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What Clothes Wigs fit BambiCrony?

Jun 1, 2006

    1. hmm I wanted to ask =P if anyone know where i could buy clothes and wigs the size of a Bambi Crony =P I really want to buy me a KUMI girl o.o but the site does not sell wigs or shoes =P and i wanted to know if anyone knew where i could get those things =P
    2. The site does have shoes :>

      Bambi Crony appears to wear the same size as Leekeworld dolls and Yo-SD's -- I'm planning on getting a Kumi soon, and I've been scouting out clothes/shoes too ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    3. Hi,
      The girls are wearing 6" wig fit. ^_^
    4. Bambi Corny, that really gave me a chuckle. Some of these names are funny to begin with, but can get even funnier! :- ))
    5. she wears Cutie shoes , and by the look of her ,Leeke /Yo,
      all of those size clothes should fit her fine:aheartbea
    6. I actually have a similar question, so I'll put it here. I'm wondering if a 6/7" wig is going to be too big for a Bambi Crony? I've seen a few that are labelled at that size instead of a straight 6" that I really like, but if she's going to be swimming in them I guess I'll have to keep looking! :)
    7. I'd recommend a 6" wig -- I just got my girl, but her wigs aren't here yet . . . I tried a couple of 7-8" wigs on just for the hell of it, and they were FAR too big. Cancan said that the 6" wigs from her site were a perfect fit, so I've ordered one for her :>

      -- Andi <3
    8. Ok, thanks. I checked out Cancan's site earlier, and I did see some cute styles on there. I'll just have to wait until I actually order my girl!
    9. Emily (Kumi) has a 6-7 wig that I bought for Narae on, and it fits just fine, I got it from Poshdolls during one of their sample mohair sales:

    10. Hello~!
      I recently saw that Luts is selling Bambicromy dolls on their site. I own only MSD's at this point but I have been lusting after several TSD's for a while now. ^_^;; I think I have fallen for Vin and Gun. I belive they are TSD's but the site does not name thier height. Nor does the Bambicromy site. o.0

      Does anyone know what size they are in cm or inches?
      Also, I can't get good look at the torso. Do they have the cute chubby tummy or the nice flat abs? Are the torso's segmented or solid?

      Lastly, does anyone know what size clothes, wigs, shoes they would fit. I know they are 14mm eyes, but that is all I know.

      Thank you so much for your time.

    11. They are about 27cm high. They aren't chubby, but not defined either. They have asexual bodies, and are slender like the Sei-Tenshi.

      Cutie Delf clothes fit them, as far as everyone knows, and shoes too. If i'm not mistaken the wigs for Cutie Delfs will fit as well. I'm not very versed in tinies, though...I am looking all of this information up, too, since these are the first tinies I have fallen in love with~! <3
    12. Oh thank you~!
      There doesn't seem to be much infomation on these little darlings, does there?

      I am happy to know that there should be a semi-hassle free way of getting them clothes. I was afraid that there would be no comercial place to buy them clothes. ^_^

      Thanks~! I await further news!

    13. Woo hoo! passing through and happened to find the exact thread I wanted right on top.
      I know that they can take cutie delf wigs and probably the shoes too, as Bambicrony feets are 4 and Cuties are 4.4

      I couldn't find clothes anywhere either...
      so I patterned out my own ;)
    14. My question is where Luts and Bambicrony got the clothes they have on the Vin and Gun models. That's exactly what I have in mind for them. Vin will be my Puck, and Gun isn't quite spoken for yet,
    15. I wish there were more choices with the Bambicronies. I have a lottie planned for the future. Of course, I'm in love with the little strawberry outfit they have at luts (or Dollmore? I forget). So, I'm hoping to get that one of these days :P
    16. My Yo-SD can wear some Ken clothes (Barbie's BF), so if you're looking for something stylish for a boy, I bet Bambi Cronies would be a better fit for the Ken clothes (since they are slimmer!) n_n You'll need to hem the pants though. I hope that helps.
    17. So they're the same size as a Cutie? Cool...will be easy to find stuff for a Gun.