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What can anyone tell me about Aoi Tuki?

Jan 15, 2006

    1. I've seen heads by them on Yahoo Japan, and really like them. Does anyone have more info? They make their own heads, right?
    2. o_O A good friend of mine goes by this name...
    3. http://www.aoi-tuki.com/

      Yes, those are their own original heads. They're made to fit well on SD/SD13 girl bodies. (So I'm moving this thread to the Larger Dolls subforum ^^) They're cute, aren't they. ^_^

      It seems like the heads are sold only by Y!J auction. At least, I haven't been able to find anything on the site pointing to a "sale" area except the auction links.
    4. Bringing up an old topic. Are they making their own bodies now? I'm looking at pictures and these bodies look totally different from anything else:
      http://www.aoi-tuki.com/hikaku.html :o

      I think this is very interesting. My roommate is looking for a more buxom female body that isn't a DD I think this may be the jackpot.
      (edit: my roommate just woke up and I showed him. Yep he's sold. XD)

      Has anyone gotten anything from aoituki on Yahoo!Japan before? (Would you share info/piccies?)
    5. Damn~! That girl has some MAJOR badunkadunk!!! *drool* Those bodies are AWESOME!

      *wishes she could afford it* ;-;
    6. Seriously~ :chibi
      I just love how she not only has a big bottom, but also thighs to match :)
      Although with her price, it will be a while before my roommate can save up, so I just hope they don't dissapear after a time.
      edit: woah... just looked at the body page. Looks like there's a new breast type. Hehe.

      No one's bought a head or anything from aoi tuki before?
    7. I love Aoi-tuki and he makes some of my dream dolls. :)
    8. Wahh the knees the legs so strange OoO! Somewhat her bodyshape reminds me a bit of Unoss.
      That Cyndy looks really yellow compared to their resin!
    9. They're rather pale and more pink in tone than Volks normal. I'll need to see about doing resin comparisons along with height. ^^;
    10. how much would the auction price be translated into dollars? I want an Aoituki so bad ><
    11. That depends on the current exchange rate. Bidding services will list their exchange rate somewhere on the website; right now, for example, Celga is using the rate of 110 yen to $1.
    12. Can I use Crescent Shop to buy an Aoi-Tuki doll? I think they are really lovely and the body is to die for. :D
    13. If Crescent Shop will do direct orders from online shops, and Aoi-Tuki doesn't have some policy against doing business with shopping services, I don't see why not.

      I use Celga myself, and I should know in a day or two whether Aoi-Tuki will let them place an order for me . . . the girl I want (Izayoi) just showed up in the online shop! ;)
    14. I bought my doll on YahooJP with help of Crescent.
      But beware, it’s an artist doll not a doll from a company. My doll has many holes (bubbles) and especially on the hands (hands are really not beautiful)
      Legs are very strange.
      I love her because she is very different from other dolls.
      I think (not sure) that the artist made 3 different heads.
      You can see my doll here:
    15. There are four heads now, according to the Aoi-Tuki website; the lineup is the top row here: http://www.aoi-tuki.com/profile.html

      And Celga had no trouble at all placing my order from the online shop, wheeeeeee!
    16. I was wondering how much they're bodys are now?
      Its the first time i really liked any sd body!
      I think i will be buying just a body next Christmas and look around for a head.
      -hopes delf or doc will fit o_o" -

      .. but my pc doesn't even show prices T_T -->he hates japanese! :B
    17. Ohhhhh, yes, you are right. I thought that the 2 and the 3 were the same.
      Thank you for the link.

    18. I've never seen Aoi-Tuki offer the body for sale on its own--either on Yahoo!Japan or on the website. A shopping service could ask whether that's possible, though!

      The fully-costumed Aoi-Tuki dolls are 70,000-75,000 yen on Y!J; the basic dolls on the website are 58,000 yen.