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We Love Dolls Authorized Volks Dolls Dealer!

May 19, 2006

    1. Hi Everyone,
      I just wanted to let you know that We Love Dolls is an authorized Volks Dolls Dealer Retailer!
      We will be receiving our first shipment this month.
      Most of the items are listed on our website. More to come daily.
      Thank you
      Debra Richards
    2. Some of the limiteds listed are shown as preorders, yet they've been out for months (Midori and Tony), is this just text that needs to be updated or can you still actually get them from Volks?
    3. Some of the items listed on the website are arriving at the end of this month others will be arriving in June. We ordered some of these over one month ago and others two weeks ago. There are only one of two left of each item on the site. Once we have presold each item it will be listed as no longer available. Hope this makes sense:)
    4. I am very surprise that Volks gave you a license. When they stop their deal with the doll&hobby it was because they wanted to do their own thing. That is why they open the LA store.

    5. Well, it's obvious now that they are wanting to expand further into the US doll market by getting new dealers. This store is listed on the VolksUSA website as an authorized dealer.

    6. It makes sense, thanks. Do you know if you'll be doing this for every Dolpa, and every doll at them?
    7. HI,
      They send me a list of items available and then I choose which ones will be in the store:)
      They have been wonderful to work with. Very organized!
      I am still in the process of listing items that will be coming this month and next month.
    8. Do you have a mailing list or something so that those of us in the area will know when you've gotten your shipment and stocked? I would love to come up and check out your store (just in general!) but I'd like to wait until you get the Volks stuff :D

      Also, would you be open to having a BJD meet there perhaps, since there are so many people in the area? I wanted to check with you before posting in the meet-up forum.
    9. Yes, I have a newsletter list or you can just email me with your preferences.
      And yes, I have another store in the mall that right now would be perfect for a BJD meet or we have many restaurants and hotels in the town.:)
    10. Aw, I just tried to access the site and I get an error.
    11. I just checked and I'm getting it too :(
    12. "
      Internal Server Error

      The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

      Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@welovedolls.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

      Hope that would be fixed soon >_<':ablah:
    13. Will you accept international orders? Because Volks LA only sells to US, Canada and Mexico. =/

      Will you be selling other Volks items besides dolls?
    14. Hi,
      It is up now!:) I am so sorry! Problems with the server.
      Yes, I have some other items that will be available. Will try and get those up today and tomorrow.
      Some of the clothing and shoes are up. I will also be carrying some of their wigs and we also have the book Super Dollfie --Another Yourself .
      In regards to territory I can only sell to USA at this time. Sorry!
    15. Aww thats a shame :( Please let us know when you can ship to Canada or internationally.
    16. I believe you can order from Volks in California. But if it changes I will certainly let you know:)
    17. ouch, too bad that you only could sell to USA=(
      there are MANY european people that would like to buy Volks dolls easily!

      Hope things will change for us soon too :(
    18. Seriously! Hope there'd be someone interested in negotiating with Volks for getting a dealer spot.

    19. Yep, I don't understand why Volks is so far from Europe and so close to US, infact there are 2 USA dealers now ad nobody in Europe!
      I think we should do something to make things change!
    20. Volks has said before that Europe is their next destination. Also, I don't think this thread was made to discuss Volks' expansion plans, but just for We Love Dolls questions :sweat