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Welcome DollGa's new Site OPEN!!

Jan 15, 2007

    1. Dear Everyone.:)
      Finally,DollGa is open online market.
      We wish yours happy that you get Asian ball joint doll's products.
      So We open small online shopping mall of variety and good quality products that we offer good things for you.
      We are going to do our best that we do not give disappointment to you.
      Thank you about interested and your support for our online market.



      - DollGa - :sweat
    2. Hello! Everyone.

      Thanks for visit in DollGa.
      We make a event for celebrate for open DollGa online shop.

      When you buy goods over $54
      we are giving a present for you.

      We will put it with your order goods.

      We hope you are always happy and enjoy in DollGa.
      Thank you and We always waiting you in DollGa.
      See you~.
      Event Period : 15/01/07 ~ 31/01/07:D


      your sincerly
    3. Hi! Lovely shop! I have a question about your shoes. Do you have sizes for them, the interior length and width? The dolls vary so much that it is important to know what sizes the shoes are. Even Leeke doesn't list them, and I am interested in several pair.
    4. Hello Ladyfeather.
      Thanks you for your question for DollGa.
      Normally,that shoes size are Dolls foot size.
      But I can't tell you what size is standard size.
      Because, It is depend on shoes design.
      If you have SD 13 boy ,maybe his foot size is about length 80mm , width 83mm.
      And SD girl size is about length 70mm, width 73mm.
      So when we make shoes,we give ease for dolls foot.(Our standard)

      Thank you.