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What Bodies work for Doll in Mind girl heads

Mar 25, 2006

    1. I'm getting a new head from D.I.M. (Belita), and was wondering if any one has matched up some of the earlier heads with bodies? I heard Volks pureskin works, but it's not easy to get those bodies? I have one too, but I love my Gabrielle and can not remove her head for an others. What a bad Mother I would be!
    2. I was checking resins at a doll meet and found Customhouse and DIM to be an excelent match for color. Second closest matches were DoD and Dollmore. We didn't try to swap heads, though, so I don't know if any would fit mechanically. Anyone can add to this? I'm curious too.

      For the curious here's a photo of aformentioned resin comparison.
    3. Thats helpful. I got my head today. I'm very pleased with it. Very well made.
    4. What does the inside of the neck opening look like? Can you post a picture of the underside of the head?

      (I'm asking because I just mentioned to the buyer of my Obitsu "White" body that the skin color matched my D.I.L. head really well, and that a Belita head might work if the neck opening was appropriately shaped.)

      -- A :>
    5. How does your Belita head match the Volks resin? I've heard that it would be the best match, but some of the threads in the gallery show DIM heads on Volks bodies, and there's a distinct difference in colour... I've also head that DIM changed the tone of the resin recently, so maybe that's why.
    6. Update. If you can get ahold of the old resin Soom (pale) it matches really well with newer DiM heads.
    7. hi! im new and i was wondering what type of body should i get for my eunbi (i have a head on the way), however Eunbi will be a "boy" not a girl, if anyone has suggestions on which body i should look for for him please let me know! thanks again!
    8. Well, have you thought about the DIM boy body? They do make one, and it can be purchased on it's own, not as part of a complete doll. At $400, it's less than most other company's bodies as well.
    9. Glyndon has a good idea there. Plus, this way you know the resin will match.
    10. thanks! but i really dont want to pay 400, o well ill see what happens, is their any other bodys that are a good match that people know of?
    11. Oh dear... I can't think of any resin boy bodies that would be less than that. DoT is a nice match, but it's $430. Dollmore works with some blushing, and they're $420. Old resin Soom is marvelous for a color match...but they don't sell them anymore and they were $430 when they did.

      If a vinyl body is okay, then "white" Obitsu body with the boy chest plate could work. I've read that DIM matches well with the pale Obitsu and that would wind up being closer to $250. He wouldn't be anatomically correct, though.
    12. hmm i wonder if anyone is selling the bodies used... what would be not correct for the obitsu? proportions and stuff? thanks for your help btw
    13. You have to be careful not only to match resin color, but also to make sure that the neck on the body is compatible with your Eunbi head. I bought a Notdoll body that I intended to use with Eunbi, and though the resin isn't too far off, the neck and head opening aren't compatible. In my case, I was okay with buying a Notdoll head to go with the body. My Eunbi is intended to be a girl and so I plan to order the DIM female body, which is available for preorder through Sunrise.

      I do have Danbi on a male DIM body. It looks as though the poseability for the girl body has been improved over the original DIM male body, but perhaps they have improved on that one as well. I have one of the earliest DIM boy bodies.

      Just because bodies are used, doesn't mean you will necessarily save money on it. Often they are very close to original price.

      Good luck
    14. I'd love to see a Belita head on any/all bodies, preferably naked. Anyone?
    15. bump, please!!!! I'm very interessed! *_*

      The Luts body it's ok for Belita??? é_è
    16. I got a Customhouse old style body for her, it's very close if not the same in color. Price was right too.

    17. The ... err... boy bits would not be there..
    18. I have an R-Asiam head (NS) on a white DollKot body, and the resin match is VERY close, as well, the neck FITS! I had the hardest time finding a fit for Belial, because most bodies' necks are too big...DIM seems to have a bit more slender neck than most companies. Still...it's going to be very hard to find a resin body for less than 400$

      My R-asiam:
    19. Mmm thanks for posting this question! I've been wondering as well how to get a body...
      Looks like I might as well get the whole doll o_O;
    20. and the other issue is frequently DIM bodies do NOT even match DIM heads. I have Belita and Eunbi heads and they are both darker than the DIM bodies I bought for them. All are supposedly the same color so there must be a lot of variation in the resin from batch to batch.