What are your ongoing plans and projects for your current dolls?

Jul 21, 2020

    1. Basically “what are you up to right now?” Are you doing anything cool and special with your BJDs outside of buying new ones? And do you have a trajectory of goals for your doll group you want to focus on?

      I just bought 2 yoSDs and and feel super satisfied with my current collection of dolls—so I’m going to start focusing on building a proper wardrobe for each of my characters. Maybe at least 2-3 clothing options per person. Get my sewing machine back and get less rusty with a needle again! After that I want to get some bodies for my floating heads, namely my Beryl and then my AiL Chloe. We’ll see where to go from there, but I’m hoping that’ll keep me busy with my current group for awhile.

      I thought a thread like this might be fun, because you can always pop back in and update what you’re up to as your plans come to fruition—or as they might totally change!

      So what are you guys up to? Building dioramas, practicing face-ups, making wigs, building backstories...let’s hear those doll group goals! :blush<3
    2. Sommer holidays are close and I have some plans to fill that free time with doll activities.
      Yesterday I finished my first face-up, it was really fun. I still have 4 heads that need a cute make-up so I'll be busy practicing. :whee:
      During the holidays my grandma will continue to teach me how to sew, she has problems with her eyes so we need to pause for a while.

      Currently, I have two dolls in layaway. Xagadoll Elsiee and Mystery Phoenix Jiaoshu. I also need to make their face-ups and sew them clothes. I think I have a lot to do in 2020 and it seems that the work just gets more in 2021. My boyfriends promised me to build a diorama with me next year :3

      I'm excited about what you'll sew! Please share your creations with us!!! :whee:
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    3. I don't have any solid plans to add anymore resin dolls to my collection, it's been that way for many years now, but I have a few floating heads and a full doll I want to modify a bit further. I have already done a few extensive mods on most, but I am never quite happy with them for long. I always find something I could have done better, or in a different style, or just approached differently. Most of my floating head sculpts are based on cannon characters from Japanese video games, I want those to be more accurate (to a point where there's no mistake who they are). I've been meaning to modify a lot of them for a few years now, but real life and work got in the way before. Now that I kind of have a bit more "free" time, I'm procrastinating and it's eating at me in the back of my head. However, I loathe heat, and it's summer now. DX I might have to wait until the weather is cooler to attempt getting the energy to do any projects that require patience, and sitting staring at a tiny head sculpt for hours on end. I haven't checked on the status of my clay either, it might be no good anymore -- I haven't touched it in years...

      If I can, I would also like to sew a bit more for a few of my complete dolls. I did join some of the sewing contests on here for the past yearly celebrations, but I haven't sewn anything specifically for my actual dolls in years. I suck! >_<:;
    4. I am actually working on stock for an Etsy Smartdoll clothing shop. So projects regarding my own dolls are on hold (although I still need a body for one of my floaty heads) and all focus goes to sewing.

      Other than that... Most of my dolls are finished, maybe redo my Ybeedoll's Finch face-up some day. It's kinda bad at the moment. :sweat
    5. I just ordered my first SD boy, so my plans for him are: making him some eyes, planning my ahestetic and clothes for him while I wait and get some supplies to try to make a full lacefront wig! I saw Scargeear tutorial, and decided I must try it, it looks like a very time consuming project, but worth it.
      I am tempted to get an msd too since the Doll Leaves I like is on sale, but since I already squandered my doll budget I don’t know if I can really get him. I guess I will decide before the sale ends.
      Another thing is, learning how to do body modification! That’s why I should get the cheaper practice head I found, so I won’t feel horrible if I ruin it while experimenting (I think DFA Bach practice head, since it doesn’t have very prominent features and I would be able to use it as a solid base)
      I want to learn to do faceups too, for that I have another floating head coming (floating heads everywhere)
    6. Doll searching is addictive process and hard to stop, especially when waiting another dolls.
      I want to concentrate on make up and create big forest house for my fairies.
    7. Ugh, making this list of plans right now, to keep myself on track. I do know that I do not want to buy any full dolls until I finish sorting all my doll things (resin dolls and others) and downsize a bit, purging what I no longer want or use. So probably not ready to think about new dolls until sometime in Q1 of 2021 at the earliest.

      Currently practicing faceups on my 2 heads to enter the Volks Dollfie World Cup. Undecided yet if I will sketch something for entering the costuming division of the competition too. I’ll see what the DoA anniversary celebrations bring, then decide! I’m really feeling like I want to participate in the anniversary celebrations here this year.
      I got a START on what I thought would be simple renovations for a Barbie house (paint it all-white, a no brainer right?) but I got slowed down to a temporary halt when cleaning it... I realized that all the MDF walls and dividers have a protective plastic coating that requires sanding to remove. Great for kids, a wipe-clean surface, not so great for letting primer and paint adhere! It’s too hot to want to sand outside right now even with an electric sander but it should be a pleasant autumn project!
    8. I’m currently planning to work some more on painting details on my Luts BabyDelf Daisy Elf’s deer antler mod. And of course I’ll be sewing for my crew...that is always an ongoing thing. I also need to make some wigs for my little Fairyland Realfee and Realpuki. It ‘s a busy summer for me...lots to do!
    9. Right now I made a decision that I stop buying and focus on my current dolls so I am triying to make them new wigs and clothes *I hopee* :D also I am thinking abıut making wings likea fantastic concept I hope it turns out greatt!!
    10. Currently, I am teaching my dolls patience. I do precisely nothing with them, as I am about printing a giant horse with my 3D printer for them. After that, they have to learn the virtue of sharing. That's what I do right now.

      Otherwise: I have absolutely nothing specially planned. I am waiting for my Lucifer's body to come in (ordered with Alice's Collection). I am trying to bring myself to paint his head (I hate painting faceups). I also hope to find a pair of elegant, mature dress shoes (the ones I found on the marketplace are sadly mostly too small for a big man's feet). Yeah, that's more or less what's going on right now...nothing special.
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    11. Mostly just buying/making clothes. I have a secondhand DOD Black Code #2 on the way and my 70cm guys need clothes since I’m new to having a crew that big. Otherwise, I’m pretty content. :)
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    12. I recently bought an inexpesive dollhouse kit to make into a home for one of my Real Pukis. This is actually the second time I've built this kit, so I'm going to take the time to do a better job. When it's finished it'll be a great photo set for her and her friends.

      I have ongoing clothes and prop making plans for most of my gang, as well as writing stories about their characters. My Lume Helena needs a better wig, but I'm waiting for something the right style and color to be available in her size. And so many of them need face-ups. I have most of the supplies, but I'm inexperienced, so I keep putting it off!
    13. I'm very bad at plans, lol. In that I mean, I'm an ace at making plans but my follow through is very weak/non-existent. I love planning, I just never have the drive or the energy to work on those plans.

      I do want to get both Thaddea and Pips some new wigs but as long as international air mail is suspended and certain countries can't ship to my country, I'll have to wait. Which is better in the long run for my wallet :wiggle

      I'd like to make a vest or bowling shirt for one of my incoming dolls, but I need to have him in my hands first, which probably won't be for another month or two. So in the meantime I'm currently looking at various patterns and styles and am still in the brainstorming phase of deciding what I actually want to do. And of course I've changed my mind a few times already on that front too.

      Otherwise I'm pretty content with my collection, I may add one more doll in the next few years but am currently more concerned with completing my current dolls to the place I want them to be and the two I'm waiting on.
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    14. I don't really have any plans... I just know I need to get more eyes and wigs for different looks of the doll XD which ones I need to get is still up in the air....
    15. I just started the hobby this year and I'm slowly building my collection. My goals are to find some kind of logical continuity to my collection, not just buy anything and everything. But I'm growing so impatient. I would like all my girls home and safe! I also struggle to clothe them since they are all artdolls, not mass produced. So I need to research different models and compare measurements, it's very annoying. And half the time you receive the item and it still doesn't fit. So I started to make wigs, sew, and I already knit and crochet... So this is what I'll be doing for the next 2 or 3 years!!!
    16. OMG SAME!!!! XD
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    17. Well, I'm still working on my "Resident Evil Crew". Just finished a pair of knitted overknee stockings for Alice last night. Next, I'll knit some fingerless mitts for Nicholai (shouldn't take long - they're all fashion-size). I then need a harness/holster for Alice so she can carry her axe on her back. Also trying to figure out how to make/where to get elbow protectors for Nicholai. And I most definitely need a LOT more weapons for all of them ...

      More steps:
      - get a smaller chest piece for Claire
      - get a coat for Nicholai
      - save up a lot of money to have at least Carlos' head custom-made
      - save up more money to get Becky, too
      - find more weapons (alternatively: find someone who can 3D print me more weapons, preferably in resin)
      - get a custom wig for Alice

      Yup, that should keep me busy for the next couple of years ...
    18. I realized in the last week that several of my hybrid dolls would actually work better if their bodies were switched, so I've changed them around, and those dolls are getting an overhaul. I'm also waiting on a UV resin kit so I can try making my own custom eyes for a bunch of my dolls that need them, and finishing a lot of ongoing wig projects. And I have a couple of dolls that still don't have anything to wear, so I have some sewing to do too.
    19. Mostly just buying/making clothes. I have a secondhand DOD Black Code #2 on the way and my 70cm guys need clothes since I’m new to having a crew that big. Otherwise, I’m pretty content. :)
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    20. I have a series of clothing and wig projects that need finishing. Not helping matters is the repetitive strain injury I gave myself yesterday while crafting :(