What can you tell me about Elysium Hugo Head?

Nov 12, 2004

    1. I've interested in hunting down some information on a boy head, called Hugo.

      There was an auction for him on YahooJP about a month ago, but I can't find the link to it. The auction had a link to the website, which has more photos of him.

      I was wondering if anyone had info on how to order from the site, or other places to get him.
      ~ Jay
    2. He has got a great face !..
      Good Luck in your search Jay !

    3. Oh Let us know when you find out...love his eyes and what an incredible job on the ears! I like my boys very male and that he is!
    4. I think the head looks a lot like Cerberus Project El, or is it just me... o_O??

    5. That's exactly what I thought. Especially on the pix where you're looking down on his face. glad to know I'm not entirely alone on that thought. :wink:

      Loki's Mom
    6. They're made by Ash (as it says in the photo) from Elysium Doll - http://elysiumdoll.lil.to/

      They have an order board - so you can probably buy one direct from them via a Japanese shopping service, or even try e-mailing them in English. I'd jump in though, from the look of things they might only be doing limited runs of the heads, since the other head they made is sold out. Good luck!
    7. he reminds me of louis from the vampire chronicles for some reason XD

      If he came in beauty white, i might be all over that, since to me he does look like a more mature (ie older) el. and el is just plain hot.
    8. YAY !! Thank you so much Dechanique, he is SO NEAT !!
      I really hope that I can get one :cry:

      I agree Sabriell and Dechanique, he looks like El's OLDER brother.
      Hugo's face is a little longer, and it seems to fit great on an SD13 neck.

      Hi Loki, I tried that, a friend here who speaks Japanese, tried to contact them, and they didn't write back. :( So Yahoo Japan might be my only other way. Any other suggestions ?? :grin:

      ~ Jay
    9. He looks like the illegal child of CP El and a hyperdoll... he's very beautiful.. the things I could do that that face!!! (not being hentai here!! >o</ I'm talking about face-up-job!!)
    10. Great ears, and I like the sculpt. But the side views put me off -- his head is so pointy in profile that he reminds me of Akhenaten O_o;
    11. ^___^ oooo~ Pretty. He looks to me like the Hyperdoll version of Tohya, with the squinty eyes and such. I love his mouth~ ^^ It's so pouty!
    12. I love the wider mouth- one of my problems with El (though mind you i still love him to death!) is that is mouth seems too small for his face.

      But ilove the white skin tone CP has.. soooo :P