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What can an Aoi Tuki Wear?

Apr 28, 2009

    1. Im getting one of these sexy bodies on layaway, and I was wondering if anyone who has owned one of these babes has any experience/advice on dressing her :)
    2. Um... you probably want to get clothing that's a little bit more stretchy to fit over those hips and thighs. Either that or skirts/dresses where that won't be an issue. I haven't had too much trouble with things fitting her upper half, but a lot of stuff made for smaller breasted dolls won't fit her.

      Though, to be honest, mine normally runs around in underwear or swimsuits because I really hate to cover up her body...
    3. so stuff fitting most larger-bust dolls should be ok, topwise, you think? I was afraid i would never see her in a pair of pants >.< but my plan for her involves a dress, so that works out well hahaha.
    4. Yes, I haven't had much problem with things made for larger bust girls. But I suppose it would depend so you might want to check measurements or something just to be sure. Some companies have different ideas of what larger bust entails.

      I think it would definitely be hard to get a pair of pants for her unless you had them custom made. The proportions of her lower body are vastly different from any other body I've seen.
    5. That body is on my wishlist. Are their any seamstresses that sew for her? I would love a pair of fitted jeans for her.
    6. Well I think I remember reading that SD13 boy jeans *sorta* fit. Whether they are too long or too short I don't know.
    7. lol devil, theres not a lot of these bods around... im guessing we would have to sew them ourselves... :'(
    8. I have a Dollstown head on an Aoi-tuki body and she can wear all of the Dollheart dresses I have, including fers. She can also wear the baggier sort of SD guy pants (she can fit into my Elfdoll cargo pants), but I prefer her in dresses. I love her legs, but her knee joint is kind of strange, so I usually put her in tights when she has on a short dress. I adore her beautiful body and she is probably my favorite doll. There aren't many of them on the forum, but if you can find someone here who makes jeans from stretch denim, they could probably make some that would fit. She has the same body most real women have; hips that are bigger than their waists, so that men's jeans don't fit properly.
    9. You may be able to trade with a seamstress if you send them the body to use for creating custom patterns (I've done this with people and provided a free full costume in return).
    10. thats nice to know she can wear dollhearts clothes... they are so pretty >.<
    11. anyone else have any advice/experience for me? :D