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What attracts you to comment on picture posts?

Jan 10, 2010

    1. I know you are all like WHUT HOW IS THIS ONTOPIC, IX_TAB :| but let me explain. :D

      In general any picture post in the gallery or box opening forum is going to have about 5 times more views then comments. And that's common across everything creative on the net as a whole, there are a lot of lurkers out there, and there is nothing wrong with that. (I love all lurkers, not just because I am often one. xD)

      But what causes you to comment, in a doll specific area?

      Do you see a scuplt you like and feel compelled? Is it popularity, as in do you follow the dolls and work of specific members of the forum? Do you follow a company as a whole? Is it gender of doll, or maybe skin colour? Size?

      What is it that stops you lurking and makes you add a comment?

      For me it comes down to four things: number of comments, company, skin colour and if I am being honest, if that person has commented on a thread of mine.

      I comment on posts I see with less then 10 comments. Why? Because I like to encourage people, because I think sometimes people get saddened by lack of comments.

      I like to find dolls by Doll-Love, so if you mention them, I'll be there.

      I love skin colours other then NS or white, so if you have fantasy colours or tan? I'm automatically interested.

      And because I'm kind of egotisical? loll, no. I just think if a person is interested in what I have to post I should check out them.

      And of course, I am also a random commenter. You never know where I'm going to pop up next! KEKEKEKEKE COMMENT RUSH. >:3

      So yes, I think this would be an interesting topic, and we can see if there are patterns to recieving comments! And if you feel that maybe your posts get ignored a little? You could use this thread as a way to see what are the trends in recieving comments and maybe that could help.

      (I don't feel I need to add a huge caveat about complaining about percieved unfairness of 'popular' people getting more comments, so this just a note. This is not a thread about whining, this is a thread for examining what is in vogue at the moment, and about people's personal preferences. In my other fandoms we'd call it meta! :D)
    2. Ahh, I see I got moved. My apologies mods, I wasn't sure if General Discussion or Dolly Debate was the correct forum, and I just kind of crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!
    3. I try to comment on things other people don't comment on n_n; Also, there are certain sculpts I just love like Soom Chrom so I tend to look at his. Likewise, there are certain sculpts I just dislike like most Minifees (sorry, no offense to Minifee owners! They just aren't my thing.) so I find it hard to comment on those.
    4. There are definitely scuplts I have an irrational dislike too, so even if they are under the 10 comment mark I am less likely to comment or view also.

      I don't particulary like sleeping/fully closed eyed dolls (I am a total eye groupie so having closed eyes really puts me off) so if I do comment/view that sort of doll, it means that it's been really unusual and awesome, and something has drawn me to it enough to overcome my dislike! :D
    5. 1) depends on my mood
      2) how is the cool factor
      3) is there a contest that requires a certain post count to enter?
      4) do the owners of dolls that frequent the same threads as I do?
      5) did I request those images/ are they highly relevant to me?

      I would never comment just for the sake of the photographer's ego.
      Personally I think they will get more posts if they are good or their doll attractive to ppl. If not, it seems to me that posting with the "oh, I should be nice to this person" mentality is pitying them... which surely no artist would want.
      (sorry for my somewhat attack of a comment on you and other ppl who do the same thing. It is my honest opinion on this matter, since there is a large portion of BJD owners who are into other areas of art and is serious about feedbacks.)

      err back to the topic... It's All About ME ;D
    6. I tend to comment on photos of dolls that I have, new members and members I know.
    7. Don't brick me but....I really just do the shallow thing and comment only on something I see as beuatiful and deserving of it xD I know that's so sad right? Post count doesn't effect my judgement because regardless of if it has too little or too many I still want that person to know I appreciate their work. There's no particular Doll sculpt or idea I'll go for. Admittedly, tinies do not so me often but that's beginning to change since I started wanting a Yo-Sd with hooves xD

      I think if I've known the person, or seen their work before I'd have a look, I'm a fan of Cats10's work because she has some amazing shots so naturally I'd click and comment. But yeah...generally an image has to really move me to get me to comment. It's gotta be intricate, no blurry photos, the whole image has to have balance to it and something unique on its own before i comment.

      Why am I so picky? @__@ End of 2cents
    8. No no, i don't view it as an attack! And perhaps I should qualify my statement in that, I do not guarentee a comment on something, even if it's below a certain amount of comments. Otherwise, what would be the point, like you said!

      Basically, I comment if I like something AND it's below a certain amount of comments. I don't go through and leave meaningless comments (or I try not to xD) because that's just a view with words. But having less comments, in my brain somehow works out that it's more like a conversation I am having with the person versus leaving faceless feedback.

      But I totally understand where you are coming from. :)
    9. Here's some food for thought: When I see a really drop-dead amazing professional-level doll, often I don't comment because it just seems kind of redundant. Like it's obvious that it's amazing and the owner must know it, so I don't have to tell them. I know my logic is faulty, but I can't help it. :sweat
    10. I really love a photo set that focuses on the details. If hairs are out of place, clothes are crooked or the eyes are wonky, I probably won't have anything good to say, so I just don't say anything. I'm sure we've all been told that's the polite thing to do lol

      But that's the sets I look at and I definitely don't bother to look at them all. I really only like 60~ cm dolls. Small and super tall dolls aren't my thing. I also don't really like extreme fantasy or anthro dolls.

      Sometimes, I will click anything with a witty title, depends if I'm in a browsing mood or if I have something specific I want to look at. Also, if the title is jumbled and confusing, I won't bother looking unless I know it's a sculpt that I love. I'm too much of a grammar nazi to look at those types of posts.
    11. I usually comment when something about the photographs blew me away. I see a lot of beautiful pictures and I enjoy them but I don't always feel like being the 15th-100th person to write "wow cool, that's beautiful!"
    12. There's no shame in having preferences! xD And being picky just means that you are propely thinking about your comments! :D
    13. I like to comment on threads that entertain me. I check all box openings but the ho hum run of the mill "here's a box, here's the doll" doesn't capture much thought out of me. So mostly i comment if i have something to say really. Funny photostories or silly pics i feel the poster deserves some credit for the effort. I also try to pay attention, if i'm in a waiting room, to comment on anyone who recived a doll who's from the waiting room i'm in or i was just in. They usualy pay attention to newbs like me so i feel like i should comment back.
    14. If I comment, I sincerely mean what I say, even if I tend to say the same thing every time (lovely doll! gorgeous pictures! etc). I only comment on pictures that I really like, or if I see something neat. :)

      When I open up threads, I tend to do so by sculpt name. I don't really pay attention to how many comments a thread has in order to post.
    15. If either the doll or the photography "stand out" to me, I'll be sure to make a comment. Sometimes it won't even be the entire doll, but just the colour scheme, or the eyes or the hair, or the way it's posed. Something has to stand out from all the other threads because I just don't have enough time to post in all of them! I'll see lots of dolls that I really, really like, but I usually won't comment.

      I also prefer SD sized dolls to MSD or tinies, so I'm more likely to comment on those.
    16. LOL! Exactly right, haha I get this.

      I usually use the post count for finding the more popular threads (and hopefully the more worthy threads) to gawk at... but sculpt/company is more important.
      For this (not photo) thread, the title draws me in, like a real conversation starter that I have to comment in. It's rare for photo threads to do this.. but if there's a cool doll with a cool personality with a cool request, sure why not post? ^_^

      lol need to define cool... Cool=unusual, creative, special, well thought out, and cool. Goes for the doll, the character, the outfit, the background, the backstory, the composition, the blabblahblah etc.
      Or just something that catches my eyes. Sometimes a quirky owner is enough to deserve a post, when paired with the right doll.
    17. i thought about not posting here... XD

      um, it really just matters if i feel the need to express my very large opinion on the subject. if the pictures make me go "WOW!" then i will say so.
    18. Hmm 8V well, as one of those people that almost always get no replies. 1 or 2 at maximum, I'm also very curious as to why people NEVER comment on my works. Of course, I don't want pity comments of anything like that, but it'd be nice to know that someone even bothered to take the 3 seconds it took to type a comment 8D;

      This is an interesting thread. Maybe I'll have to market myself differently.
    19. I don't view the gallery much, so I don't do much commenting. Once in a while I've seen a lovely doll that few others have commented on and will add my admiration. I do prefer looking at more Goth or fantasy dolls, though.
    20. Interesting idea! I tried that just now and got . . . a whole lot of cosplay posts. That may have answered the question right there. ;)

      I also found this supremely amusing post, which I would like to submit as my answer to this question. XD