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What can 60cm Narae fit? Clothing and Shoes

Jan 26, 2006

    1. I'm hoping to get my Narae soonish, she's shipped to Catrina from korea today! I don't think I've seen anyone but PamSD's lovely Marilyn, but does anyone else have her that has other sized dolls? I'm most curious as to how the shoes fit. Can she wear SD or SD13 shoes? Does she fit in their heels? Does she stand in their heels? What wigs fit her or are too big?

      Many of these questions i will be able to answer for myself when I get her... except the shoes thing. :S I do not own or have owned any girl 60cm dolls. I really want to get her a pair of pointy toed dollheart pumps, but in the case that they don't fit her, I don't want to waste my money. ;o; Thanks in advance! :D

      btw~ my Narae is going to be Jem! from the 80's cartoon. :D :D :D
    2. Shoes: Luts girl shoes. Wigs: 7-8 inch. SD13 clothes fit her well. But you have to watch out for her hips, and torso. She is a bit more realistically built than the normal doll. I have been able to fit some luts girls outfits tightly on her. SD13 clothes are probably best. I just haven't found any outfits as nice as Luts outfits. heh heh heh
    3. :-D JEM! Oh please please post pics when you customise her! I have the original Jem and the Holograms dolls and episodes on dvd (thank you Rhino!). Will you be doing the outfit from the show too? I can only imagine what she will look like as a BJD.
    4. OMG...I used to have a Gem doll when I was little...I loved that thing...*memories*

      hee...I'm probably one of the youngest people here who liked/remembers her. XD
    5. dieCG: Thanks! I was the most worried about shoes... I have mostly SD girl and SD13 boy shoes, since most of my boys are pretty big.

      Derilan85: I will definately post pictures! I bought a pink wig from a friend about a year ago... and I just bought metallic pink lame from Joanns. XD;;;

      Lugi-moo: I have my Aja, Kimber, and Jem in with my 1/6th dolls... Synergy and Stormer are at home somewhere. XB I also have Clash that i found at the thrift shop, but seeing as she's not one of my originals I'm not as attached to her. :/
    6. I don't have a Narae, but if you do find out more about what fits and doesn't fit on her, I'm really interested :D
    7. I searched through the forum pretty extensively, but I couldn't seem to find any definitive answers on what the 60cm Narae can/cannot wear... (most of the search results I got were for the small Narae... which got really confusing :oops: )

      Specifically, I'm wondering whether or not she fits into:
      Mio's SD/SD13 clothing
      Ajumapama shoes
      Volks SD/SD13 wigs, shoes, and clothes
      Leekeworld wigs

      Does anyone who has one of these dolls know or could give a good guess? Thanks! I'm about to embark on a shopping spree for my new girl, and I hope I don't order a bunch of stuff she can't wear. :aheartbea
    8. If you can wait a little while, I will be able to answer some questions. My 60cm Narae should arrive here at the end of the week.

    9. That would be really lovely of you -- I'd appreciate it, thanks. :D
    10. Just a little bump -- any information anyone can give me on 60 cm Narae's size and various fits with other companies' clothes would be really helpful. I don't want to buy a bunch of clothes and find that they are just barely too tight for her to get them on, or something. :O

      Thanks in advance!
    11. I'd like to know, too. I'm too afraid to order mine anything yet.
    12. Glad you bumped this, I forgot sorry.

      I haven't had time to try too much on her. Her head measures almost 8 inches so go with a 8/9 wig. 7/8 would probably work if it is a stretchy cap. AjumaPama shoes do fit. They are a tad tight in width but work. May not with tights though. The clothes that I have tried on her were not real tight or tailored clothing. She is smaller busted than SD13 girls but she is a bit broader across the shoulders, chest and back. With the SD13 clothes I tried so far, if I were making them for her I would add 1/4 to 1/2 inch in the upper torso. Her arms are a little longer but not so much that it really matters on sleeve length.

      Sorry, I just have not had any play time. I am hoping this weekend I will.

    13. Oh wow, thanks, that's very helpful and good to know! I'll try to stay away from buying too closely-tailored SD13 shirts, I guess :P

      If anyone else has any other info, that'd be dearly appreciated, also. I was comparing Narae's official measurements with measurements that have been taken of SD and SD13 girls and it seems like she might also have wider hips? It's pretty hard to tell with just numbers and a few pictures though. :D
    14. Hi!

      Anyone can tell me if Narae 60cm can wear SD10/13 and SD13 DOLLHEART shoes :blush ??
    15. Oops - sorry to bump this again, but does anyone know if 60cm Narae is able to wear Leekeworld wigs? On the website, they mark their SD wigs as 10-11, which seems way too big, and their MSD wigs as 7-8, which could be a hair small, since I've seen somewhere that Narae is recommended to wear a size 8 wig. Has anyone ever tried a Leeke wig on their 60cm Narae?

      (So many questions, I know, sorry! :D)
    16. Hello! I was pondering getting a larger Narae. I already have a 43cm Narae and she is more slightly built than other MSD sized dolls and I was wondering if the larger Narae was the same- is she slighter of build in that she can wear SD sized clothes and they may run large, or is she closer proportioned to SD dolls? What shoes can she wear? I have SD sized and dunno if they would work. I am asking because most info I find is for the smaller Narae. THANX!
    17. Oh Ranmanekineko, I am also wanting a big Narae girl, so I'm going to tag along on your thread. I want to turn her into a white witch, like Jadis in Narnia.
    18. YOu can find all the Narin doll measurements posted on the dollfair.com site. The large Narae can wear most SD sized clothes, but I would say she is narrower in the ribs than SD10 but wider in the hips--a more womanly figure--but she is smaller busted than the big busted Elfdoll girls. I would say she can wear most of the shoes that my other 60 cm girls wear.
    19. Narae's shoulders are wider than most 60cm girls. If I make something for my CP Mature, it doesn't fit the Narae. Her hips and butt are shaped a little differently, but for the most part she fits in the same pants as my CP mature. She has absolutely NO BOOBS. Nothing. Smaller than CP girl, smaller than SD10, small. It makes her look like a fashion model to me, but a lot of people I've showed her to think she's a boy. Her figure is very realistically proportioned. Her hands are on the large side, her feet fit CP girl and SD girl shoes, except Ajumapama mary janes. Her feet are slightly larger than CP, but their shoes run long. She fits my kid delf's wigs, her head is so small. She GORGEOUS tho. I adore how she looks.

      One thing to be careful of is that darn transparent resin. It stains pretty easily from the acrylics and pastels. She cleans right up with a 400 grit paper, but there it is. She stands very stable and holds poses without any sueding, which is amazing to me as all my other dolls have had to be sueded.