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Weird concept

Jun 17, 2016

    1. Have any of you ever thought of the idea of your bjd falling in love with you? Kinda like a sad story about how they can't talk to you or interact unless you play with them.
      I think it's kinda cool :3nodding:
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    2. That is such a sad and awesome idea! I once wrote a story about a collectible figure that came to life and fell in love with you, but in the second story, he fully became a human being.
    3. That reminds me of the Visual Novel Nameless! It's a collab with Crobidoll, and has the protagonist's (you!) dolls coming to life to take care of her, subsequently falling in love with her. Most of the characters there are also dolls from Crobi, the school's name itself is Crobi Academy.
    4. Kinda difficult to imagine something that doesn't interact with its surroundings on its own or have a voice/personality falling for me. But that's just me. Meanwhile, this makes a bit of a hypocrite as I have a fictional crush list a mile long. Including a few of the Nameless boys. :sweat
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    5. Oh that sounds so sad though! It's cool but so bittersweet.
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    6. I see my dolls as just dolls without any soul or mind or emotions of their own, and their characters are role play OCs that aren't dolls and don't interact with real life humans, so the concept of one of them falling in love with me would just be awkward and out of place. I think it could probably be a cute story concept, but it's really not for me or my dolls. Besides, even if they did come to life and fall in love, it would be unrequited, since I'm already married and that would be sad for them. :P (Not to mention some of my dolls' characters would probably drive me crazy IRL. XD )
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    7. Oh gosh I'm just imagining IOS Infernale just watching people in a dark corner :eek:...
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    8. If I ever imagine my dolls having thoughts, I imagine them being really angry because they're too short to even open doors.
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    9. I mean I know I'm slowly falling in love with one of my dolls... (notinacreepyway)
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    10. I would love it if my dolls came to life. Having them run around my house, get into trouble, make things, do stuff, would be the coolest! I'd probably fall in love with all of them. :p
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    11. I'm more inclined to fall in love with my doll instead of them falling in love with me XD. But that's interesting actually, I feel like it would be a really good story. The story of a doll brought to life by the love of it's owner, and over time as the owner goes about their daily lives, the doll has to watch from a shelf. It would be tragic and magical. I would watch that movie. :D
    12. You know, this just reminds me of an original fiction I was working on when I started collecting BJDs. It involves a doll falling in love for his owner, but being unable to do anything for her but watch silently since he's just a doll. It's all written in the doll's POV, kind of like an internal monologue I guess?

      I ended up abandoning it completely because it was just so depressing... :sweat
    13. Should have put that up somewhere. I would have read it.
    14. Like the princess and the frog, kiss them and they turn into a human, kiss them again and they become a doll again! Hmm maybe i can turn my hubby into a doll when hes in my bad books lol
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    15. Both of your ideas are awesome! Honestly I'd never thought about this concept/topic because I consider my dolls to represent characters that are "real" in their own representative worlds, but this thread is making me have the urge to write a story :XD:
    16. Do it!!! I have been writing stories for years, which is why i am enjoying making my dolls into characters so much, there is a story in every doll i think. I don't publish my stories i just enjoy writing them, i have yet to start writing stories about my dolls as i am quite new to the hobby, most of my stories i write are either fantasy or slightly spooky ghost type ones.
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    17. Same here, I've been writing forever too, all scattered between loose paper, notebooks, and Word docs. I love writing about anything relating to romance/relationships so this piqued my interest. It's an interesting concept and could make a cute story. It felt natural to create characters for my dolls as well, so they all have their own stories but I might create a one-shot or mini story based on this idea. Seems like fun :)
    18. Sounds great :)
    19. Ahaha I was too shy to put up any of my written works back then. It was 8 years ago though, so even if I wanted to continue the story, the files are long gone. =/

      You could always write about another doll! My dolls are real in their own worlds with complex backstories too, but I really loved exploring the relationship between a doll and their owner in our reality. :D