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Welcome to join Bobobie new Photo Conest, all sizes, Deadline July 31st

Jun 10, 2008

    1. Bobobie is hosting another photo contest. All Bobobie doll owners are welcome to join the contest. http://www.bobobie.com/bbs/index.php

      The contest is divided into 4 small contest:
      1) 1/3 size
      2) 1/4 size
      3)1/6 size
      4)15cm size

      The first prize winners can choose any doll in any skin tone of the size that the contest he or she has entered. The second and third prize will get discount coupons.

      The contest will last for 50 days. Hope people will come to the contest and have fun in the big meeting of all Bobobie dolls. :clover :aheartbea
    2. The contest will conclude in one week. All owners are welcome to take part in it.
    3. this might be a silly question but does it count if we have tinybear dolls that are made by you but not sold by you?

      Also what if we have a body but a different head?

      I am assuming the contest if for complete dolls only from your site but I thought it worth asking!
    4. This is a silly question, but I'll ask anyhow. Do you have to be an owner? ;_;' Is there a way I can get permission from an owner to enter a picture of her BBB. I took a pretty picture of her sprite that I'd like to enter for the heck of it. XD