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what clothes fit 60cm obitsu girls?

Jan 3, 2006

    1. This is a bit of a "d'oh" question - but I just got a Haruka-head obitsu girl and her 60cm body is quite petite, so I find standard Super Dollfie clothes are rather rooooomy!

      All you obitsu fans out there...how do you manage?

      (she's a delightful thing with a funny/sad face and I am rather smitten with her!)

      Jessica :D
    2. Dollfie Dream clothes fit pretty well, as the DD has a petite waist similar to the Obitsu (though the DD has slightly more up top... :oops:) - it depends on which type of Obitsu you have though, as the new "ball-jointed" version has a much smaller waist than the older type - I have one girl of the new type, and currently one girl and one boy using the old-type bodies. Mostly I find SD13 clothes and stuff for Luts girls fits OK with a little bit of adjustment around the waist.
    3. Thanks, Arkady :) I'm not sure what body she has - it's a soft body, but I'll have to check her box. I noticed that you have a Haruka boy - I love the head-sculpt!

      Anyway it's really helpful - I know there's someone selling clothes custom-made for Obitsu on eBay, but sadly they are outside my price range.

    4. Luts clothes fit rather well. ^^
    5. What clothes does Obitsu fit into?

      Do they fit into eluts "delf" clothes? Do they fit most of the 60 cm clothes?

    6. My obitsu fits pretty well into KK workshop skirts--they are just slightly loose and the length is fine. I've not tried mine in any CP clothing, but it may be worth trying since CP girls also have very long legs. The thing about obitsus is that they are skinnier and 60cm rather than the typical 57-58cm that most SD girls are. Where you're probably going to run into the most trouble is with pants.
    7. Some owner ideas:
      CherryMilk clothes at
      KK Workshop
      Obitsu shoes and hose
      Custom made clothing by Obitsu owners
      Junkyspot/Obitsu Sale or Trade forum
      Junkyspot/Obitsu Commission Corner
      Azone clothes from HobbyLinkJapan
      http://www.hlj.com/hlj_search.html Search under company- Azone then click on
      60cm doll clothes and accessories
      I have a very broad concept of fit. Magic Attic doll clothes are too short and a little loose, but I like them for the crop top and miniskirt look. Vintage Always Sisters clothes are long enough, if a little loose. I find them cheap on ebay occasionally, as well as vintage Hot Looks, which are short and snug.
      Hope that helps,
      Susan :)
    8. Was not sure where to post so here goes....Im looking to buy some clothing for my doll (a obitsu) and Im not shure on clothing sizes...it only says SD or MSD on the pages....will all clothing that is SD fit my doll? And is there some chart out there that list the diffrent sizes?
    9. The 60cm Obitsu body is roughly 60 cm, 24 inches, SD, or 1/3 scale.

      I believe, but have not checked for myself, that the Obitsu body is rather narrower than most resin bodies.
      With the exception of large bust options, which are, obviously, large through the breasts.
      But the waists are small, and the hips small.

      Most 60cm doll clothes will be a little too big on an Obitsu.

      Edit--Pay attention to Yuuki's post, below; there's an obitsu in that household. ;)

      Ann in CT
    10. I have an obitsu girl and she fits into some of my bigger msd clothes. Some of my msd dollheart sized clothes fit her. SD sized KK workshop clothes fit her as well as anything made for Azone 60 cm dolls. Generally most clothes intended for slimmer SD's should fit her
    11. I have been having problems finding clothes that fits my Obitsu girl. :| Their waist is rather thin compared to the normal resin girls so my resin girl's skirts/pants cannot fit her. :roll:
      May i know if there is anyone on this forum who makes clothes for obitsu dolls (at reasonable prices) or any web-sites that sells them (Non Azone)?

      Thanks berry much!
    12. Lishe is a close match for the DD size. Many people make DD/Obitsu sized clothing as well (myself included). You might try posting for commission in the marketplace commission thread, or contacting someone that advertises for that size.

      What things are you looking for?
    13. Hi,
      Thanks berry much for your reply! :)
      I'm looking for skirts & cute dresses for Obitsu girls. Maybe a white lacy top & a black camiso (Spell? :doh )
      I'll try & post at commission page. Now at least i know Lishe is same size with DD/Obitsus...
      I didn't know that at all! :sweat
      Thanks for your kind advice!
    14. Actually... what body type do you have?

      The soft Obitsu body is nowhere akin to Lishe. Things made for Lishe will, quite frankly, fall off of the far skinnier soft Obitsu body.


      I don't have measurements up, but if you look there, you can see the physical differences between the body types.
    15. I stand corrected...
    16. CP girls such as Lishe have really big butts so I would definately not say that they are compatible with Obitsus. :/
    17. Bigger than a DD?
    18. But, but, I love Chani's big butt! :) Seriously, I have a soft body bjd Obitsu and the 3 part body Obitsu, but he has the male chest plate. I can try to take some measurments, if needed.
    19. [​IMG]

      The Soft Body B butt (far left) is about the same as a DD2 butt (center), but not at all close to the DD1 (Not pictured).
      The waist on the Soft Body B Obitsu is equal to Volks Olivia's and smaller than the DD.
    20. I have a two piece soft bodied girl. The KK Workshop skirts I got for one of my other girls actually fit ok. They're loose in the waist, but the hips hold them up fine, and they look cute (plus I haven't had staining issues with them). However, the non-stretchy KK Workshop tops I have are way too small in the bust for my Obitsu girl. You might have to mix and match a little from different places to get a good fit. I tend to gravitate more towards skirts for her, since I don't have to worry about length of leg or how they fit her backside (luckily she likes skirts).