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What Are You Proud Of?

Mar 14, 2019

    1. (Not 100% sure this is the right forum so apologies if not)

      What (doll-related thing) are you proud of currently? Did you take an awesome photo, finish a layaway, try a faceup for the first time? I want to hear what everyone is feeling good about today!

      I'm proud of myself for not checking the tracking on my secondhand purchase since Sunday. Haha. I know it's going to be hung up in customs for a while so I'm trying not to torture myself.
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    2. I'm proud of myself for making my first wig! It was just a yarn wig for now and it's not perfect, but I already got some mohair to try with next. :>
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    3. Right now, I’m super proud of how my boy Soujoubou came together. I made his outfit by the seat of my pants, tossing together random elements and doing plenty of things I hadn’t done before, without any guidance or patterns. I chose his wig on a bit of a whim, a different shade than I had planned, and did his faceup with as much forethought as his clothes. But... he looks, in my humble opinion, pretty darn good. Things will have to be remade, his faceup redone (I already have ideas!) and he needs some eyes... just as soon as I decide on a colour. But the character is all there, and I’m really proud of him!

      (The same could also be said for Nadya and Mugetsu, but I’m having a moment with Soujou...)
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    4. I'm proud of the way my whole collection is coming together. I'm getting to the point where some of them are just as I imagine them, and it makes me so happy just to look at them. I suppose there's one I'm a little more proud of than the rest. He's been put together with parts from four different companies, is 70cm tall, and can stand on his own. Dye, modifications, face-up and electrical wiring for his eyes were all done by myself. All that's left is to craft his tail.
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    5. Probably sounds a little weird but recently I've had five separate orders (three of them doll related) arrive and with every single one of them I either had been sent the wrong thing or something was missing (or in the case of one of them, the wrong thing sent was also obviously defective). I'm proud of the fact that I eventually forced myself to sit down and message all the sellers about the problems as I really struggle to do that kind of messaging. I got through the 'i'm so tired, I'll do it later' and the 'sit staring at the screen for 10 minutes because I don't know how to write the message' stages which is an achievement for me. :sweat
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    6. That's so cool! I also just bought some mohair to try wig making after a few sucessfulish yarn wigs. Good luck!

      That is really the best feeling in this hobby, isn't it? Seeing your hard work and vision all come together to create something unique and individual to you. Congrats!!

      Oh wow, that sounds like quite the feat of hybridization! And electrical wiring?! Do his eyes light up? I'm intrigued!

      Internet shopping has some serious down sides!! I'm sorry you had to be in that position. I, too, hate having to ask for money back or anything like that, so good job.

      These are all awesome.
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    7. Yes! I even managed to find parts small enough that I could make it work with a remote control switch! I do need to take off his wig and headcap to change the battery though. When I'm not planning to light them up for a while, I take the battery out, just to be on the safe side.
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    8. I am proud of starting my collection and joining DOA
      I have been dithering for about ten years
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    9. I'm proud that I took the chance and finally gave in to buying a ticket to my first bjd convention. I cannot wait to go and I'm in the process of planning my doll's attire! :XD:
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    10. I think you'll enjoy it. the hobby is not nearly as fun if you don't use it as an opportunity to get out and meet new people. I've enjoyed all the cons I've been to.
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    11. Cool theme, Kudos to you!!! I am proud of finally managed to make pants with POCKETS!!! for some reason, I was always afraid of it. :)
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    12. I'm proud of myself for finally purchasing my first BJD! He's on his way and I am beyond excited! I literally can't wait to see him!! :love
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    13. I am proud I finally let myself become involved with BJD's and learning to craft props and outfits for them. They bring a joy to my life that I have never known, and I think a lot of that is the "family" that comes along with owning them.
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    14. I'm proud of myself for letting dolls go. I had acquired too many out of excitement and realized my joy in the hobby was with fewer dolls. I'm still working on it, but I have gone from 26 to 11.
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    15. I'm proud that I had the courage to mod one of my dolls for the first time. Well, it was just drilling holes for earrings, but as a very clumsy person who doesn't a crafty bone in her body it felt like a huge accomplishment to be able to do even that much, and have the result not be bad.

      I'm also proud of finally cleaning my room so my dolls won't have to live surrounded by clutter anymore lol. And I feel more motivated to do photoshoots now.
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    16. Hmm, I'm proud of myself for making the decision to buy blank dolls & customize them and what not. I was originally planning to buy all full set FL dolls since I wanted them complete & to hold their value. But now I did my first faceup and want to do all my other dolls I get. I want to buy other outfits & make them their own character ya know? I want to try making wigs eventually.
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    17. Omg congratulations!:XD:
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    18. This may sound weird, but I'm proud of selling a wig and a suit set on Y!J, and successfully shipping them. They were both unwanted items from lots, but it took me nearly a year to actually take pictures and get them listed, and then figure out how to actually mail them.

      (Here, that means scanning a barcode at the convenience store/post office/etc., taking the printed code to the cashier, ripping into three pieces the paper they give you, putting them into the packing slip in the right order, all while trying not to annoy the customer waiting behind you and also the cashier >.< it probably shouldn't cause anxiety, but man do I feel anxious the first few times). Now, to sell the rest of my backlog...
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    19. It only took me 11 years, but I’m finally proud of the cohesiveness and quality of my crew. I stopped buying everything that was cheap or instant gratification and started saving for higher quality items. I cleaned out a lot of things I didn’t enjoy. I have less stuff now, but the stuff I kept looks so much better! I sold off most of my random dolls and now have a crew made up mostly of characters from the same story and really worked at making each one look as they should. I also sold/reshelled all of the bad hybrids.
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    20. I was just thinking the other day about the three doll related skills I have. As small and specific as they are, I am proud that I have mastered them.
      1. beveling eyewells to fit specific eyes
      2. applying eyelashes
      3. setting eyes in place

      I'm still quite rubbish at most other doll crafty/customize-y things, maybe can get better with some other skills. :)
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