What are the differences in boy and girl Yo-SD bodies?

Apr 19, 2007

    1. Hello all,

      I would like to ask owners of both boy and girl Yo-SDs in particular what the differences between the two bodies are? They look virtually the same, but I was wondering if there are any differences, however slight, in measurements of the waist, chest, etc..

      Many thanks! :) I'm hoping to buy a Yo-SD soon, he or she will be my first doll in this size range. I already have a wardrobe ready and can't wait to play dress-up!
    2. ..None ...I think they are indenticle ...apart from the pelvis ,
      and the only difference in that is the boy /girl "parts":)

      Angels are also the same ,
      In fact I have a boy who was turned into a girl , and she is Identicle to my Kasumi now ...apart from the wings of course

      I have to admit ...I adore my little boy , and I have a Puff comming
      there is something about Yo`s that are adictive :aheartbea
    3. The angel ones are genderless, so that's a difference along with the wings. No "parts". Some owners swap pelvises or upper torso parts to make boy angels and girl angels, etc, but from the factory the Tenshi are neuter :)

      In the non-Tenshi, there's usually a boy and girl version of each facemould. I like that they're released in pairs like that.

      I have found the Yo size to be terribly addicting, personally. They're so much fun.
    4. Yep, the only difference is their privates. ;)
    5. Hello all,

      Many thanks for the replies, I appreciate them! :) I was thinking there might be slight differences even if they can share clothes (like with the Volks MSDs, for instance).

      tinybear, clochette: Yes, I do get this feeling that this size of doll is going to be addictive! Especially since I like the small/tiny sizes best.

      Manami: Maybe something in the design of the Halloween set interferes with the wings of Yo-Tenshi...?

    6. I think it is to do with the wings ...rather than body

      I had a Kasumi arrive 2 days ago , I cant tell you how beautiful she is :aheartbea
      Im waiting on Puff now ....and desperatly trying to resist the Rengemaru in the marketplace
      If I get another boy ...then I will want another girl ...I love my tinys in pairs LOL
    7. Yeah - maybe you can't attach a Yotenshi's wings over the pumpkin suit.