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What are you saving for?

Aug 2, 2018

    1. I'm currently saving for a Leila by Only Doll, or possible something second hand. What about you guys? Saving for a special doll, or maybe a cute outfit?
    2. Doll Family H type three body for my Dollzone Benjamin head and a Doll Family A Duo Duo(because it's freakin' cute).
    3. A suit for my massive boy.
      I don't dare try to take on that sewing endeavor with my below basic sewing skills :sweat and the one I want is mocking me and my empty wallet from the MP........
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    4. Right now, I'm hoarding pennies for a Cuartos Dolls Darkhorn. Need me a dragon!
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    5. I'm currently saving up to commission someone to make a wig and outfit so my new doll can look like Niles/Zero from Fire Emblem.

      Then after that, I might save up to buy some bodies for my floating heads. I have way too many heads.
    6. Loongsoul Chaos and Ringdoll Raven. Love me some smiling boys! I'm trying to shell two of my favorite characters in my roster, plus a third one as Myou Doll Alair, but he isn't a priority right now. Ahhh...I can already hear my wallet being emptied out.
    7. hehehe.. i LOVE my raven. best boi
    8. Too much! A class 50 body from IoS, an f60 body (if I can find one on the secondhand market), and a Luts Delf Ju Hee. ;u;
    9. I’m saving up for a Luts tiny delf centaur (whenever they release them next).
    10. Right now i'm saving for hybridization mod)
      I need my Dollshe Saint head fit female Domuya Flexi body and its cost a lot ^_^''
    11. I am currently saving on two doll heads and a complete doll I'd like to have :)
      I think I may have found the perfect sculpts for my main-OC's and I'd like to shell a musician, I really adore
    12. Saving for a Peakswood Dandy Kass. Layaway options are great but it's torture waiting lol.
    13. Instead of another full doll, I’m budgeting for a better camera.
      The rest of my budget is mostly going into the 2019 travel fund! I hope to be able to go to 2 or more doll conventions and quite a few out-of-town meets to photograph dolls!
      Dolly related, I have a lot of work to do to get some dolls more completed. I want to paint and clothe them myself. If I buy anything besides supplies for their projects, it might be shoes or shoe bases. Perhaps a wig.
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    14. Financially, I just took a bit of a ding, but once I recover from the bill for this MacBook (yikes!) I’m saving up to buy greater snow from AS, mermaid version. The issue is I want her human legs and her mer body, and I don’t know how easily I can do that... I’m going to name her Ophelia, because I’m working on a story about Ophelia from Hamlet and it suits her.
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    15. well, I'm not sure I'd call it saving -- I have saved enough -- but I'm putting away funds for the Dollshe Fashion Diana I have on layaway. I know I have the pieces in my stash to make her look okay within about 48 hours, weather permitting, but that's never quite enough is it? :lol:
    16. I'm trying to set aside funds to order a Luts Tiny Delf Bambi. This would be my first sculpt with an anime styled face. Also my first tiny BJD! :)
    17. Now, I am saving money faceups and clothes and such. I have four heads (plus one on the way) that need faceups, and an incoming doll that needs clothes, a wig, and eyes.
    18. I’m saving up for a Obitsu Hime-Ane (40cm anime girl), her outfit, and other doll’s shoes and clothing needs.
    19. I’m saving up for a iplehouse fid, summerbird bjd, and poncho from Granado and if I can help it a soul doll head Lester
    20. I’m currently saving for bodies for the two incoming heads I am expecting! They are both msd sized :kitty2