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What a surprise

May 9, 2017

    1. So last night as I was going to bed. I noticed a weird glow in my doll eye case. As I look one of the pairs that I got for free from Ersa Flora was glow in the dark!! What!! Mind you, I've had these pair for a year. I always had the box stored away and only have them out now because I am cleaning my doll's area where I have their stuff. Have you every experienced a surprise like this?
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    2. Haha, that sounds like it could have been potentially terrifying if you had tried it out in a doll! Glow in the dark eyes sound pretty awesome though, I didn't know they existed.
    3. I know! luckily I knew they were there. It was more of a mild shock.
    4. I think something like that might have startled me!!! But, that is funny!!!
    5. If they had been in a doll I would have been terrified!
    6. That's hilarious! I agree that it might have been a little terrifying in a doll though. :XD:

      I haven't had too many doll surprises... I suppose figuring out that Aloyscius has been modded was kind of one, though it was pretty obvious I guess.

      Getting Ilya so soon was probably my biggest surprise; I ordered him in early January and settled down for the 5-6 month Dollzone wait, but three or four weeks later I checked Alice's Collections where I had ordered and saw that they had a white skin DZ Carter in stock...exactly what I had ordered. So I emailed them asking if they had already sent the order to DZ (I knew they had) and if not if they could send me the in stock doll, but I was honestly expecting a big fat no. But lo and behold, a couple hours later I got a response saying they'd be happy to send the in stock Carter, and (I kid you not) three days later I had my boy (from China! I love EMS)! I was so excited and thrilled! And majorly lucky.

      Moral of the story: AC has fantastic customer service, and always check your dealers for in stock dolls, even after you order. :lol:
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    7. Recently I've seen the Doll Master horror movie so I'd have scared totally if this has happened to me XDDD
    8. I think my biggest surprise was learning that I doll I thought was extremely terrible at posing has notches in his arm joints to help him hold poses. The entire time I had him, I thought his jointing was basically like a Ken doll, and it really sucked. When I was packing him up to sell him, a friend was helping me. I heard this loud clicking sound and thought she'd broken him, but it was just his joints clicking into various notches! Total shock because it turned out he actually posed fairly well.
    9. Surprises are always fun!
    10. Great story about the Ersa Flora eye! -- I knew about their glow-in-the-dark eyes, and have ordered from them before, so that wouldn't have surprised me.
      Also love the story about the joints! -- I can totally see myself doing that. I tend to fall in love with the sculpt, style, and company faceups of dolls and don't do enough research into the mechanics... :sweat

      I was trying to think hard about surprises I've had. I really should have some in the 12+ years I've been around bjds... I couldn't really think of any cool stories, though. :pout:

      But I have had some things happen...

      I bought an outfit from a seamstress on ebay once, and it came along with another outfit. I contacted the seller to tell her that I think she accidentally sent me an extra outfit. She wrote back that the extra outfit was a gift! ... oops! Well, that was a unexpected (obviously)... or I could have just been as clueless as usual... :sigh

      One day a big doll box arrived with the regular mail. It was from a friend that I hadn't heard of in a long time, but I knew she was into bjds and I'd sent her some shoes and things a while back. I thought maybe she'd found a chair or something to send me as a return gift. But no. Inside was a doll box... along with a full-set doll (Volks Cyndy 2). Inside was a note saying that she hoped I didn't mind a 'white elephant' (non-new gift/item). She tended to gift people with items she'd bought but no longer felt attached to... It was a total surprise. --And totally NOT easy for me to think of a proper return gift! I don't think I've managed to properly thank her even years later...!!! *_*

      Over the years she's sent me 2 other dolls, a 1/4 sized Impl and a 1/3 sized CP/Luts Miyu...! :o --Pretty crazy, eh?
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    11. Heheh... years ago, @Amet commissioned me to repaint her favorite doll, who she'd already had for years. I got his head, opened it up, and found out it had a tooth part!! I'd never seen one before so I messaged her all surprised, but she didn't even know it was there either! XD
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    12. One time, when I bought a tiny centaur body from the MP, I got a real shocker. When I opened the box, there was one too many rolls of bubble wrap. I confusedly opened the smaller of the two first and found a human yo-size body. The bigger roll was the centaur body. Turns out, the seller just had this extra body sitting around and decided to gift it to me :XD: I ended up finding a head for it, getting some eyes and a wig, and gifted the doll to my best friend for her birthday/Christmas present that year.
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    13. When I ordered my Leeel Tinman, I chose to go 'cheap' and ordered him as basic as I could. He has an amazing amount of resin extras, various hats, a human head, axe, oil can, goggles, two different expression face plates, wow... I liked them, but couldn't afford them. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found all the extras had been included! I'm still very honored to have been gifted them. Too bad Leeel is no longer in business. Also I ordered a Luts Zuzu Delf, blank, and got a free face up and body blushing.
    14. That would have scared the crap out of me
    15. That so cool and nice. So lucky about the Zuzu Delf. I'm on a layaway for my Zuzu I probably won't be as lucky.
    16. LOL, that was a special moment. @overlordu PMed me like, "You can put it in sideways and it looks so weird!" and I had no idea what she was talking about. The company hid it behind a wall of flesh-colored eye putty I never bothered to scrape out of his head until then. :XD:
    17. So I've already posted about this in other locations, but I'm still surprised that it happened.

      I was able to purchase a white skin open-eyed Or-Doll Anderl head off the Marketplace after spending all of a year checking the Marketplace every day for one. Then, I was looking for a completely different doll and found one--apparently it had been on the Marketplace for a long time!

      I also learned that OrDoll teeth (at least Anderl's) are magnetized to the headback, when previously I thought they were inseparable. I'll have to check my Or-Doll Orlando head to see if it's the same. Who knew?
    18. Ooh, glow in the dark eyes! I didn't know that was a thing. I like things that glow in the dark, maybe I'll consider getting a pair at some point. : 3 I wonder if they're hard to find. : o They would go perfectly for my doll, now that I think about it.
    19. At the last NYC Dolpa, I put in lottery entries for several one-offs. I won an SD girl, and had to fight not to fall over in shock. I sat her on my table, enjoying her, when a staff member came up. They gave me the wrong one-off by mistake and switched out first girl for the one I got.

      Even though I walked away with one, I think it's cool I received two one-offs at the same event.
    20. While I was at Dollism '14, I put in for a few raffles, not expecting to win anything since I had only paid for very few tickets, while many people had paid for a lot more.

      Imagine my surprise when I found out I had won a sweet pair of SD boots! I think I could have been knocked over with a feather! :kitty2