What’s the weirdest accessory you’ve looked for?!

Jan 9, 2018

    1. I finally got a doll of a longstanding character of mine and I started searching for an in scale version of his most beloved object: a red plastic handled flathead screwdriver. Yep. That’s a six year old’s most treasured possession in the story of his childhood (he fled after his home was destroyed in a war. The screwdriver was something he picked up from the house and carried with him).

      It’s mentioned in the novels, and he still has it when he reappears as an adult 20 years later, so it’s really important that he have it with him. But it seemed a strange BJD accessory!

      Anyone else found themselves looking for an odd prop?
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    2. I’ve got a character with reallyreally bright green eyes that I cannot find anywhere, so I have to make my own(so close!)

      And I’m still looking for a strange type of wings, translucent dragon wings, that I may have to sculpt out myself...^^’ I dunno if those are strange really but yeah...xD a screwdriver sounds interesting!!
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    3. The weirdest I’ve actually looked for is multiple large guns a size smaller than the doll. (He’s 72cm, but I’m looking for SD props to get through the idea that he is Huge.) I want to find YoSD ramune marbles, too...
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    4. Hmm, probably a giant 50cm+ long/tall gun xD My character RAYNE is living in a post-apocalyptic world and she is never without her ridiculous oversized gun... which I will probably never be able to find.

      I'm also always on the hunt for an ornate oversized scythe XD The closest I've found is that one RingDoll has but it's not quite as pretty/big as I want, I'm thinking it might have to do though. I can always add things to it...
    5. Shonokin's familiar is right up there... Her favorite form is a "Miniature Giant Spider"! (She ended up being an EveStudio Tarantula. :lol: )
    6. My weirdest doll props:

      -Lakin has a mini Mars Rover Curiosity.
      -Luc needed a number 6 billiard ball. Only 6, and no others.
      -Kier has a St. Christopher pendant that looks just like a 1/3 version of the one my husband wears.

      But...I also have a few adult toys for my SD crew. Saw them on Taobao, could not pass them up. I work at Spencers and sell those things every day, and these are pretty accurate looking. So...while I wasn't actively searching for them, they probably are the weirdest props I own.
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    7. I’ve been searching for a yosd transparent raincoat. I have seen yelllow ones for msd, but alas no transparent ones. I’m thinking I might have to make my own out of a transparent plastic table cover. I have transparent thread, so, looks like a fun project!
    8. In one of the fantasy worlds my dolls come from, they have glass spheres filled with light magic. One day I got the thought, "Hey, I could use miniature sphere Christmas lights to represent them!" and then I ended up wasting my time browsing a section of Amazon I've never even considered looking at before. -_-

      I haven't actually bought them yet, but now the idea's planted in my head...
    9. Uhhhhh let's see.... :lol: Adult toys for Kentarou is one thing that counts? I'm also in search of some guns since I've literally hoarded half a police force in my collection...
    10. I'm on the lookout for sci-fi/futuristic-looking guns, since a couple of my dolls live in the distant future. Not sure I'll ever be able to find those. . . I might make something :)
    11. Wooden sword for Gintoki...
    12. A little red clown nose for my 11 cm tiny DZ Nono. He had a reindeer outfit (from Mattel) and I noticed on a Mattel website that the original outfit (for Kelly/Shelly) had a red nose that fit around the head with elastic. So for a long time I looked on all kinds of sites that sell second-hand Mattel clothing just to find that nose.
    13. SD skateboard, which is, weirdly enough, very hard to find. I got one by chance but it broke when I moved ToT
    14. I need a wheelchair.... someone linked one on a facebook page, its a bit modern for what i want but... in a pinch XD
    15. OMG miniature adult toys? XD
      That sounds hilarious yet awesome! What were they sold as? Keychains?
    16. I figured I'd never find them and have to make them myself, but Dollmore had a FANTASTIC pair of motorcycle goggles that were just what I needed .:)
    17. They were actually sold as BJD toys! They were on Tata's Paradise on TaoBao, but the English site has them too, they're under accessories. They have the condoms too, and there's also an Etsy seller that has a decent variety. I'd link them, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be considered PG-13, and I don't want to do anything too inappropriate here.
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    18. I'll definitely have to check them out! Thank you!
      And I totally understand, I wouldn't want you to get into trouble for linking. Wouldn't want to have any young eyes finding things they shouldnt!
    19. A tiny cigarette lighter. Finally found some old fashioned ones that actually work (if you fill them with fluid & a wad.) I got some cigarettes from Dollmore & figured the dolls needed some way to light them. The lighter is still a tiny bit larger than I wanted but it fits in a 1/3 doll's hand. It was pure serendipity that I got them. An elderly friend had passed & while another friend & I were clearing out his apartment for the family, I found two of them in a drawer. Almost missed them.

      By the by, several of my dolls smoke but I don't. It just goes with their characters.
    20. My two weirdest were selvedge denim not dyed with indigo. (I finally found a 7oz white denim which I have to dye navy myself with fiber reactive dye.) And an astronaut helmet from just before Project Mercury (first human spaceflight program in the USA). I'm going to use a plastic belle jar (cut to shape) to fit because it won't shatter.