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What clothes fit Fairyland Feeple boys?

Oct 1, 2008

    1. I can't find any information on this! Compared with other 70cm boys, what Feeple?

      DOI/Dollshe/Model Doll are the clothing sizes I'm most interested in, and comparative proportions.

      Thank you!
    2. I feel so weird bumping a discussion thread. -_-;;
    3. Well, I make most of my own clothes.:sweat...but the one pair of company-made pants that I have that work on my FeePle boys is a Luts pair of Hound size dress pants, and they fit really well. As far as things I've been making for the body, usually I just use SD13 sized patterns and make them a bit longer for the added height--and there's a lot of added height in those legs. XD
      I'd say your best bet for pre-made things would be Dollshe size for pants, and possibly just SD13 size for shirts as the FeePle body has shorter arms than Dollshe boys do. Shirts I've made for my Husky end up looking like 'boyfriend shirts' on my Riff. XDDD
      That's just my guess, though, as I've never purchased any clothes for my taller boys other than that one pair of pants. ^^;;;
    4. I am really considering getting FL's FeePle Riff, but I want to know what clothes will fit him. Does anyone know if the Dollmore Model M clothes fit? Because I buy so much from them already that this would be super convenient. :3 Thanks!
    5. Hello everyone,

      This has already been asked but the thread is kinda old and with few answers, so I decided to not bump it. (Hope Admins are OK with that O_o).

      I've used the search tool with little success. Surely there are more Feeple Boys owners than can share their experiences?

      I've been in love with FeePle body forever. As soon as FairyLand opened I knew the body is perfect for my fav boy. But he has a very specific clothing style and buying the body to find out I can't dress him would be like throwing a few hundred bucks down the WC. I'll rather have him shorter than he's supposed to be than dressed in something that's not his style.

      So, please please PLEASE, Feeple Boy Body owners share your experiences (and pictures when possible) buying clothes for them. Since they came out many more taller guys have appeared, surely there should be more info? So far info I've found:

      Clothes that does fits:
      - Luts pair of Hound size dress pants (this thread)
      - HZ clothes (this and this threads gorgeous guy BTW) but it's unclear about the pants length.

      I've also found some "maybe it fits" but without having actually tried:
      - Dollshe size for pants
      - SD13 size for shirts (SD13 pants would be too short)

      Really not much info to go by. So... I'm going to try asking this again and wish for the best.
    6. Okay. I finally found this thread. XD;;
      I have a feeple 70 boy body and here's a list of outfits that fit and doesn't fit.

      Luts' SDF & Dollheart's SD13 is okay, but pants look shorter, the rest is truly okay.
      Nine9Style pants for SD17/70 is a bit biggy.
      Dollmore Model is too big in my opinion.
      Sadol's SSDF pants are okay, quiet fit them, not too big not too tight.

      I can give comparison if it's needed. :)
      Just poke me, I don't bite. XD