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What are you planning for your dolls?

Oct 28, 2017

    1. Alternately: What's on your mind about BJDs?

      Maybe the title is a little misleading for me, because I don't actually have any dolls yet. :'D But in any case, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for my first doll. Do I want to go whole hog and get the Luts Senior Delf I had my eye on (Juniper)? Or should I get a smaller doll (Kid Delf, or something similar from another company)? Do I want to "shell" an original character, or should I just put together what I find pretty and reverse-engineer a character from that, maybe? (Having dolls of my characters is a goal of mine, so at the very least I'd like an identity attached to whatever I end up making.) Do I want to try the face-up myself, or should I leave it to someone who knows what they're doing? Money is tightish for the time being, so I want to make my first purchase count.

      So, what are all of you planning/thinking about at this point?
    2. I'm thinking about trying to smarten them up. Especially my elves, who both look a bit of a mess! XD I'd like to try my hand at making some historical costumes, but I'm rubbish at sewing and I don't have time to do a dressmaking course in between full time work and a master's degree. Still, it'll be fun and even more f it looks rubbish... That's never stopped me before!

      On top of that, I'm planning to get my final custom sculpt made, one that I've been planning for a couple of years... Really excited to finally get him next year.

      Face ups are fun, and if you have a little artistic ability it's not too hard to get a nice enough finish. I'd say if you want something really special and you already have characters you love, shelling one of them might be good. It'll mean you already have an attachment to what you buy. :)
    3. I am definitely planning a Halloween party and am going to be be putting the costumes together and a very Halloween festive Dollie pictures and then it will be the ugly Christmas sweater time so many plans lol and a new face up soon too
    4. @Spuggey - That sounds awesome! While I am leaning towards doing my own face-up for the sake of having control of how things come out, I'm worried about being able to afford the materials (on top of everything else) and use them properly. Mr. Super Clear's toxicity has me worried, too. Guess I should just get that respiratory protection, no point in cutting costs for that! :XD:

      @Ksherwood8713 - I love the sound of an ugly Christmas sweater time for BJDs, haha! It's not something you'd exactly expect, what with how beautiful some dolls tend to be (and how beautiful their clothes tend to be with them). It sounds like a fun combination!
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    5. It is lots of fun to make their costumes and ugly Christmas sweaters to their unique styles and characters
    6. Mostly, I want to make every doll I own the best they can be! I'm in the process of clearing out lower quality clothing and shoes and replacing them with nicer things. When I was newer in the hobby, I wasn't bothered by imperfect homemade things or clothes from cheaper sellers, but now that I've been around for awhile and owned some higher quality things, I'd like for all of my dolls to look better. That's my main goal currently. I'm also reworking some of my props/dioramas to look better.

      I'm also in the process of upgrading Rose from 1/12 tiny to YoSD, so I'll need to buy/make her all new things.
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    7. I'm currently sewing a little Halloween cosplay for my human Soom Sov. The sculpt is originally a woodland creature and has light green skin and pointy ears. I wanna try pull off dressing her up as sort cute witchy pastel elf girl.
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    8. I don't know if this counts, but I'm planning on writing about the characters my dolls represent for National Novel Writing Month in November!
    9. Ahhh, another NaNo-er! I think that definitely counts. Maybe someday, if I get a decent-sized collection of dolls that I make into characters (instead of the opposite), maybe I'll do something like that.
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    10. I hope you have fun writing in November! <3 My dolls are a weird mix - some I got because they looked just like an existing character, and others I have because they basically inspired a character, but all have both elements to some extent. It will be interesting to see if dolls prove inspiring for writing or distracting. xD
    11. Some thoughts on my mind right now...
      • What doll should I start saving up for once I finish paying for the doll I currently have on layaway?
      • What kind of outfits do I want to design for my incoming grails? What about my other dolls?
      • What kind of hybrids would I like in the future? Should I put this head with that body? What about this body with that head?
      • What color of eyes do I want to make for my future dolls?
      • What would be a good character doll to make and can I find a sculpt that fits that character?
      • What kind of image should I go for with this floating head's face-up?
      • What are nice concepts for group photo shoots?
      • What props should I start making designs and sculpt prototypes for?
      • How many dolls should I get next year?
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    12. Man, there sure is a lot out there... Just when I thought my heart was set on a Luts doll for my first, I encountered Island Dolls's Ivy and Aggie, and they are perfect for two characters I was looking to shell. Making decisions is hard... Well, I have to wait right now no matter what, so we'll see what happens.
    13. Yeah, you definitely want a respirator mask to work with MSC. Otherwise there's acrylic sealants that you can sponge or airbrush.

      I'm so excited about the final custom sculpt!
    14. I've got several doll plans going on now
      • I'm working getting all my dolls "finished", meaning they each have the right eyes and wig and a face-up.
      • I have a spare head already up for sale, and intend to sell one of my dolls that I no longer love.
      • I haven't decided whether I'm keeping he-who-does-not-formally-exist yet, hence the title.
      • I'm super excited about ordering my next doll who will be my first hybrid.
      • There's also ongoing planning and making clothes and props for various dolls.
    15. Finishing my doll pretty much. I've been super busy so I haven't had any time to sit down and make doll clothes and I'm not sure I want to commission things for my doll since I'm going for a pretty low key battered up look.
    16. I’m doing NaNo too! There’s even a thread for it up in brigadoon!
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    17. Huzzah! I'll have to check it out - thanks! :D
    18. No problem! The more the merrier!
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    19. Brigadoon? Where's that? I'll have to hop in once I find it!
    20. Doll plans I'm actively pursuing:
      • Since I just ordered his body I need to buy Starr his stuff! Clothes, shoes and beads/cabochons so I can make his accessories. I'm super excited because he'll be my first MiniFee and also the first full doll whose face up I actually did myself.
      • Using the beads I'm buying for Starr I need to make my pastel boy Tobias some jewellery so he can finally have a more Fairy Kei/Decora look about him. I'd also like to get his shoes soon...
      • Fixing up/slightly re-styling my old boy Evelyn. Still waiting on his Oscar Doll Eyes and need to buy him some new shoes and some fabric to make him new socks. I'm toying with the idea of making him a flower crown too.
      • Try to work out a budget so I can put an Asleep Eidolon Arweil on lay away before the order period closes on December 31st! It's been a dream of mine to own a merman doll since I first started this hobby; I need him.
      Dolls plans I'd like to get done in the near future:
      • Finish making or maybe even just buy Yuu new pants. I made most of his outfit but my health got in the way and I never managed to sew his pants. I've found a nice pair I like and some shoes on Alice's Collection so hopefully he'll get those!
      • Buy Cosmik's body and clothes, etc! Now that his universe/story buddy Starr is well on the way to being a full doll it's only natural Cosmik needs to follow.
      • Send Viktoriya's head off to a face up artist. I give up trying to do it myself, I want it to look gorgeous and what better way to achieve it then send her to a talented artist. If I can do that then I'd like to buy her a body and her clothes/wigs.
      • Buy new eyes for some of my older dolls. They're in dire need of some Oscar Doll Eyes.
      • If possible I'd like to buy Angel (Asleep Eidolon Rudy) and Dia (Xaga Doll Coco-1) next year. Their characters have been completely developed and I need them in doll form!
      So many plans and not enough money to do them all :XD: