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Were you nervous your first time? (Modifying/changing your doll, that is.)

May 5, 2009

    1. I just took apart my doll for the first time and removed her faceup and blushing, and I'll be doing her faceup for the first time tonight. (Someone else did it the first time) I know that I was nervous removing the stuff because of all the horror stories. I know I am nervous about the MSC because of the horror stories, I am nervous about restringing her just because it's gonna be a bit tricky, and I'm nervous about the faceup because, well, I want it to be good. :)

      Were you nervous the first time you did anything to your doll? Are there still several of you out there who haven't done anything to your doll strictly because you're still so nervous about it? Share your thoughts, concerns and stories here!

      Early June update: I now love to mess with the dollies. :D I've done my Tiffee's face like, 5 times and every time, I love him more and more. I will say that, for me, doing them myself REALLY bonds me to them. The one I am least bonded to is the one I have done the least work on. Love the dolls!!!!

      Late December update: I'm now a modifying fiend!! I'm totally overhauling a Resinsoul Jun with lots of permanent mods. So much fun!!

      February update: I'm pretty fearless now...I'll pull a doll apart on a whim to fix any little thing, and faceups and mods are like nothing to me anymore. Yay for growth!
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    2. I am too scared about damaging a doll to even contemplate doing modifications on a doll. I hope I'm not the only one in this boat! (Although I do hope to get up enough courage one day to try . . . )
    3. Dont plan to do any mods on my dolls but because my Lillian's face up is messed up due too a bit that has peeled off T___T I need to do her face up again. When it stops raining I can give it a go.

      I used to paint minis and they came out pretty satisfying but its resin I am working with now, I only used to metal <.<;;

      Still a virgin in face ups! lol
    4. I was nervous the first time I ever restrung a doll and did my first face up. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put her back together and that I would completely mess up her face. The re-stringing turned out fine, but I have to admit that my first face up was horrible. Fortunately I didn't damage the doll as I was hoping not to.

    5. Not really. I took my first doll apart, sanded his seams and restrung him withing 24 hours after his arrival, but I thought that everybody did these things with their dolls, because these dolls are made for customisation. I've done research before buying my first doll, but that was limited to all sorts of tutorials. If I had done more research on people's thoughts, fears and experiences, then I might not have done these things without giving it a second thought.

      My first mod was Einhard and I thought "It's just a head. If I screw up, I screw up and lose a head, but it's still going to be a learning experience." I'm glad I didn't screw up. :sweat
    6. My doll is still in the mail and on her way to me, but I am worried that she won't be what I expect, or I'll break something or not know how to assemble her properly. It worries me. @_@
    7. I've still got my first BJD coming to me in the mail, and he's going to be a biggie for modifying. At least ... for a girl who's never done anything like this before. He's based off a character so he's going to be getting large tattoos on his face and a clip out of one of his ears, if I can manage it.

      I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of doing anything to him because I'm not the least bit crafty - I mean, I've never delved into anything crafty - and all my art's done digitally. :'D So even though I've researched and read and asked lots of questions ... I'm still totally scared!
    8. I've heard it said that the difference between courage and cowardice is that the courageous person is scared anyway, but goes ahead and does it. :) I think that, at least on some level, everyone's a little nervous or afraid to damage their doll the first time, but those who go through with it work past it and do it. :)

      I was nervous the first time I restrung a doll, the first time I removed a hooked-on headcap (that was a NIGHTMARE), the first time I completely unstrung a doll and left it in pieces (and it was a puki no less), the second time I completely unstrung a doll and left it in pieces... I've got a body coming for extensive mods, and I'm nervous about damaging it, too, but I'm confident enough that I can find a way to fix anything I might do wrong, so I'm going to get past the anxiety and just go for it. ^_^
    9. i was terrified the first time i used my dremel, especially seeing as i was removing so much resin. i think this fear made me jumpy and caused me to make several mistakes.
    10. Yes I was feeling quite unsure of what to do,was I doing it correct and would it come out okay.
      And I still feel that sometimes when I need to mod a bit more heavy than I normally do, because it can always end up going wrong.

      But it becomes easier with the mods you do, because you know the routine of when to do this and how far you can go.

    11. The thought of re-stringing brings me to near terror...or at least, a very small panic attack. I'm thankful that there is a step by step photo-guide but I still feel that something can go very wrong if I get my hands on it. :I

      But I'm glad that I'm not the only one that feel's nerve wracked about it. :)
    12. Sure I wanted my first face-ups to turn out nicely, but I wasn't worried about it, because I knew I could just redo it. In fact, I was prepared for it to be pretty bad and to have to redo it multiple times. Same thing with stringing, I figured it was just a matter of fiddling with it until it worked, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Sanding was a little more worrisome, but not too bad.
      I just started working on my first real mod last night, but it's on a project head that I mainly bought to practice on, so no biggie there either.
    13. First time I took off my Shoyo's headcap I was terrified. Her shook hooks around a piece of resin in the headcap and it was so darn tight I was scared I'd break her! Thankfully that fear is long gone, now I just end up cursing when that shook gives me problems.

      Haven't done face ups or mods, no need to do those just yet. Although the next couple of character dolls will have need of mods for the scars that were left one them, but not there yet.
    14. my doll is going to be here in june, and i am terrified of the thought of restringing her D:
      i know people say "it is not as bad as it seems!" but i am still nervous ><
    15. Haha, yeah! I've only done faceups so far. That was scary enough, even though I knew I wouldn't permanently mess anything up! ^^; They came out okay. Uhh, I need to restring my MSD. I'm terrified to do this! I really do need to take her apart and suede/wire her, though... Not that I know how to do any of this!
    16. Yes, it was definitely scary, but then I thought, "Well, the default is gone, so all I can do is learn from here on out." I had experience re-painting and giving faces to 1/6th scale, but not much with any dolls bigger than that. You grow to be more confident with your work as you go along.

      Three face-ups later and I am completely satisfied with my first girl. Two face-ups and I am so happy with my first boy. :)
    17. I'm waiting for my first doll and it will most likely be about a month from now til he arrives, but I'm already nervous about getting his face-up done^^
    18. Not really. :) I just took things slowly and made sure to scrutinize carefully before going too far [separating fingers on a Yo-SD] I'm not done yet, but that's more due to lack of time than nervousness.
    19. Oh I'm always nervous the first time I do something I haven't done before. :)
    20. Oh sure..but I was lucky that my first (inexpensive) doll arrived messed up, so that sort of took the edge off for restringing, sanding etc. If I had saved for months (and even years) for a doll I'd be petrified to touch it, honestly. And I would have missed out on the best part of owning a bjd!