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Were you ever about to buy something - and POOF, it's gone?

Jan 9, 2011

    1. I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I've scoured the forum, and didn't find anything similar.

      So, my question is, have you ever had an instance where you found something you liked - whether it'd be a doll, clothes, a wig, some eyes, anything - that you fell in love with, had the money for it, and then find out it's sold out or discontinued or something like that?

      What did you feel, and what did you do to try and find that item you wanted?
    2. Mine wasn't a huge deal, but after weeks of planning every thing for my first doll, I finally decided to order. Leeke didn't have the color wig I wanted, but after thinking about it, the color I picked instead was better for her character.
    3. Yes xD
      I wanted to order my 2nd or 3rd doll (can`t remember...) from DoD.
      It was a very cute elf with closed eyes- but It was sold out when I wanted to press the "buy" button xD
    4. Oh my goodness, I probably would've punched my screen or something. Did you ever end up snagging a cutie you liked, though? :(
    5. I once wanted this Yo outfit, but thought, "Nah, I can sew that." Well, turns out I didn't wanna sew it and I searched for it. Gone! I had a post of WTB for it, but never found it again ;.;

      Another time I had been watching this dress and saving for it, and when I had the money I asked about it. It had -just- been sold. I eventually found it for sale again, so I got it fast as I could. Phew x.x
    6. There are a few things I've felt this way about.

      The one that really, really grabbed me, though, and made me sigh that I'd missed it, I was lucky enough to buy from a friend locally -- and I don't really haunt the MP or anything looking to find things that often, so it was an amazingly lucky thing.

      The only other item that I sigh over missing is an older pair of dollheart boots that I will likely never find, and I don't even think they're on their web site any more. (When they were, I'd written down the item number in a text file, but that was a computer ago. Ah, well.)
    7. I'm glad yours ended with an happy ending! :3 The same exact thing happened to me, I asked about it and it had just been sold. I'm still feeling pretty bummed out about it.
    8. Was it on the MP or a website?
    9. Oh, yes, this has happened, especially if I've taken my time making a decision. Not so much with dolls, but with limited outfits and wigs and such. I was always disappointed right after but for the most part I either looked for the same thing elsewhere or got onto a new and exciting thing I could buy :sweat.
    10. Happened to me also. One of these "oh, gone already?" moments was the NS Beryl. But I'm kind of happy I didn't buy her - I ended up getting Nephelin instead.
      Also, Leekeworld often plays a trick on me - whenever I want to place a large order, I find half the stuff gone and not to be restocked any time soon, some of it never to be restocked at all.
    11. I've had this many time in the MP, I save and save for a doll that for some reason no one was looking at till about 2 days before I get paid and WTF!!!! someone out of the blue grabs it up :( most of the time it's a dang it >>.<< but other times its a blessing, because of a doll being sold 2 days before my payday I was able to not only get Hiei (I doll I was stalking for so long and found him back on the market) and I was also able to put a down payment on a dream doll, who will be paid off on the 13th and will finally be on her way to me! sometimes it's a good thing but other times it just makes me want to cry.
    12. My experience was in the Market Place. Found something I fell for instantly, at an incredible price, and it was sold out by the time I contacted the seller. I was so sad. :(
    13. Oh yes, more times than I can count!

      Almost as soon as I started seriously looking into the purchase of my first doll, two of them were snapped up in great big Poofs.

      After this, I sort of developed the expectation that everything was always on the verge of being sold-out. Now, I know they aren't always, but the conviction remains somewhere in the back of my mind. :|

      When I actually manage to buy something, I feel like I've won the lottery. ;)
    14. That's such a great way to look at things! :3
    15. Yeah that happens alot in this hobby, strike while the iron is hot. :)
    16. Oh boy, did it ever! One of the things I'm still a little meh about are these awesome shoes on Dollheart, they were black and had a very high platform which were slimmer in the middle and wider in the back and the front-they were pretty bizarre, but so cool! So I ordered some, and I waited for my money to arrive at paypal(this was before you could link your paypal to your bank account and pay instantly, it usually took about 2-3 days for my money to be on paypal). I didn't want to order before I had the money, and figured, well, there was no mention of them being limited, 2 days should be okay. Well, 2 days later they disappeared. Just..off the site. No 'sold out' mention, no 'they're limited anyways!' notice, they were just..gone. Of course, they were just shoes and it doesn't really matter, but still! Whyyyy, Dollheart?!
    17. :...( yes when I first got into this hobby I fell in love with the unidoll Ark so evil looking and perfect for me well he was a bit pricey for me back then so I ended up getting other dolls when when I finally get the money they discontinued him and now there is no unidoll company at all so I can't even get a doll similar to him :( he was so pretty I'm going to go cry now.
    18. Yes, I've had this happen on a few occasions. There was one time I was ordering some YoSD doll shoes (for twins, so they could match) from VolksUSA and I put two in my cart, which were apparently the last two. I proceeded to check out and by the time I got to the last page of the check out process I got an error message telling me someone else had just bought one of those two pairs of shoes, leaving me only with one. So that literally poofed right out of my shopping cart in the check out process when I wanted to buy it. Top that lol. :lol:

      I try to look back on it with a sense of humor, but it really did make me upset. I was really more upset by the fact VolksUSA doesn't have any measures set up against that, I know the international website does. I mean, could you imagine if that happened in a real brick-and-mortar store? Someone just walking up and taking something out of someone's shopping cart and running to check out with it and the check out people say it's all fair since they did make it to the check out first.

      Then there was this doll I was watching on eBay I was really considering buying (I wasn't absolutely sold on it at the time, so no hard feelings here) and apparently two days into the seven day auction the owner changed their mind about selling the doll and took the listing down.

      And another time I was interested in buying two YoSDs with a lot of extras for $1,000 or $500 each while I had $850 on hand and the rest coming in a week. So I messaged the owner asking if they'd take a one week layaway if I bought both and how much shipping would be with both of them and all the extras in one big box (they mentioned in the ad since there were so many extras, they might ship the doll in one box and the extras in another with each purchase - making 4 boxes total in my case).

      Then she said she'd go check shipping fees, came back, told me the shipping fees and then I messaged her again asking if she takes layaway for one week, since she forgot to reply to that question in the message. Then when she messages me back she tells me she just sold one of the dolls with it's extras and was like, "So, you can afford just the one now with no layaway needed, right?" and I was like, "...I wanted both, not just one. No, thank you. I am no longer interested."

      I was really shocked how she had pretty much just sold one in the middle of the transaction (I was committed to buying and ready to drop some dough, it wasn't just an inquiry) and had the nerve to assume I would just settle with the one. So instead of waiting one week to get $1,000 she got $500 right away and it took her an extra 50 days to sell the other one, I bet that taught her a thing or two.

      Goodness me, I've written a novel here, haven't I? :sweat And there's still many more occasions I haven't even covered. But this is enough, those are the ones which really stuck out to me since they were more unusual than just the things I wanted which sold out.
    19. Oh yes, happens all the time! You have to dance lightly. First rule of Shopping Club is: Never hesitate.

      I have had items disappear "poof" out of my shopping cart while I took too long to finalize my order, and I have missed a deadline by 2 hours when I neglected to take international time-differences into consideration, I have taken 1 day too long to consider a private Marketplace sale & then heard "sorry, it's been sold", and I have just plain flaked on a release-date and then said ":doh!!"

      If you have the money, and the inclination, and you know the item isn't likely to stick around for long-- buy now, ask questions later! If it is such a hot-ticket item in the first place, that it's disappearing from the electronic shelves, then you know that re-selling won't be a problem if you don't like the item after all.

      When I do miss the sale for good?... Sometimes after a month or so I realize I didn't need the thing that badly after all. ^^ If that doesn't happen, I put up a WTB and start cruising the Marketplace. But I find that the rarest items always seem to pop up one day at random while I'm not looking for it, like when I click somebody's FS link in their signature. Suddenly, boom! there's that elusive rare item that I missed out on. If I have to pay a little markup to bring that sucker home, then so be it. (There's always at leasts 1-3 Volks limited clothing/shoe items that I'm always cruising for on the back-burner....)
    20. Jacobean - I have definitely learned that the hard way. Hehe.

      - Aww, that's such a bummer. That's so weird that they up and disappeared off the website, though. Did you ever manage to find out what happened to them? Or did you ever see them second hand or on another site?

      nekomode13 - How sad. D: I haven't had that happen to me, but I think I'd be crushed.

      Rikka_Mika - I would have been infuriated! There should be something setup so when it's in your shopping cart, it should stay there unless you leave the website or pay for it. What a bummer. D; That seller who sold the other Yo-SD could have atleast asked you first or something, d'oh! But, yeah, you definitely taught her not to be greedy and have some patience...

      JennyNemesis - Yeah, I've definitely learned that. I guess in my case, it was more like...I had thought of the item to buy, found the thread too late, and by the time I contacted the seller she had already sold it. It was such a bummer. I'm still trying to find the same item at the same great deal, but I'm starting to doubt my chances!