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What clothes and shoes fit the Domuya Flexi Perennial girl body?

Jun 9, 2008

    1. I just love the body I purchased from a member but don't know what companies clothes will fit her..and shoes..she needs some shoes...anyone know?
    2. I've been wondering about this too, can't say for sure but I have noticed that the delf senior girls are listed as having similar measurements on top (bust and waist listed exactly the same) although the delf is listed as smaller / shorter in the leg/hip department o I doubt trousers would work
    3. I heard some Dollmore Model clothes might fit also? They have quite similar measurements...
      Doesn anyone have more information?
    4. It's true that the Dollmore Model female clothing fit her well, and her shoe size is 7.2cm so any shoes in that range or slightly higher should fit. I have my Fin from 2007 and I thought I would have a hard time finding clothes for her as well. Thanks to Dollmore for such nice clothes and Luts for their shoes in Senior Delf girl size.
    5. Thanks, derilan85! That's some helful info ^^
    6. Thank you too derilan85. I was looking for this information as well.
    7. Anybody know where I can get EGL or EGA style clothes for this body? It seems to be all well and good if I want jeans and suits, but not if I want 'typical' BJD girl clothes. I have a Mana Minimee who needs extravagantly fluffy frocks. *L*
    8. I just went through the measurement database (sticky) and here's what I came up with -- sorry to take up a ton of space here.

      Domuya F-P girl measurements:
      height: 64/ chest: 25.5 / waist: 17.5/hips: 27.5

      Note, no leg measurements so I didn't note those in the others. Pants lengths may be an issue when buying from companies. I searched mostly using hip width as that's what I've found is the big issue. As most of you have noticed, SD13 boy clothes fit her well, so what I'm listing are mostly girl bodies and thus brands.

      Similar measurements:
      Aoi-Tuki - F
      height: 54/ chest: 21.5 /waist: 19/ hips: 28.5
      (pants, shirts probably won't fit: skirts would)

      Dolkot Model F
      height: 68/ chest: 29/ waist: 19/ hips: 27
      (should fit well with a possible need for taking in at bust)

      Dollmore Model F
      height: 68/ chest: 26.5 /waist: 18/ hips: 28.5
      (legs are long, but with boots, or dresses, are good)

      Domuya 60 M
      height: 60 / chest: 25.5 / waist: 18.5 / hips: 27

      DOI M
      height: 70 /chest: 27.5 / waist: 20 / hips: 27

      FeePle F
      height: 67.5 / chest: 24 / waist: 19.5 / hips: 29
      (should be perfect, maybe only slightly big)

      Super Gem F
      Height: 65 / Chest: 27 / Waist: 17 / Hips: 28

      Unidoll Real Girl
      Height: 62 / Chest: 27 / Waist: 18 / Hips: 28.5
      (these two are great!)

      This also makes it easier to commission clothes - if someone has one of these, especially unidoll or super gem, they can probably make clothes for a domuya f-p.
    9. Anyone found clothing that is a good fit for the D1-Flexi Perennial female bodies? They are so tall and lanky I'm having a bit of trouble finding something that I like and will fit on Faith.

      Not real wild about the stuff the Domuya carries, except for their "Dirge of Glory" stuff.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like somthing classy for her.
    10. (Please excuse the background & the quality.)

      a[​IMG] b[​IMG] c[​IMG]
      a: SD girl shirt + Model girl shorts
      b: SD boy T-shirt + Model girl jeans (jeans long & baggy)
      c: SD boy T-shirt + Model man shorts
      a[​IMG] b[​IMG]
      a: Model girl dress; b: Left: SD girl top & skirt, Right:SD girl top+Model girl skirt+SD girl leggings (the body fits SD girl skirt better)
      Left: Model girl shirt&shorts, Right: SD girl top+SD boy shorts

      Edit: I like to dress my girls in casual clothes, but I think DM has some classy dresses for model girls. And you can always get some clothes on commission.