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Weekend PF Restock

Jan 28, 2005

    1. I know many people who so desire a PF *probably* already know this but on their message board BF says they should have the PF in stock for what they hope to be all weekend.

      "Dear ---,

      We think that they will be available for whole weekend,
      from Friday night to Sunday night (based on EST)

      We tried to get many quantities as we could,
      so hope you get one too.

      Thank you and Have a great day!"

      Now, I don't know if they plan on restocking the TF also. Hope everyone wanting a PF can get one this time around.
    2. wohooo! finally!!! it's been too long they don't restock! :|
      but too late... I already bought another doll! I'll have to wait another
      4 months to get a PF... :(
    3. Um, although the front page is down, the internal pages are up and updating as we speak!!! You can add them to your cart and everything! They are restocked!!

      http://bluefairyus.com/shop/pf3.htm Just change the number. tf1 for jerome etc
    4. Wow its Sunday Morning and all the Pocket Fairys have sold out exept sleeping May and Chou !
    5. they're ALL gone now!!