Weird things your dolls MUST have

Apr 4, 2016

    1. Have you ever noticed the trend in human sized clothing (specifically woman's dress pants but I've noticed this in jackets too) that the pockets are sewn to look like pockets but they're not. And you go to stick your hand inside this pocket and to your horror you notice, it's a lie. My dolls must have pockets in their pants, even if they will never use them. (Oh and we MUST not wear socks... ewww no we don't like socks lol)

      What are some things you insist your dolls have and why?
    2. I wish I could say undies but... there are definitely a few going commando over here.:lol:

      To actually answer the question: for whatever reason, I've decided all my girls need necklaces and some kind of headband or headdress. Doll heads without something on top of them just look bare to me!:?
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    3. oh yeah... that's another thing. Head wear. Even if it's just a hair clip they must have something. I think it's the years of mmo playing and the need to fill an equipment slot lol. Even my boys have hats. bare heads just bother me lol
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    4. Sometimes those pockets in jackets are still pockets they just haven't undone the stitching during the manufacturing process. It's hard to tell if the jacket has a lining or if it's a dark colored jacket.

      My guys always have to have dress pants. (usually black) Even if that is completely against their character they must own at least one pair of black dress pants.
    5. Bracelets! An outfit never seems complete unless they wear atleast one bracelet :o

      I also always make sure they wear underwear :p
    6. Elliott must have headdresses even if the world ends. He just doesn't work without headbands, flowercrowns, hats, hairclips, adornments of any kind...
    7. Well of course! one can not think without something atop their head, let alone work ;)

      oh.. I wish I could say my dolls wore undies lol

      And of course. One Must always have a nice pair of dress pants, you never know where you might be going. :)
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    8. Mine have to have underwear. At least a couple of pairs each so they aren't always stuck in the same pair.

      They also need accurate jewelry. For some that might be just one simple necklace, but for others it's a ring on every finger, couple of necklaces and an earring.
    9. My dolls have to wear socks. I like to blush feet, and I am paranoid about wrecking the blushing, so, socks. I just ordered six pairs from Dollmore XD
      All white. Heh.

      Other than that, hats and scarves. Even in the summer.
    10. Mine definitely have to have underwear, even if they don't always wear it (the boys pretty much always do, but the girls don't if it would ruin the line of their leggings or something).

      All my girls have to have stockings and things. Boys always have at least one t-shirt and one sweater, no matter what. All of my dolls have to have a jacket for winter, or at least a heavy sweater or something that is winter-appropriate.

      And of course, my most recent boy felt a desperate and consuming need for props, so he's got a deck of cards, some magazines, and some other stuff coming lmao.
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    11. Shoes, they must have shoes. It bothers me when my dolls don't have any shoes, and finding those shoes is a big pain. I'm so picky about fit, and the style. It also doesn't help that my dolls have odd sized feet. The search continues...
    12. LOL I hear that. I have a boy who has more scarves and hats than any one being should own and he's literally only wore one hat.

      your boys sound spoiled :) but changing their clothes with the seasons is an amazing idea!

      yes shoes! But at least shoe shopping is fun :)
    13. I second the shoes thing. I have a couple of shoeless dolls right now and I'm not happy about it. they look unfinished to me. While I do have shoes/boots they could wear, the style doesn't go with their character/clothes so they are without footwear.
    14. @Snowshoes my dolls ARE totally spoiled lol. Though not as spoiled as I'd like them to be... if I had my way, every doll would have their own complete wardrobe with props, clothes, shoes, underwear, etc. that was only theirs and that they didn't have to share :p unfortunately, I don't play the lottery, so my odds of ever having enough money to do that are pretty slim....
    15. A coat or case they get cold :mwahaha
    16. One of my dolls (Rosiel) always has to wear a beanie, if he doesn't, he feels out of character.

      Then I have another doll (kyoshi) who actually doesn't like to wear any accessories. I hoard bracelets, watches, head wears, necklaces but he doesn't like any of that.

      My girls always have to have some accessory on their heads, especially Sasha because she is the girly type and she loves bracelets.

      One of my tinies always wears glasses.

      As for me, I have to have underwear and white socks for all them but they only wear them when they use black boots and jeans that could stain. Shoes of all colors too. I hoard shoes like mad! they are my obsession and my dolls have to wear different shoes according to their outfits and personalities. I collect all sizes and I have to have the basics for all of them (white shirt, black pants, black formal shoes). I also hoard jeans of different colors. All my dolls are very spoiled because I prefer quality over quantity.
    17. Well, of course you never know when your dolls will get cold. lol Plus an outfit just looks so much more complete with an outer layer.
    18. True!! ^^ As a kid I always put multiple layers on my Barbies, so I guess I should have seen it coming :wiggle
    19. Depends on the doll ! Buthey all have at least one thing xD
      Lisbeth always has to wear socks, and her butterfly necklace. Yaël needs a scarf (but that's because his body and head do not match well and his neck is too damn long !). Jilliàn also have to wear her butterfly neacklace and hairpins. And Aloïs always wears undies and a hat.
    20. Always make or get a necklace for my dolls when they first arrive :D