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What are some of the most posable tinies?

Apr 8, 2009

    1. I really love the posability and size of Pukis but their faces aren't quite what I am looking for. What are some other tinies about the size of Pukis that are posable and adorable? :) Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, as you can see by my post count, I am pretty new at being active on the board.
    2. Are you looking for super tiny just like Puki size? I think Lati tinies are good at posing, as well as Elfdoll tinies too. :)
    3. catclawtub - I really want a super tiny like the Pukis. =) I kind of like one of the Pukis, the Pipi... I want something expressive but also a little enigmatic OR super happy like the PongPong just not...quite so much so. xD
    4. I am over the moon for Dollmore Banji dolls. (See avatar...) However, in order to get mine to have the best posing possible, I added pipe cleaners inside their arms and legs. They have awesome mature little bodies.
    5. I'm really looking for a sort of asexual immature body...I might go with Puki Pipi actually, his/her face seems to grow on me more and more.
    6. good luck with the doll that you choose... you can always get someone to do a faceup :)
    7. I've been researching many different super tinies but Pukis have the best proportion...I like Latis but their heads are so big... And I like Bobobie's tinies but they aren't very posable and their joints are unattractive...
    8. When I first saw Pukis, I thought I would never love one and never, ever want to have such an odd little doll. But now, after lurking on the puki fan thread... I am kind of hooked. I still don't know if I'll get one, but with time they have grown on me so much. Maybe they will work their magic on you yet! xDD
    9. Is it possible to put another head on the Puki bodies? I don't know much about Pukis but that might be a logical thing to try, good luck either way! :)
    10. lati white with the sp body are the same size as puki, but not *quite* as posable.
      also there is felixdoll momo (and others) that are the same size as puki, and pretty much just as posable... supposedly anyway.
    11. Felixdoll Brownies are supposed to be very posable, as much so as Pukis ...and they've been having a great sale lately. I also personally like how AR Lilica poses. OD So dolls are also good posers, as are Lati Special White size. All are similar in scale to Puki, though not as good at posing.
    12. I agree with Clochette ...nothing is as good as the Puki ...
      but there are some lovely sculpts that size :)
      Gienne Lillica has the most wonderful balance too
    13. I have a lati white SP head on a puki body and it fits perfectly. :)
    14. I'll tell you what, Pukis are wicked addictive. I wasn't sold on them until I bought my first two, which were Pipi and Rose, and they are so endearing and sweet in person...well, you just can't stop at one or two (or three or five or seven...)
    15. Really, check ajumapama! Or sonuro.com
      Felixdoll Brownies are pukipuki's "cousins", and they have similar bodies (and sizes, so it's easy to find clothes) but different faces! :)
    16. just put a little gienie head on the puki body, like jenny did,
      little gienie can be girl or boy :)
    17. My lati white basic is secondhand, and I actually took out the pipecleaners her previous owner had stuck in her legs. She doesn't need them! Well, maybe if you want her legs at a different angle than straight or bent, but for my purposes... Her head is big, but it isn't disproportionate. She's got the body and proportions of a 2-3 year old. Chubby limbs, but not overly so, a cute little belly, and my Arin has a sweet smile. She's definitely very happy, but not extremely much. ^^

    18. I have Puki, Lati White regular tiny body, and Felixdoll Brownie Momo. I really love the posing of the Brownie. Her head is more poseable than a Puki and they have a really great sale from as little as $58 for a full set doll! In the end, go for the one you keep thinking about. That's the one for you.
    19. I decided to go with the first tiny I loved, a Bobobie Lucky. :) He won't be very posable but DAMN he'll be cute! I'll get him wired so he'll pose at least a little better. Now the question is what size clothes he wears...