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What BJDs are similar size to msd?

Sep 26, 2008

    1. Im looking to buy a bjd that is around the same measurements as mini super dollfie, besides the original msd. Can you please give me link to dolls or their companies that sell similar dolls, please?
    2. I'm getting my doll from this website: http://dreamofdoll.com/
      He is around the same height as an MSD :) Hope this helps
    3. Many, many, many, many companies sell MSD-sized dolls. It would take an extremely long time to list all of the companies that do sell them. Check this list of companies to look at all the BJD companies out there. There are a lot of companies that exclusively sell SDs, but there are also companies that just sell MSDs + Tinies, such as BlueFairy and Cherishdoll.

      (Edit: This is chienism on sister's account by accident.)
    4. Do you mean specific measurements? Not just height, but chest, waist, hips, leg, etc?
    5. It sounds like the OP is looking for dolls with measurements similar specifically to Volks Mini Super Dollfie, not any mini-size dolls.

      The only dolls I can think of that are similar in girth would be luts' kid delfs. Their waist/chest is fairly close to Volks' MSDs. Most other minis are significantly slimmer, even BlueFairy's, DoD's, and Souldoll's (old body) although they are all commonly categorized as being "child-like" minis along with the original MSDs.

      Or if you are just looking for any child-like mini these threads have discussions on which dolls fall into the category:
      And a general scale comparison site.