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What are some BJD tumblrs or blogs you recommend?

Jan 5, 2017

    1. I've been wanting to follow some new blogs or tumblrs to get inspiration and tips for future projects.
      My only problem is that the first tumblr i came across was the bjd burn book, and it had a super toxic and hateful vibe to it. I also found some others, but they seemed to carry more drama than I want to deal with.

      So I was wondering what are some interesting but more relaxed pages to follow?
    2. To be honest, I dislike Tumblr. It's really childish and bratty, and just as you said, toxic.

      I really like denaliwind, sighthoundlady, anandoll and anne pecaro on Youtube; I often put their doll vlogs on to listen to in the background while I sculpt.

      On instagram, bimong11 is my greatest hero, watching his process clips/photos is SO inspiring! Also recommend dkeats888.03, ira_scargeear, foxesliketea, freya_74, theatretss, lightlybettered, pantera_b, tanyastyle, amubleu, roterwolkenvogel, heirophantmori, turbow, winner_doll... Ack I can't possibly list all the cool people and these are just a few out of hundreds of bjd fans I follow, but point is there are a lot of great instagram bjd accounts. And to date, I haven't seen drama there, it's very positive and inspiring work and photos.

      Hope this helps!
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    3. I love me some tumblr! And it's totally possible to follow blogs that don't get into the drama. Here's a list some of my fave accounts:

      dollstars - some of the best doll photography I've seen online
      b-yp-nk - a bjd artist with fascinating posts about their process
      bjdsituations - writing prompts - 'What if's scenarios for you and your dolls!
      chanmi - Korean blogger, I don't read Korean so I don't know if there's any drama, but I sure love the photos :)
      justsomedollies - is it fair to shamelessly plug my own tumblr? XD rest assured, I don't participate in drama. I just like reblogging pretty doll pics and squeeing about my own :D

      Hopefully that will give you a few to glance through and possibly follow. Hope I've helped!:blush
    4. Thank you!
      This actually does help a lot!

      I've been on tumblr for a while, so when all drama and childish behavior started spreading, I tried and mostly managed to get my follow list down to just the few calm and non-toxic people.
      So I surprised me to see people were still being so rude to one another. I thought we were finally past all that, but I guess it was just the people I was following.

      I'll go check out these people .u. thank you

      thank you! :XD:
      I love tumblr too, but I hate how it's started to become a game of trying to find calm people along all the dramatic pages
      #4 Onyx-Witch, Jan 5, 2017
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    5. For blogs: @Musume has a wonderful blog where she shows off her own projects, and also does tonnes of reviews and interviews with doll artists and companies: http://mydollyadventures.blogspot.com and @Roterwolkenvogel also has a great blog too with lots of amazing photography and engrossing stories: the wrong side (though some bits with her doll Pazuzu can be somewhat more sexual than average).

      Merrydollround, Rikkistar101 (also on youtube) and RenMaaru on Instagram are wonderful too as an addition to the ones already listed, and of course Andreja on both Instagram and Youtube (Nicolle's Dreams) is lovely. :)
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    6. I, er, I do have a blerg meself, but I haven't been updating as much this last year. It's got some useful resources and a Glossary on it, and this year I plan to blog more regularly. The link is in my signature. VVV
    7. I love looking through Seams and Stitches, she posts helpful WIPs and tutorials! Definitely a huge inspiration for me especially as a sewer. I'm so in love with namiren(n)'s mori aesthetic! Such beautiful boys! Raichuu's BJD tag has a lot of her faceups and they're so gorgeous. Merry Doll Round, Haru Casting, and Atelier Momoni both have amazing tumblrs full of WIPs and lovely pictures of their dolls, definitely a fan! Finally, 5th Atelier's tumblr has their wonderful clothing tutorials! These are my absolute favorites, and I don't really see them causing drama. But that could be because I follow a lot of blogs (especially art blogs) so I don't see a lot of bjd posts in general... so this thread is great for me :)
    8. Bjdletsbefriends is about spreading positivity in the hobby. And i am gonna give a shameless plug for myself coolcatsodalite everyone else has already named the other good ones :)
    9. Let me add Haru Casting. Not only does he have a couple of dolls out, he also casts for a lot of artists.So, you get a chance to see the artist dolls and find new people to follow. Atelier Momoni has already been mentioned, but her dolls are so pretty, I just add another vote to the mix. :) roterwolkenvogelbjd has some really gorgeous dolls, which you'll on here, too. And I personally love adrenaline-aesthetics. Her dolls and her face ups are lovely. I follow a lot of others, but I tried to share some of my favorites that are mostly BJDs. Most of the blogs I follow have BJDs plus other stuff. Once you follow a few people and they share posts from who they follow, you fall straight down a rabbit hole of more and more blogs, lol.

      I personally recommend just blocking all the confession blogs. To me, that the only place I've seen drama, but maybe it's just the people I follow.
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    10. Thank you all so much for all the recommendations! I really appreciate them all
    11. Yess Haru is wonderful. He's the sweetest person on top of getting to see all the dolls that come to stay with him.
    12. i recommend andreja's Nicolle's Dreams and Nix de pano Dollstars.
    13. So glad you posted, I don't know of any, and would like to learn.