be his doll too, that he'd play with her, and that he'd play dolls with me! :aeyepop: I never thought I'd hear him say that, but I must say, it's incredibly pleasing to know my husband wants to play dolls with me. ^^

      So my suggestions would be to either: 1) Have bought him alot of stuff he wanted or, 2) If you want a female doll, show him some little resin boobers. :oops:

      It worked for me... ^^;;;;;;

      Good luck!

      [EDIT] Ignore the first suggestion, it's late and I misread your question, lol. ^^;
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    6. My boyfriend first commented about getting his own doll when he saw how much fun the customization aspect was. I do all of my own face-ups and a lot of my own sewing and one day he remarked "man, that looks like fun....I think I'd like my own doll to work on." I told him to think it over and when he decided he was more "serious" about it, we looked at gigglegeek for head molds he might like. He liked nothing but Kill_U, and so the hunt was on until K-Doll released Kill_U 2nd. We recently got his body (he wouldn't have any other body besides Souldoll) and he's been slowly and surely working on him. It's a hobby for him, like putting together miniatures or posing his Godzilla collectables.

      I think your boyfriend just has to already be into collecting and especially into toy type collecting- it makes the transition much easier. They already know how shelling out $$ for the things they love and the fun of the hunt involved.
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    7. I love my human boy, but I gotta say... boobs. Even though I have two resin boys of my own, and no plans to get any girls (with boobs, at least), my husband always wants to peek over my shoulder at any girlxgirl stories I happen to be reading. This has at least convinced him that SOME doll owners aren't screaming yaoi fangirls with too much money, and now he'll sit and play video games with my boys. Or ask me to pose them with him while he's playing his bass guitar.

      That, and he does have a bit of the collecting and adults-playing-with-toys thing in him, being an ex-Magic the Gathering player.
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    8. Yup, sexy girl dolls seem to be the way to go ^.^

      Of course that wouldn't work with one of my boyfriends, given that if they like boobies they're not gonna be dating me, but still :sweat

      I've heard of the 'hold the baby' technique being used to great effect ^.^ after impressing on them for a very long time how special and unique and wonderful (And fragile) your dolls are, randomly remember something to have to do ABSOLUTELY RIGHT NOW while you have a doll in your hands and dump it in your boyfriend's arms, asking him to hold it until you get back. Try that a couple of times and if they're still immune to the charmlike effects of dollfies, it ain't gonna happen...
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    9. well my bf looks at dolls then he'll go like: 'she looks like you... and then he says 'boobies!!'
      but i nag about it and he just listens really :D but he has to cuz we live together meaning he's gonna have to share the bed with my Hoo soon xD
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    11. My Boopa ( yes that's what I call him ) Is way to practical. He does'nt know I am making Payments on a hound. He might suspect. In the end he'll realize how happy my doll will make me and except it.
    12. My boyfriend is also the very practical type, however he understands how much getting a doll means to me - even if he doesn't understand why. He's being supportive in his own way. He built me a bedframe for my doll :)
      When I first mentioned that I wanted to buy a $600 doll he thought I was out of my mind and said that the money could be spent on a lot of more practical things, and that he'd never spend so much money on himself. A few days later he was looking at some computer part auctions and I sort of encouraged him to go ahead and bid on the things he wanted. After that he seemed to stress the "so much money" issue less.
      And then I was talking about how much you can customize bjds and then that night I found him going through boxes of stuff and digging out an old model truck kit that he had. He's been faithfully working on it every night and has even *gasp* gone out and bought a few new supplies for them! So I don't think I'll ever ben able to get him interested in dolls, but if I can get him back into a hobby of some sort other than computers I'll be thrilled!
    13. my boyfriend likes my dolls and he likes seeing other people's dolls. but i don't think he would ever want to own one. aside from the money aspect i don't think he'd get as much "use" as i do out of my dolls. i think his favorite doll is winking ari, he loves her. even if he doesn't have a desire to own a doll, he supports my hobby, and that is all i'm asking for right now.

      some tips to get your boyfriend to like dolls
      1. show him things from doa, dolls cosplaying anime he likes, cute outfits, funny photostories
      2. let him hold your doll and play with your doll.
      3. test his knowledge of dolls. "is that a sist or a lusis?"

      one day i hope to buy 2 volks customizable kits, and try to make it a project him and i can work on together. then he would have his own doll, that he worked hard to perfect, even though it isn't a bjd.
    14. Does he have any kind of roleplay character, or is he an artist with a character that he draws a lot, or a writer with a favorite character for a story he wrote, or anything like that? Because you could suggest how a certain doll would make a great representation of that character...

      If he's not that kind of guy, I'd say show him dolls with nice boobs.

      Strangely, I got my boyfriend to not-mind dolls by showing him pictures of "strange" ones, like ones with gigant-o boobs or a pregnant one, or one that had been horribly deformed by someone who went at it with a nail file. You see, after he saw those he didn't mind looking at pretty ones, and now he will actually sit with me at the computer and help me decide which eyes or wig I should buy for one of my dolls... it's pretty cool ;3
    15. I got my boy curious after Corpselight arrived, then he thought it might be cute to have a vampire, so I showed him Shiwoo Vamp, got it for him when I got my Yder elf, now he is into it and planning a vdes. Try finding something he is into and relating them. My boy also happens to have a thing for nurses, on the seductive girlie thread somewhere in the BJDopedia there is a dollfie dream nursie with green hair, he fell in love and wants his own sexy female vamp nurse.
    16. No need. He's already in above his pointy ears! :)
    17. I don't think I would be able to get my boyfriend into bjds, he thinks they are a waste of money (even though he spent $2000 on a computer monitor -_- ). He doesn't hate the dolls though, if I bring my boy over to his house he'll hold him or fix his hair (pushing it in his face is apparently "fixing it"). I think it would be hard to get a guy into bjds, I think they'd have to already have an interest in the dolls, you can't really make them be interested.
    18. My guy basically knows that dollfies make me happy.
      He says he loves making me happy.
      Therefore he supports my dollfie obsession.
      It's really sweet. Yea we'll get into discussions about money and stuff but as long as I have enough for the things that I really need to pay for then he's ok.
      He even bought my breakaway for me for Christmas and part of my Enn (for something else).
      So I know he'll never be into dollfies but he'll always support me.
      Although it gets a little sad when he doesn't even wanna hold one but I think it's probably because he doesnt want to be responsible if he drops it. ><
    19. My s.o has always loved dolls (well, mostly stuffed animals). He used to have a ton of toy kitties. He still has a bunch of his old stuffed animals and loves getting stuffed animals from the claw game (he wins one almost every time he plays). Anything cute he is more or less in love with. And he loves figures. So, BJDs are right up his alley. He isn't into them like many of us (yet) but, he does really enjoy them. He wants to get an Afghan sometime in the future (he is a real Dollshe lover). I think he just hasn't gotten bit hard by the bug yet.
      I have heard meet-ups work wonders on some guys. I am going to try that technique with my s.o as well as my roommate's X3 Although, I am pretty happy with him just being willing to carry Mi/Zeek around at Acen this year ^^
    20. Agreed.

      BSR has been slowly warning up to my guys since I got them, but I'm letting him do it on his own terms. He started out a little creeped out by them (His very first comment about Harumatsu was "That's the creepiest thing I've ever seen." O_o Harumatsu. Creepy. Uhm... yeah. Rrriiiight. Anyway-), but he's gotten a lot better lately. He mostly seems to forget that Tien Jen is there, but he's starting to play and interact with Harumatsu more casually.

      Granted, he thinks that my sweet, innocent little guy is some sort of devious mastermind with a sinister plan to take over the world... and plays with him accordingly... But at least it's a start. ^_^

      I can't wait to see what he does with Seimei (my Hound-)... :D