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Welcome to "PeaksWoods"

Oct 31, 2007

    1. Welcome to "PeaksWoods"

      Hi~ I'm Pan from PeaksWoods. We have a lot of beautiful dolls in stock. PeaksWoods is the Korean BJDcompany which provided the doll for Haute Doll magazine's cover in July. Please visit our online shopping mall and have some fun. We bet you will have the most fantastic time with our fairies.
    2. Hi, will you be adding any other Fairies of Bugs? I have MoriMoth and I adore her. I'd love to see other msd sized girls in addition to her and LadyBee, or even boys. :)
    3. Aww...you guys only ship to Korea? Y-Y I've had my eye on a white Skiya for AGES, but I guess I'll still have to order her through Lati once I save enough money...

    4. They actually ship worldwide. Try put something in your shopping cart and you will see
    5. Hi~ How nice to see Peak's Woods doll owners here. We are about to promote several FOB dolls except Mori Moth and Lady Bee. They will be shown in this December. We want them to be a big surprise. Please look forward to them~!!!!!^^
    6. Thanks for your wonderful compliment. villemo~ I really appreciate it. Please visit and have lots of fun.*^^* By the way, we of course ship to all over the world.^^
    7. I ADORE your Dolls Somaze:aheartbea One of my very first doll, and now my oldest doll (Almost 2 years:sweat) is a PeaksWoods Yeru Dollheart Limited:fangirl: She is absolutely stunning, and I love her so much. This is my Darling Genevieve:aheartbea

      Your dolls are so very beautiful, and I can't wait to get another Peakswoods girl:).... WIll you ever release any PeaksWoods boys?:aangel:
    8. Hi~ Beautiful. It's so thrilling to see Yeru here. Thank you very much for your welcoming. She 's gorgeous and it's an honor that she could be one of your first. Actually we have one FOB boy almost prepared. Please GET READY to GET EXCITED.^^Good day~!!!
    9. Wow~! That sounds so cool! It's really nice to see you on DOA. Such a small world~!^^We are literally very excited to get a chance to introduce our dolls to US, thanks to Denver Doll Emporium. Thanks for mentioning it and good day~!Please say hello to your close Denver Doll Emporium friends.