What are the coolest modifications you've seen/owned?

Jan 31, 2021

    1. I couldn't find a thread talking about cool doll mods, so I'm starting this one. I LOVE body mods. I think it's super neat that people can change the entire shape and personality of a doll. If you could talk or share pictures of your fav/coolest mods, I'd really appreciate it!

      I'll start. I was able to get my hands on a doll chateau Elizabeth spider that's been modified to be a chandelier! She has candles and pearls and gorgeous details, so I'm very excited for her to arrive home.
      She gives me Phantom of the Opera vibes lol.

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    2. Oh wow! I saw this mod on ig few weeks ago! Congrats on being the new owner :D I personally am a big fan of Dollightful's mods, but they're OT as it's usually Monster Highs :)
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    3. The person who did that chandelier mod honestly does the coolest doll mods I've ever seen. I recommend looking through their IG!
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    4. That Chandelier is one of the coolest things I have seen... dang.
      As for mods I did/own? I gotta say Stella's probably my Favorite, being a FL Littlefee Pipi with modded ears, tail, and Soom Ai Legs adapted to fit her LTF hip mechanism. Here's Stella:

      A Majority of my dolls have been modded in some way so choosing faves is tough.
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    5. :whee:Oh I love doll mods too, there a so many amazing artist and characters to find.
      I have seen the chandelier mod a few times. She’s really a piece of work. I can’t image how much time she took. I just saw her sales post. Glad to know who is adopting her.

      Technically smaller less invasive moders I love was any of mismantis bjd work. Her dye and paint jobs where always Magnificat. Especially her Otto. Chefs kiss Mismantis dolls
      As well as carving/dremal work like Violetemon dc hybrid.
      mods for Doll Chateau hybrid
      Now let’s see if I can attach the photos right. ok I give all I got is links. Oof
      As you can tell I am weak to the DIM doll Chateau hybrid. Lol
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    6. One of my favorites here on DoA is Nibbles, the lamprey girl. I don't suppose I'd want to meet her in a dark alley, but she's just so inexplicably adorable! Plus, the project journal was a lot of fun to follow.
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    7. @bayberry_plum Wow. Wowowow. You know, I really tend to not be a fan of dolls with these kinds of "extra" shapes (I don't know how else to word it....) but this is like, actually *really* cool. The level of creativity there is astounding.

      I hope you'll share lots of photos when you receive her.

      I honestly haven't seen a ton of owner-modifications I love yet... but I am a huge fan of the Ex Machina 2.0 doll by D.Lace, and I want to create a toned-down version of it with a doll of my own someday. My background in work and education is robotics, so mixing robots and dolls is SUPER inspiring to me.

      P.S. if anyone has cyborg or robo mods, I waaaaaaant to see them <3

      Oh, Also!!! I have seen one owner mod in progress that I AM a huge fan of... over here where @Dybbuk is making a terrarium guy!! Check it out, seriously, it's amazing,
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    8. @bayberry_plum : What a beautiful and unique take on the spider body! I can't wait to see you share more pictures. <3

      BJD extreme modification seems like the final frontier for myself as an artist. I enjoy painting but want to do more, like your chandelier girl.

      As far as coolest mods ever, I think Sadomina has a mushroom mod that is one of my favorite things I've seen.
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      @maxxxamillion was sweet enough to reference my terrarium head mod, that will be my most extreme personal project to date. *_*
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    9. YEs NIBBLES!

      Oh I do have a resident Extreme! Aleph! He's automaton.
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    10. @bayberry_plum that is a beautiful creature!

      I have seen more mods being done on off topic dolls personally and am not quite up with what may or may not have been a mod on a bjd apart from piercings and the like.

      I really like well done scars though, if they count.
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    11. I don't know who currently owns it, but I love Resinsoul's ability to add multiple arms to their sculpts...someone has a Thousand Hands of God style doll in fantasy skin, it looks incredible and it was done by the company itself.
    12. Years ago at a meetup, I saw a floating head modded into Groot.
    13. @Kitkaze modded my Soom Onyx/Amber/Cuprit hybrid to be a draenei from World of Warcraft. The full list of modifications included altering the finger shape, making face tentacles, adjusting a pair of Vesuvia horns I also owned to slant backwards, making a tail, altering the shape of the hooves without compromising structural integrity, and facial mods. And dyeing the whole thing blue, and making her LED eyes.
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    14. My favorite that I own is Sixx, who is a Dollshe Amanda Beauty head on an ALM Doll 60cm boy body, but with breast mods and extra fingers! @AirimirOfGondor did the mods for me last year, and I'm so impressed, you can't rally even tell where the mods start if you don't know.

      (Warning: NSFW)

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      And as for dolls I don't own, I love dolls modded by @Sadomina
      Mordrake and Phobia are two of my favorites!
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    15. Stella is very much on my list of ones I love that I don't own, along with your Moira!

      Same here, she's another one on my list. :)

      Additionally, for ones I don't own but love to see, are Dacharsca Tindaloo and OfKa Lucas, both of which are awesome journals with awesome results!

      For me, personally, I don't have a ton of mods around that are done yet, because I'm taking my own sweet time on the bigger ones (and also have a bad habit of flitting from project to project... eventually they get done but it takes some time). But my first mod will always hold a special place to me, because it fixed my only problem with a doll that otherwise grabbed me so hard he forced his way into my collection even when I had no intention of buying any cutesy tinies. The only thing wrong with Luc when I got him was that he didn't have elf ears; it's a simple mod, but it made him "complete." :)

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    16. Black Philip!! Login • Instagram

      I’m jealous, I wish I’d have come up with this fabulousness, I’ve never done a thing with my Dollzone deer head! Not that I could have done it :XD: it turned out so good, I love him.

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    17. Most of the mods I've done have been simple like adding magnets for tails or modifying breasts from hemispheres to a more natural shape but my most complex and favorite is my six arm Soul Doll girl. Yes she came as a four arm doll on the large bust piece, but I wanted six arms and to use the small bust piece so I modded the normal two arm small bust torso from scratch to fit six arms. One set of arms is different from the others designed to be the second pair of the four. The openings for them are definitely different and required carving out openings with overhangs for lack of a better way to describe it.

      Sadly the torso piece was too small to put all three arms directly down her sides. They could maybe have barely fit but then the stringing would have collided with the lower abdomen piece as it went inside the upper torso. So I moved the third set mostly to her back. I still like her look though.

      Spider Arina

      I prefer her with her pinkish wig and newer eyes but these photos show the arms well.
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    18. Thank you very much! Stella is a very special dolly to me.
      I do love a good classic ear mod! That one looks great!

      @scripple oh wow that is amazing! Quite the feat of engineering and the result is spectacular!
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    19. Years ago, when I first joined DOA, someone modded a doll to look like an native from AVATAR. Really impressed me!
    20. Not as crazy as other people's mods, but Senny is mine... he was a severely damaged minifee Shushu head. His eyeholes had been opened to an insane degree, his mouth had been completely modded to extend all the way to his cheeks (idk what the person was trying to do, but it was like he had his mouth slashed all the way to the middle point of his cheeks, kind of like the Joker?) and the nose technically sanded off. His ears had unfinished epoxy mods... but... several years and a lot of love later he's become this sweet little shrine kitsune :)

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