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What about your "database" of your dolls ?

Mar 28, 2011

    1. I've made a quick search, found nothing on. I apologize if it's already exist. ;_;

      Do you note informations of your dolls somewhere (paper or computer files) ? Just the technical things or a complete profile ? I'm curious.:)

      Myself, I use a little database, too many dolls for my little head, must write from who this make-up came or what size wing for this one... But I think I'll make it more detailed when I'll have times.
    2. I do not remember all my dolls, so, I keep my database in my forum profiles. Besides, it helps others to choose whom they would like to see on the doll meet-ups.
      Some more info (sizes, styles, props, sketches) is in my special copybook, very helps when sewing and writing dialogues for comics.
    3. I keep it all in my head. O.o Which is a bit easier than it sounds. I do all my dolls' face-ups and mods (with one exception), so I don't really have to keep track of that.

      For the rest of it, I'm pretty good at keeping track of which company or from whom I got my doll accessories from. Unless the company was unknown at the time I bought it. Sometimes, I even go so far as to look up companies to try and hunt down the accessories, but that's only when I'm bored.
    4. I tend to keep my own personal database on my computer. Mould information, when it was made, when I bought it/from whom, who did the face-up, etc. I also try to have information on the eyes, wigs and clothes they wear if I can. The brand, colours, item name, etc. Sometimes I forget to keep it up to date though and have to try and search up the information. :P If there's a character involved their bio may be included in their folder as well.
    5. It's aaaaaall in my head. C: ...and my siggie. I even put them there in order of acquisition, including the floating heads... /dork
    6. Mine are listed in my forum profile, otherwise I might forget their names. It's also a good place to keep tabs on my wishlist, which I change constantly.
    7. For most things I keep the info in my head, although for doll birthdays/arrival dates I sometimes have to refer to their database entries or my blog, because I forget :sweat. It's probably still a good idea to make a little database for myself, though.
    8. I have a dorky spreadsheet on my computer of not just my current doll, but also dolls that I'm interested in and what character they could possibly be. I also use it to keep track of eyes, wigs, etc. that I would like for each doll and where to get them from. Keeps everything nice and organized, because otherwise, I'd totally forget things.
    9. I find their arrival dates really important so I keep that saved on a document on the computer and I have them written down. I also do have a little mini database on my computer for them as well ^^ I've been thinking of making a scrapbook for their profiles, it just seems like a cool artsy idea for me. ^^

      I personally like having a database for my dolls...Just in case I forget something. :D
    10. I've got a horrible memory, so I definitely keep a simple word file with all the details I can get about my dolls...

      Doll Number:
      HEAD SCULPT: Sculptor?:
      SKIN TONE:
      MAKEUP (Faceup): Artists Name:
      PURCHASE PRICE: Shipping Price: Weight:
      DEFAULT ITEMS: Outfit designer's name:
      MEASUREMENTS: Wig size: Eye Size:

      I never sell my dolls... but if I do, such information is important. And for insurance. And just in order to keep the information on the various websites correct... I refer to it often!!! *_*


      Please feel free to use this list! (I added wig and eye size, because that really is useful when you've got a ton of dolls!). Or post your own lists or links to templates! I'm always looking for good ways to keep information I need. :D
    11. Thanks for your answers!
      With twenty BJD, I often lost. ._.
    12. I've been considering doing this :) I used to be the type to keep things all in my head but the medications I'm on make it hard for me to remember things. I think making a file on my dolls would make a LOT of sense, and it would stop me having to trawl through like 50 pages of discussion threads to find out the answer to a particular question of something I'd forgotten - ie what wig size do they wear?
    13. I've only really ever put them in the Databases here ( or on my Forum), as I feel I have too many to keep up with.
    14. I have a simple 'database' for my dolls. When the sculpt was made, when I received them, the price (plus shipping), things like that. I also try to keep one for clothes and accessories.

      @april - D: Can I use that sheet? I wish I had that when I started making my list! XD
    15. I have a word document for this sort of thing! There's a little table with all my specific doll measurements, a couple of comparison tables, a list of potential future dolls and the all important list of what wigs/eyes/faceups my girls have. I have notepad documents all over the place, one for eyes, a shopping list for a particular site... They're just basically note snippets that make no coherant sense XD

      For prices and how old it is etc, it's either in my hotmail as a reciept from the site I bought the doll from, or I go do a mock order for the exact same item.
    16. Definitely a must for me! I keep all my dolls' info stored in my doll blog.
    17. No, I'm not that organized and haven't really felt the need. I have some notes I keep about certain characters for use in writing fiction, but that's as close as it comes.
    18. Well, my nerd is going to show here, but... Yes, I do have records for stuff like arrival dates. I also keep a record of everyone's style of dress, so I don't buy something not suited to them in a moment of selective memory loss and/or weakness :lol: I can easily remember where clothing, accessories, and wigs come from, and of course where the dolls themselves came from, but I'm thinking of starting a record of eye size/color/origin because I simply cannot remember eye information!

      I am a complete nut for organization and I actually like stuff like this. Oh, well!
    19. Yep, I have a table all done up with info on my dolls. I would list sizes and all, but I remember them and it's easy to look that information up if I forget so I haven't done that... but as someone who likes making lists I kind of want to now haha~

      Also, my doll journal has a tag for each of my dolls, so that can be browsed by doll, too, if that counts.
    20. I sure do! To keep sizes so i can make clothes and background stories and names