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Weird collector?

Sep 25, 2017

    1. At the moment I have 11 bjd's from size tiny to size msd.
      Just 4 of them are siblings (my Dollchateau's and a Irrealdoll an Leekeworld) the others are nothing alike..
      I'm not like some collectors who collects a certain style, size or dolls from the same company.
      It's, like my daughter calls it, a strange collection.
      Aldo they are quite different I like them all a lot.
      Am I that a weird collector?
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    2. I don't think that's weird. My yosd dolls are all from different companies and don't much look alike. They aren't meant to be a family or live in the same imaginary world or anything like that. But I love them all. My msd doll collection is shaping up to be the same. If I did have to make up a story explaining the differences, I'd just say they're from the Neverending Story or Wonderland.
    3. Nah, most of my doll don't 'match'. Half are my favorite oc characters who are all from different storylines and art styles and the other half (particularly my anthro ones) are one I got because I liked the way they look. I don't mind as I love variety so I like that they look unique and different from each other but I can imagine they could look like an odd bunch to someone else's eyes :XD:
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    4. One could also say it's weird that some people have a bunch of the same sculpt, but that happens, too.
      People collect in all sorts of ways. I've met people who consider their Blythes and unjointed plastic figures part of the same collection as their BJDs.
    5. I don't think it's strange per se. Variety is the spice of life, as you know :wiggle

      Personally I want my collection to be varied and I'm not too concerned with them matching at all. Despite loving multiple sculpts from some companies I'm trying to limit myself to one doll per company and per size.

      So, my vote is that your collection isn't weird. And you keep doing you if you enjoy your collection :thumbup
    6. I personally think no way of collecting BJDs is weirder than another. I can see good reasons for all the different ways we do it: some with all completely different dolls, some with different dolls of only one size, similar dolls of different sizes, or only multiples of one sculpt, etc. I'm glad you are enjoying your varied collection. I hope you can find many more different styles of sculpts to add to it over time. :aheartbea
    7. My collection is all over the map too! I enjoy it. It took me a little while, but I realized that realistic dolls were not for me. Then as more and more unrealistically proportioned dolls became available I started to buy them. The most realistic dolls I have in my collection now are dolls like my Volks. My most unrealistic are my Nefer Kane dolls and Lillycat Cerisedolls. I have a couple Doll Chateau hybrids that are very weird. It's mostly just nice that there is so much variety for collectors! From super realistic to suoer fantastic.
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    8. We collector types are never "Weird" when it comes to variety... We're Eclectic! :lol:

      And yes, a lot of us do seem to end up with dolls of varied descriptions in our collections. I know very, very few people who are size or company or even stylistic "pureists". It seems like diversification becomes almost inevitable over time, and even the ones who started out insisting "I'm only interested in Tinies" or "I only want Volks girls" or "I'll never buy anything but big, beefy guys" end up with dolls they never expected. It's just the nature of the beast.
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    9. Nope, not weird at all!
      I prefer to collect from as many different companies as possible. I do have a lot of DC and DZ event dolls, but they are all so unique they have an eclectic feel which gets a lot of 'you like the odd ones don't you' comments. Yes, yes I do! :wiggle Somehow my collection all fits together and I'm happier with it now more than ever.
    10. We're all a little weird here, but weird is good ^_^ who wants to be the same as everyone else? I say as long as someone's collection makes them happy (and isn't like scammed/stolen/recast) then it's a good collection.
    11. I don't think it's weird, I like variety! I have mostly SD human dolls, but I also have a few tiny pet dolls, tiny fantasy dolls, tiny and YoSD humans and one human MSD.
    12. I own 45 dolls from 27 different companies, from 5cm to 70cm, human-looking to very alien. I'm seriously all over the map on... well everything. I have an eccentric collection that makes me happy and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.
    13. I don't think it's weird! I don't really collect dolls specifically to fit any characters that match each other though, I buy them for myself because I think they are pretty no matter what size or company they are. In fact I like the idea of owning dolls all from different companies and sizes. The first doll I ordered was from Doll Chateau during their June event so I will have one SD and one Mini from them when they arrive. The second one I bought was an SD girl from BeYours. And I just ordered an artist doll head that fits MSD bodies. None of them look anything like each other at all and I'm totally ok with that. Meanwhile the dolls on my wishlist are aaaaall from different companies - Lillycat, MaskatDoll, Atelier Momoni, Depths Dolls...When they are all together eventually they will look like a very diverse group! :)
    14. Everyone has different thoughts, opinions, and preferences. What may be weird to one person is perfectly normal to another.

      I don't think your collection is weird at all, but either way, I wouldn't worry about it too much!
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    15. I collect different company's doll as well but mainly targeting on 1/4 or 1/3 size

      I think it's normal to collect completely diff type of dolls
    16. Thanks :) I like te term eclectic ^^
      I think has a good discription of my collection.
    17. No I don't think your a weird collector, your collection sounds intresting and I am curious about the dynamic of your dolls? Are they family? Siblings? Friends, etc?
    18. Not a weird collector at all! You can like and own the dolls that actually mean something to you~
    19. I thought I was weird for only having mature tinies and even smaller dolls! I'm just more comfortable handling smaller dolls. Though there are some very tempting MSDs out there...
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    20. My group is a mish-mash of styles as well, so if that's considered weird you're in good company! I personally don't think your collection is weird at all; on the contrary, it sounds interesting!